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rez123 :  Omg yes. I had surgery on my ankle so I had a limp forever and the comments like “are you stilllll limping?!” Or why are you limping? Like I told you I broke it, it’s gonna be awhile. Lol. 

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megm1099 :  Do they? I always thought NY or MA drivers got the worst rep (Massholes). I can see MD and VA drivers being bad because you’ve got DC right there. I think it’s a problem near any city known for type A folks? (As much as I love those cities). 

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Future Mother-In-Law wants to throw me a bridal shower but she won’t let me register at Amazon. Even after I told her that Bed Bath and Beyond is closing 40 stores and shrinking.

We also don’t need anything so I’m going to register for simple human trash bags and other consumables. Am I being ungrateful? I don’t care this is supposed to be a non-judgemental thread!

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princessanon0125 :  I’m equally suspicious – last time I heard of someone doing something like this, it turned out to be an ambush “party” for one of those MLM/pyramid sales things! Watch out!

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megm1099 :  Oh dear Barbara, YESSSSSS!!!!! We lived in Maryland for almost a year and every time we drove home to SC we cursed at EVERYONE ON THE ROADS in Virginia. For the love of GOD just DRIVE IN THE SLOW LANE IF YOU ARENT PASSING ANYONE!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been through a lot of states, and they take the cake by a LONG SHOT. It was maddening. 

Then I moved to Louisiana, and they do the same thing here. It’s bad….but NOT Virginia bad! 

Also, I am so tired of seeing threads where the ring has been purchased, everyone knows it’s gonna happen, but then the recipient of said ring is left in the dark, being tortured, waiting on some stupid fairytale proposal. Sometimes for months or even YEARS. WHY IS THIS A THING??!??!!!??!

*sorry for all the caps. it’s been a long day. lol

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I am having a bit of e-ring drama.

I asked for a moissy, or sapphire, I just really didn’t want a diamond, and I prefer not to spend alot. 

My first ring was ‘similar’ to a ring we looked at together, he picked it. But he went up in size… to a  very large stone 1.5ct moissy, and a very teeny setting. I felt it was  a bittoo delicate, and  a bit too large for everyday.  But it was/is stunning, and I wore it proudly. 

So he surprised me with another moissy custom ring in rose gold, with a smaller center, but ALOT of gold and ALOT of pave. It is stunning. But I find it uncomfortable and impractical for daily wear. I asked if we could just reset the 1ct center.

But, he said no, he wants to get me a DIAMOND. Insists. cause he feels that he needs me to have one as a true e-ring. Soooo, now  we together picked out a pretty style/his style, smaller  .50ct diamond in a secure but delicate setting, that is being custom made. 

I am worried about it, dammit, I honestly would rather have just picked a setting and reset the 1ct moissy. 


But I have to be appreciative and honor his wishes.  I can’t split hairs. So now I am ringless for a month. 

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Ok, I’ll vent! I cannot stand people who lack basic manners. Please, thank you, holding the door for someone. People who chew with their mouth open, talking while chewing, being generally disgusting while they eat. People who talk loudly on their phone in public, or play loud music/videos in public spaces. I try REALLY hard to give people a break, accept that everyone’s different, etc… but man some people just make me cringe.

And of course the age-old person who heats up fish in the work microwave. I’ve actually confronted coworkers, politely, over this. The general consensus is they “just don’t care”.

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*Unpopular opinion disclaimer!!*

i am just so SICK of hearing about and seeing all the social media posts about GOT’s final season premiering last night! Like omg, we get it… watch a popular tv show along with another million people🙄

I tried watching with DH a couple of years ago but just couldn’t get into it….and I’m a fan of fantasy tv/movies too! It seemed like yesterday everyone I knew wanted to jump on the bandwagon of saying they were getting ready to watch😡

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I am sick of seeing GOT anything honestly. I love the show, am excited for the last season but don’t need to see a million posts about every scene as a meme OR the ones about people who don’t watch it. No one cares either way. I’m also excited for new Avengers movie but am sick of seeing posts about that either way as well. 

Also sick of seeing posts about the lady who helped take a picture of the black hole. I’ve seen her picture shared way more than the actual picture or the team who helped make it happen. It’s very exciting that it happened, but it seems that her being a woman is the main story being shared vs what it means as a scientific achievement. 

Also sick of people letting Joe Biden off the hook for him touching people. I get really angry when the responses are,”well, it’s not as bad as drumpf so i don’t care. I like him” Not many are as bad as that orange human piece of garbage, but we can’t let that change what is acceptable behavior. 

In an effort to balance all this negativity, we took in a stray dog a few weeks ago and he is amazing. Loves me sooo much, more than my husband. Wants to be around me all the time. While it is an adjustment, I never knew how great it would feel to have this animal always want to love on me. I’ve had a cat for 7 years so I’m used to a more aloof perspective on pet love. 

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I’m going to vent. 

I’m 23weeks pregnant with my first baby, my sister’s son is turning 1 next week and my brother has a 3 year old daughter and his wife is pregnant with baby no.2. 

2 weeks ago it was my niece’s birthday party. My brother and his wife had someone set up and they catered for it, but the party was held at my parent’s place. 

At the party, and obviously because it was a kids party, the adults didn’t have much else to do but sit and socialise, which I did. A few days later while visiting my mum, my sister who was also there commented that she saw me, “Just sitting and talking at the party,” and that I must, “Enjoy relaxing like a queen because things are going to change when you have the baby.” 

I’m not necessarily mad because of the comment although the tone in which it was said was extremely snarky, I don’t like the fact that she insinuated that I did nothing to help since there was nothing for us to do, or that she was complaining about the fact that she needed to take care of her almost 1 year old. 

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I’m graduating from my Nurse Practitioner program in 3 weeks. Already got the Master’s robe & hood. I should be excited. But I’m just tired. Worn out. And I still have to take Boards. And find a new job. What I really want to do is just chill at my current nursing job for the summer, have fun, get a great tan, and relax. But I feel all this pressure to get out there and perform. Ugh!

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I work with kids, and I am so annoyed when adults refer to them as “kiddos.”  lol i just find the word to be repulsive!!

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vent about HEALTH


I have a few chronic illnesses that don’t/won’t get better.
And I have to deal with judging eyes at work when I have days off to work at home or to rest.

Or just friends/family not understanding why I can’t spend hours and hours on end with them whenever they need.

I AM REALLY REALLY over it. I am lucky I can get up and go to work every day, but some days I can’t and I feel so much guilt.

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Pet peeve number 1. When a woman constantly refers to her husband as her husband and not by his name when I’ve met him or worse know him.  I noticed that a lot of married women say it to single women.

My husband said this or my husband did that.  I’m like bitch I know his name we all work together.  End rant. 

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