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I have a co-worker who is a martyr. We were staying at a hotel for work and she stayed up “helping” (there wasn’t anything to help with) until 1:30AM even though she had to get up at 4:30 the next morning. I had to get up at 5:30 and needed my sleep but I felt like I couldn’t go to bed before her. She also refuses to go home early when she is sick and miserable even though there are enough people to get the work done. 

I am also so over the unprofessional dress in my office. The college-aged and new grads I can forgive (I probably wasn’t totally professional at that age myself) but seeing leggings as pants and lacy red bras hanging out on a 30 year old drives me crazy.

Overall, I like my coworkers though.

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Busy bee

I love my co-workers, but I guess you’re always going to find something that irks you about people you spend so much of the week with!

One of my colleagues is a hoverer when he has nothing to do, complains about being bored when you’re drowning in work! He’s also a total stress-head and will pounce on you the second you walk in the door! Or will message when I have a day off, freaking out about something.

Another will always walk out the door right on time, even if she can see you’re struggling with a bunch of clients at the desk. No one else finishes on time, but she takes the roster literally. 

Another is quite lazy, and when she was leaving work one day, 10 minutes before I was supposed to finish, she mentioned she hadn’t made some phone calls. I stayed back for half an hour to do them, was not happy. She also spends a lot of time on her phone.

This is in stark contrast to another of the girls who will always help out. There is nothing too big a hassle to do. We have a very similar work ethic – we don’t leave each other to drown.

Over all, I do enjoy the people I work with, we have a great team. 

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I used to have a co-worker (he left to go back to school) who would sing to himself ALL DAY LONG. And he did NOT have a great voice. It was really loud, too. Horrible and really, really distracting.

Other than that, I love my co-workers!

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I have a co-worker that insist on talking to me while I try to eat and even after I complained about another co=-worker doing the same says “I know you don’t like talking while you’re eating but I am just going to say this one thing.” This same co=worker grills me about every meaL, where I get it, who cooked it, what is the dish called, so did I make it with oilive oil? how about salt? did I add cheese??

Leave me the F alone already.

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Ugh, the people I work with annoy the crap out of me. 

Coworker #1-

  1. 1. pops her gum ALL day. It’s so annoying. 
  2. And she says the “um” and “uh” all the time. She will call someone and literally will say “yea, um, this is um, FirstName, uh, LastName calling”…did you forget your name??
  3. She wears sweat pants during the workweek (she wears dressy shoes with them so I guess she feels they are). and on “jean day friday” she will wear a t-shirt, warmup pants and tennis shoes. (we are accountants btw, so not apporpiate attire IMO). 
  4. She pulls at her BRA when she is talking to you. Straight up, will snap her bra band while having a conversation, and not like a casual conversation, like if you are asking her a question about work
  5. And she doesn’t know how to do her job, but that is a whole different post
  6. Always comes into work late. We start work at 7:30. We all get in about 7:20ish, except for her. It’s a good day if she is there by 7:40. And I know, it’s only 10 minutes, but it’s not like she is making up that time. It’s just one of those things that nags at me every morning. 

Coworker #2- annoying in different ways

  1. Always has a story that is related to yours. I have literally spent the last 5+ years trying to come up with a story that she doesn’t have one related and I am yet to come up with one. She will go so far to say like “cousin’s boyfriend’s mom” to have a story related
  2. She talks to everyone so condesending. and treats everyone like they are a fucking idoit. She once explained to me how to “print an excel doc”… really? And she wasn’t even telling me to use the shortcut of crtl+P, she was telling me like to go to “file”, then print… 
  3. If you make a $100 error, it’s like the end of the world but I found a $8MILLION error she made and she blamed it on “all the hours she has been working” (keep in mind, the same # of hours that I work and she is a manager while I am just a lowly peon)

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Sugar Beekeeper
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My last boss used to say “This is a child care center, it is about MAKING MONEY.”

She also cut summer programs (like travelling petting zoos) becuse they cost money, rationed the children’s snack foods, and got rid of breakfast… Without telling the parents.

She was a PSYCHO!

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In short, the lot of them are a pack of gossips. Akin to what one would expect from socially deranged high schoolers.  

Unprofessional. So, so completely unprofessional. No tact at all.

The one that grinds me the most is this middle aged pervert I work with. He goes on and on like he’s some sexpert. Like he got laid so much in the 80’s, never shuts up. Can’t see that’s he’s an old bald guy now.  Makes sexual comments and innuendos all the time. Bitches about his kids and wife to everyone. Is generally offensive and objectionable all the damn time. I can NOT stand to listen to him.

The WORST of it is the competition. It’s a perpetual pissing contest. Who’s more qualified, who has more experience, who can be the bigger asshole. UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH. 

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@BrookieCookie9:  Aw I totally do that “relate” thing. Is it annoying? I’m socially very introverted and I find myself doing it to find common ground. Now I feel bad. :X

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@bluefrog33:  +1 That’s so annoying.  I’ve been trying to spend less money on buying lunch out, so I often eat at my desk.  I get so annoyed when other attorneys and my assistant come into my office and start talking to me about work while I’m trying to eat in peace.  I am NOT working through my lunch, I’m trying to make phone calls or do personal stuff online.  It can wait!  And prefacing it with “I know you’re eating, but…” doesn’t make it okay.

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I was going to start my own thread, but screw it.

I had an interview yesterday morning for a position that pays more, is full time with benefits, and in my degree field. I currently work full time hours in a part time position, meaning the pay sucks and I have no benefits (and it’s not what I want to do). I told my boss that I had an appointment at x time, so I’d be in after that because it was 30 minutes away (meaning there was no point to me coming in when I normally do to just have to leave 15 minutes later), he said fine. I tell M, the sales manager, because I knew the boss wasn’t going to mention my not being there to anyone and they’d be confused, and he gets all nosy about where I’m going. Wants to know if everything is okay, if I’m pregnant. wtf. (Though my position here really has a history of getting pregnant and leaving, so that wasn’t out of the blue.) I told him that things were fine and left it at that.

So I get back yesterday, M is on lunch. M comes back a bit later and is apparently surprised that I’m in? Whatever. He comes over to my desk later because I needed help with something, and gets ALL up in my business about where I’d been. “You never told me where you went or what you were doing this morning.” Excuse me? That’s none of your fucking business. Just because everyone else here feels the need to blab on about their personal lives does not mean that I intend to. It’s like they expect everyone to tell all of the details about whatever. Rather than, “I won’t be here until after x because I have a doctor’s appointment,” it’s “I won’t be here until after x because I have a doctor’s appointment to check out s, t, u, v, and w.” I’m not friends with any of these people. I like them, I am friendly with them, but we are not friends. Aside from posting about it on here, the ONLY people I told were Darling Husband and a friend of his who is helping me with my job search/resume and used to work at this place.

I looked at him and told him that it was none of his business where I was or what I was doing and changed the subject. I’m still mad about this. What I do off the clock is none of anyone else’s business, and I’m still not sure why someone to whom I am not at all close feels that it’s his or her duty to know. ARGH.

ETA: This is not the first time that he’s asked some personal questions.

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@NotablySidedJP:  I share office space with a very nice older woman. But she spends the WHOLE day eating and it makes me crazy. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s listening to people chew! First, she has tea in the morning and makes A LOT of noise because apparently it’s really hot. Then around 10:00 AM she pulls out her almonds and crunches on those for a good 30 minutes or so. Then she eats her smelly lunch at her desk (more noise). Then she takes a one hour lunch break (not sure why, since she eats at her desk) and when she comes back, she has a crunchy snack (carrots, chips, pretzels, etc).

It literally makes me freaking crazy. I’ve tried using headphones to block out the noise, but my boss asked me not to wear headphones because it doesn’t look “professional”. FML.

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Bumble bee

My office admin, who has a list of monthly birthday’s sitting right in front of her, just asked me if my 40th birthday is on a weekend next year….my bday is next week, on a Monday – you have a calendar in front of your face that you are constantly looking at all day long, look it up yourself

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