Vent. Parents and food choices.

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: April 2018

One thing I’ll add about the venison is I’m a very open-minded eater. I eat from all cuisines and I’m not fussy. I’d eat the venison but wouldn’t be thrilled. Chicken and beef are safe options. 

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  • Wedding: August 2015

Venison is a strange choice. If you really can’t do a third option, I would do chicken and vegetarian.

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  • Wedding: May 2019

I personally love venison, but I know a lot of people who won’t touch it.  Too many Bambi movies as kids, I imagine, though hunted venison is often far more humane than farmed meat.  My advice to you, if you decide to serve the vension, would be to have a very hearty and accessible vegetarian option.  Maybe not risotto, unless you can find one that avoid common dislikes such as mushrooms (a big ingredient in a lot of risottos).  A vegetarian lasagne might be a safer choice.  Or an eggplant parm, so it’s not quite as starch-based as the other options.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: October 2018

I think venison is amazing and hey – there’s a vegetarian choice, too. If people bitch about wanting meat but not venison: tough luck. If they really hate venison, they’ll survive not getting meat on one day of the year. 


I do agree with xiexie though: I think risotto is not the best choice you could make, also because it doesn’t present nicely on a plate. Lasagna is much better, I think. Or you could offer vegetables stuffed with rice or couscous in a nice sauce. In Austria and Germany there are also some lovely dishes for which you make dumplings from dry breadrolls and add spinach and cheese to them. You get bright green balls of goodness, that taste fab with a tomato sauce and are quite filling.


Stick to your ideas, they are really not unreasonable at all.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: September 2018

ladyartichoke :  yeah, sorry Bee, but venison is really out there. And then alternatively risotto? Hmmm… don’t want to make you insecure but I would rethink that perhaps.

Offer a vegetarian option (and really, there are so many lovely, uncomplicated vegetarian things most people would love) which is straightfoward and universally agreeable. 

I get to you with the beef and the venison. You should 100% love your own food choices but at least get one option most of your guests could love -and risotto isn’t it.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: March 2017

Personally I would not worry about what you like or look forward to because my experience  (and the majority i think) is that the bride/groom don’t really get to eat much/your focus is not on the food.  You would be better to focus on what your guests would enjoy. I doubt venison or risotto is it.

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  • Wedding: April 2018

ladyartichoke :  My Fiance is a deer hunter and so we eat venison semi-regularly.  Can I ask, what kind of venison dish is it going to be?  Venison is quite difficult to cook well, and I can’t imagine cooking enough to feed wedding guests at roughly the same time, unless it was some sort of stew.

There are a lot of hunters/hunters partners in our social and family groups, but even then I think only a small percentage would eat venison.  

I think it would be fine if you had another two options, but with only two options in total I would choose a “safer” meat.  

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Honey bee

Sure…as guests coming to your home, a good guest isn’t going to bitch about your menu.  It is called being gracious.  It is also why you could probably speak to every single one of your guests and not hear a single complaint about your proposed choices – because people are gracious and don’t want to rain on your parade since it is an important event for you.

On the flip side of that is called being a gracious host.  A gracious host cares about their guests comfort and likes and dislikes.  It doesn’t mean you have to cater exclusively to each and every one of them, but you shouldn’t go into it either with the attitude of “they are coming to MY party and should be gracious enough to not complain, so they can stick their preferences up their arse” either.

So that aside, I know lots of people who will eat the vegetarian risotto (not necessarily happily cause that’s a big plate of starch) so long as it doesn’t have asparagus or mushrooms in it.  I know way fewer people who would actually eat venison – and I know of a lot of hunters.  In fact of the hunters, I can only think of two who regularly eat venison.  I was pretty sure venison was one of those things people acquire because other people ran out of room in their freezer and started giving it away, and they were too gracious to refuse so now it is in their freezer to be thrown out when it is too freezer burned to be any good.  Usually come deer hunting season, I just see a lot of wrinkled noses and complaints about venison being too strong or gamey and a lot of begrudging nods when people insist “oh, but you haven’t tried MY venison *whatever* yet”.

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Buzzing bee

I am not a picky eater at all, but do NOT like venison. I don’t like the taste and it is not popular at all where I live, but I see you’re in the UK, so maybe it is more accepted there?

You CAN go with beef.  Your caterer can make yours blue, and your FMIL’s well done, and the rest medium with no problem. I say this as someone who has been in the hospitality business for many many years.

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Helper bee

You couldn’t pay me to eat venison and I think of all the people I know (Well enough to know their preferences), only my SO would touch venison. I personally like vegetarian food and order it quite regularly despite not being one but I do think a lot of people, particularly older people wouldn’t be happy with a no meat dinner. Usually at a wedding the vegetarian option is outside the 2 main choices and isn’t charged extra. But you know your guests best so try and find what works best for you as a group.

As far as your mom dictating to you about everything, I would just thank her for her input each time and just go with what you want. If she questions it later just say we considered X but thought Y would work better for us. 

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: July 2019

I would be over the moon to be served venison at a wedding, not the normal roast or chicken with mushroom sauce. Risotto might be a bit risky as a vegetarian option though – how about a tasty stuffed  pasta dish with sauce instead? 

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Helper bee

I agree with katebluestone- get the beef medium for everyone with special instructions for you, your fiance and mum. Totally easy request for your caterer. And it’s what you want!

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Busy Beekeeper

I eat most everything but venison isn’t a favorite and I agree with PP who stated it’s difficult to cook well. I love risotto so would choose that even though I am watching carbs. I can’t eat pasta.

How much more does it cost to have a third option such as chicken or fish? And talk to your caterer about the possibility of preparing your beef the way you like it as PPs suggested. 

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