Vent – sister in law getting a puppy

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Puppy daycare. Dog walkers. She has a ton of options available to her. Her dog, her responsibility. And her breeder should take it back if/when she can no longer manage it (all good breeders actually write that into their contracts). 

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Helper bee

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@Twizbe:  Well I mean if you are on board with getting a dog then you get a free puppy!! But that behaviour would drive me nuts, she sounds just like a very self-centered life is all about me person..

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@bluecutie00:  Omg that makes me soooooo angry. I really wish there was an actual place to report these things that mattered and people get blacklisted.

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Blushing bee

I agree that if she’s that busy there are daycares and walkers/sitters. If she works that much I’m sure she can afford to buy a daycare package. I would not become her go-to free dog sitter. If she hints that she wants that, send her a link to the nearest daycare. It’s one thing if you’d rather take the dog than have it end up in a shelter, but until then make her take on responsibility. 

It’s sad she doesn’t take a more active role in her neice and nephew’s life, but I understand because I don’t either. I don’t really like kids and I’d rather not spend time with them so I don’t. They have plenty of people giving them (sometimes expensive) gifts, they won’t miss one from me. BUT I’m also not expecting my relatives to fawn over my pets. Most of my family doesn’t even know I have rabbits, lol. 

I understand you need to vent and I hope you feel better. 

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Bumble bee
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The worst case is when it’s her dog that lives at your house. You do all the work and have all the expense, and she comes over and messes things up with the dog when she feels like it.

Set real boundaries, including not boarding (“taking”) the dog for her.

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@Twizbe:  I agree. I asked my husband how we could make an anonymous tip…but anywho, I understand the reason for your rant, OP! Self centered, irresponsible people (even if they’re family) make my skin crawl!!

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If hubby has decided to take the dog if it doesn’t work out, then he is enabling her behavior. I imagine this is how she has always been treated, and why she is the way she is today. Do your in laws ever allow her to fall flat on her face and fail? 

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I would feel exactly the same! She wants you to give all your attention to the pictures of her new puppy yet can’t even be arsed to acknowledge her niece & nephew! I too would be infuriated about that, no matter how cute the puppy is! But… People that are so self centred sometimes don’t even know they doing these things, sometimes you have to tell them. It might have sounded childish at the time, but I probably would told her, why do you expect me to gush over your puppy yet you can’t be arsed to even ask how your niece & nephew are! It might be the only way of getting through to her, because at that time she will know how you feel when she doesn’t gush over photos of your children!

As far as her getting a dog, it just shows how immature she is! Getting a dog is no less of a responsibility of having a baby. The fact she can’t see this scares me. How looked after is this dog going to be. She seems like the person to do only what she wants. So when she’s been to work & that poor dog has been left on its for 16 hours & she gets back tired. Is she going to walk this poor, frustrated pooch that needs to stretch it’s legs & get some much needed simulation or will she just let him out to only do it’s business. It’s all doomed from the start, the quicker she realises that not everybody is there to pick up the pieces, the better.

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