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@UpstateCait:  I am shocked that this hasn’t been addressed – especially because it is an international call.  Such a shame to abuse your work for “free” calls.  That’s like.. stealing time and money to go towards that bill!

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Hahahahahaha, I had the same vent a while ago. Yeah, very annoying. Before I got my new phone, I took calls from my mom and Darling Husband on my work phone (otherwise I had to leave the building because I didn’t get service inside). I tried to keep them short, quiet, and respectable.

I have a new neighbor now who, while they don’t talk as long as yours does, they talk loudly. And about things they shouldn’t. Please don’t argue with your SO about your credit card while we all have to listen. Please. Or how you can’t wait to get cuddles with them.

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Seriously, if I hear “ay carumba” or “ay dios mio” one more time

Is she the bumble bee from The Simpsons? Because that’s all he seems to say….

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Ugh, how does your boss feel about this? Super annoying if you ask me!

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Oh gosh I have this one co-worker who talks ALL the time and is loud as well. She will call her Boyfriend or Best Friend or her mom and just talks and talks and talks while the other girls and I have to pick up the slack if the phones are busy. We can pretty much hear everything she is saying.

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I had a boss similar to this, but WORSE. She would do nothing but b*tch and moan about how our boss was giving her too much work and expecting it all done too soon. While there was SOME truth to this (he would put something on the desk, walk away. You would hunt him down and he’s be like “Yeah this was due 2 weeks ago, but I forgot until today. They need it in an hour.”) every damn time I walked into her office she was on facebook or looking at pictures of family vacations or emailing non-work related crap, or on the phone with her workout class/instructor/whatever. I wanted to scream “Maybe if you didn’t spend 80% of the workday taking “breaks” you would get your shit done!”. Sooo glad I quit.

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All the 40+ year olds in my office would always leave their cell phone ringers on loud volume and are never at their desks (i’m a scientist, so we have both lab benches and desks). So, they let it ring and ring and ring all the time, irritating the rest of us. All the under-40 year olds have smart phones that they keep on vibrate in their pockets (we all use them as iPods at the bench while we are working. It’s actually funny to watch the generational phone culture divide. I can’t believe that the middle aged people don’t see that they are annoying the shit out of everyone else.

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I don’t know how the guy in the cube next to me hasn’t been fired. He doesn’t talk that loudly on the phone, but he’s on it constantly making personal calls. He also angrily and loudly let’s out “shit” and “fuck” all damn day…what could possibly be pissing him off that much? He also has women coming to his cubicle throughout the day to have casual conversations. One of those women has a laugh that drives me absolutely batty! It’s like a gasp and it’s so loud! And she does it all day all throughout the office! Urgh… There’s also a woman with a laugh that sounds like a creepy doll and it drives me nuts also.

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Ugh…I feel your pain! There’s a girl who sits a few cubes away from me. We have different bosses, but she’s on the phone on personal calls all. day. long. The problem is, her boss thinks that coming out of his office and just looking at her will get her off the phone. Stop running around and looking at her and just say something to her! The other problem is, she’ll use her cell phone and just put her earphones in…so it looks like she’s just listening to music. But in reality, she’s taking personal calls all day. They also can’t track her to see if she’s using her work phone for personal use. So annoying!!

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