(Closed) VENT: People not keeping their dogs on leashes in public areas

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Jacqui90 :  I have had happen before with some little rat the owner must have thought was a dog. My boy was on leash (as was required for where we were) and her off-leash dog kept barking and jumping all over mine very aggressively! He was still a 7 month old puppy at the time and was terrified, but because he was already 50 pounds she thought it was fine (her rat was probably 10 pounds max). I was trying to get her dog off while she laughed and thought it was cute until I finally yelled “if you don’t get your dog under control in 5 seconds I’m going to kick it clear across this field”.

My dog is now 75 pounds and is EXTREMELY well behaved because I work very hard at training. If a behaviour wouldn’t be acceptable for my big dog, it still isn’t acceptable for your little “dog”. 

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I hate off leashed dogs. I especially hate them in NYC. I understand having a dog be voice trained but sometimes cars back fire and city noise isnt predictable. 

We have a few people  who walk there dogs off leash and say that they are so friendly… well my older rescue dog is not that friendly and he doesn’t like being approached and he will bite if he feels threatened. Not that easy to steer him clear of the situation if the dog is following. 

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Do people really expect a dog with dog aggression to never leave the house? Give me a break. Keep your own dog on a leash and there wouldn’t be a problem. Sometimes things cannot just be trained out of a dog.

My own dog is reactive and I’m sure being pinned to the ground screaming multiple times by off leash dogs has been a major contributing factor. But I’m not going to never let him leave the house because some asshole is too lazy to put their dog on a leash.

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I think most places have leash laws, people just don’t want to abide by them. I used to carry pepper spray because I was worried what might happen to MY dog when another dog came up on her. She was very sweet, but you never know about the other dog.

Recently-ish I had an encounter walking my dogs when an off leash dog started coming towards us and the lady yelled (from across the street), it’s okay, he’s friendly. Then I yelled back, well, mine’s not! (one of my 3 is kind of a brute)

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Jacqui90 :  I’m with you. I’m a walker and there’s a beautiful wooded trail where I love to walk but I’ve stopped going because it seems that most people keep their dogs off leash which is against the rules. I’ve had dogs come bounding towards me, barking their heads off, which is scary to me.  The trail is for everyone, not just you and your pet. Very inconsiderate.

 Couple of weeks ago I was on the beach and a dog came running towards me and a friend and kept running around and would not allow us to keep walking. The owner had zero control – she could not get the dog to come to her to leash it. Of course she said, “he won’t bite you, just stick your hand out”… WTF? Stick my hand out to an out-of-control dog off leash? Sure crazy lady. Totally disturbed my peace. 

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LilliV :  While I’m sure that lady was an asshole, it’s kind of unnecessary to insult everyone with a small dog by calling them rats and putting dog in quotes. 

I haven’t had much of an issue with off leash dogs, I guess people are pretty good around here. We do go to the off leash areas of the park, but haven’t had any issues. I do have a friend who was fostering an older Great Dane who was approached on a walk by an off leash dog in the on leash area. He ended up biting the dog and the owner went into a frenzy and reported it. My friend ended up just adopting the Dane considering nobody was going to adopt and older Dane with a bite on record. She’s worked extensively with him, but he’s still aggressive toward other dogs (and some people). He’s a 10 year old Dane with a long history of mistreatment, we can only expect so much. She walks him with a muzzle now. 

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also another point is that if your off-leashed dog leaves your side and goes up to another dog then you don’t have full voice control! when my dog is off leash he returns when called, but he doesn’t stick straight by my side enough that I would trust him off leash just walking down the street. 

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SithLady :  yea I will admit that I really hate small dogs. The only time I’ve ever been bitten was by a small dog and every small dog I know is really REALLY misbehaved. In my experience people don’t take the same care in training a small dog because they think it can’t do any damage due to it’s size. I am sure there are good small dogs/owners out there but I have yet to meet them. 

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It’s the same everywhere sadly. These so called pet parents , unfortunately a good number of them are selfish and indulgent. They seem to lack the capacity for common sense, decency and laws. They put others at risk and the pets they claim to cherish so much. As you can tell I’m not fan.

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Unrelated, but I actually get jealous of people who can keep their dogs under voice control. My pup would run for the hills and never return if I were to let him off leash. Must sniff all the smells!

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I HATE when people don’t have their dogs on leads, the dog may be the most well behaved dog ever but my problem is what about the safety of the dog? WHAT if the dog gets scared and runs into the street to only get hit by a car? Hell even public service dogs are on leads & harnesses and they go through very extensive training. It just bugs me. 

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This drives me bonkers. I have a 2 year old boxer who is friendly but hyyyyyper. I take him for walks in the park to work on his training and last week some idiot has their dog off leash. His much smaller dog walks up to my dog who proceeds to lose his shit. The guy was like “don’t worry he’s friendly” and I said “I’m not worried about your dog” and gave him the dirtiest look. Congratufuckinglations that your dog is well behaved, that is not the sole purpose of a leash.

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Yes! It’s so obnoxious when people think the rules don’t apply to them. Most dog owners in my neighborhood keep their dogs leashed (as I do with my crazy little terriers), except for this one guy. The dog is small and not aggressive at all (looks like a shitsu) but it’s not fair or safe to the dog as it can easily get hit by a car driving by not even seeing the dog, and this dog also runs up to much bigger dogs on leashes. I just feel so bad for this sweet little dog I feel like he deserves a more caring and responsible owner. 

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As someone that got bitten while protecting my 15 lb Shih Tzu from getting attacked by an off leash pittie, I think dogs should be on leashes at all times while in a public area.  The pittie was actually a very sweet dog.  I met it 7 days after the attack as a precaution to make sure it wasn’t displaying any signs of rabies.  I guess it was spooked for being in Manhattan for the first time and not knowing what was going on.  Genius owner thought it would be a great idea to not leash the dog.  I called the owner two weeks after the attack to make sure the dog was still not displaying any signs of rabies, he told me that she got killed, because she was hit by a truck when playing in the streets off leash of course.  God, I hate people sometimes.

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This irks me too. Especially because I live in the city. How the hell could someone think it’s okay to keep a dog off-leash in the city?

I had a shady situation a few weeks ago. I was driving home when a german shepherd crossed the street with no leash. I parked in the nearest open spot and grabbed her by the collar. My Fiance was driving nearby and parked and got a bungee cord from his trunk for a makeshift leash. Luckily there was a phone number and the owner said her boyfriend was looking for her. A guy who had walked past us three times grabbed the shep with a muddled “There you are…” grabbed the cord right out of our hands and walked away. I called the owner for a description of the guy and she confirmed that was him.

Really strange that he didn’t have a leash on him. Moral of the story – USE YOUR LEASH!

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