Vent thread: Owners bringing their aggressive dogs to the park

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Bumble bee

I’m not sure what the laws are where you live, but you should report this to the police or dog warden as these are dangerous out of control dogs. 

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Busy bee
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I’m sorry this happened to your pup, bee. Something similar happened to my sheltie when he was half year old; he was just trotting happily in the park when suddenly a much larger dog ran toward him and shoved him into a bush. From then on, my pup has had trouble socialising with other dogs.

I second PP, I would report those two dog owners. It’s owners like these that gives us other dog owners a bad name.

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Busy bee

Absolutely report this immediately. These two women seem hugely underwhelmed by the fact that their large aggressive dogs pose a threat to others. I’d be inclined to agree with you that they haven’t taken the time to properly train their dogs, nor do they seem to watch them in public places. These dogs could seriously injure or even kill a child, another animal, another dog owner. And while the lion’s share of my compassion would be toward the injured person or animal, if something did happen these dogs could be put down- because their owners didn’t train, socialize, or supervise them. 

I love dogs to bits. Irresponsible pet owners, not so much. 

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Busy bee
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My rescue bullies puppies and is fine with other dogs. While it frustrating can be frustrating when people bring their young dogs to the dog park, I take her out. 

If they know their dogs have trouble with other dogs sometimes, they should be hypervigilant. I don’t think it’s fair to assume someone’s a bad pet parent if their dog isn’t perfectly well-behaved all the time, but they should definitely be responsible for them. 

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Honey bee

I don’t blame you for being upset. This is why I don’t take my dog to dog parks, and I have a 90lb doberman. 

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Busy bee
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sbl99 :  I would look into getting them kicked out of that dog park. Is it a publicly owned park? i.e. paid for by YOUR tax dollars and within police jurisdiction?

I totally know that irresponsible, chatty mentality you’re describing. I used to take my ex’s 15 month old Beagle to the park to socialize him, as he was abused and neglected before he was adopted. Every time I took him, he would prance around the follow the bigger dogs and watch them play, like a little kid admiring big kids. There were a handful of larger dogs, 70-90 lbs or so, who would always follow him, chase him, corner him, nip at his legs, hump him, etc. the second I got him off the leash. And the owners were always just chatting away. I would be pushing through hundreds of pounds of full-grown dogs to find my poor 26-pound shivering mess of fur underneath, and these owners were just in the corner chatting. Other owners approached me and apologized, and explained that’s just how things were there. So it’s not just your park, it happens everywhere.

I would speak up and not fuck around with this. My boyfriend likes to tell me that I shouldn’t interfere with how other people handle their kids or dogs, and I like to remind him that these are the kids who will grow up and drunkenly crash into our kids. Assholes raise assholes  and that includes their dogs.

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Blushing bee
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I would immediately file a police report and the sheriff should then report it to animal control. After that I would take my dog to the vet. As a puppy his immune system isn’t as strong and you don’t know if those other dogs are fully vaccinated against anything. Then I’d sue them for the vet bills. Sometimes that’s the only way some pet owners will learn. If other people keep letting them get off with nothing their behavior will not change. I’m sorry Bee. I’ve been through this before and I know how you are feeling. Go back to the dog park too and see if anyone knows their names.

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Helper bee

I can’t control how other people care for and train their dogs. That’s why mine don’t go to the dog park, plus diseases. 


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Busy bee
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lemonsandlife71 :  If we all lived with that mindset, we would all stay in our houses to avoid bad drivers, rabid dogs, and the flu. Should she stay away from dog parks for the next decade while these people wreak havoc?

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Buzzing bee
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I hate to say this but dog parks are inherently dangerous. You have anyone with a dog bringing their animal to get amped up and activated by others. You have helicopter owners who flair their dogs anxiety and negligent ones who ignore bad behavior. You have dogs who get spooked and attack and you have dogs who get bullied into attacking and you have aggressive dogs whose owners think they are “just playing” or it’s “only your dog they don’t like”.

Its fun to let loose and let dogs run around and get energy out but many dog parks aren’t large enough to let dogs get away from each other if they aren’t getting along. 

If your dog was injured by another dog (at any time, any where) you need to get their information immediately and file a police report

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Busy bee

sbl99 :  I’d try to report it. Same thing happened to my dog and now she’s afraid of other dogs. 

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Bumble bee

Most vets and breeders advise against off leash dog parks. At the basic core, they are savage animals. It’s a big risk. 

Doesn’t excuse the behaviour of the owners. 

I have had issues with the dog park. My dog is huge, but he is a puppy, uncut. He is due to be part of a breeding program at maturuty. Other males, usually neuteted, hate him because of his smell. So we have to keep him away. 

When he was 5 months, he was also attacked twice. Once by a little dog, and once a friendly lab suddenly tore his throat! It got infected, took forever to heal and scarred him physically and emotionally.  

Needless to say, it changed him …he is fine with all dogs until they show agression.  Now he does not put up with ANY threat. 

We only take him to the solo area of the dog park, or in remote woods alone off leash. It sucks but these things affect  them long term. In hindsight I would not take my dog to an offleash park. 

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Busy bee
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Sorry to hear your bad experience! My smaller dog too was attacked multiple times at the dog park and now has developed a fear of larger dogs, which we are still working on 4 years later.

Is your dog neutered? Most dog parks here do not allow unfixed males in the park because they seem to often set off other dogs, even ones that are usually well behaved.

I agree with PP – if your dog was injured, you should file a report. Has your dog been seen by a vet?

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Busy bee
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You can try to report it, but without the owners names it may be a lost cause. Take pictures and consider taking your dog to the vet to have his wounds cleaned depending on how bad they are. Dog parks are not the best place to socialize your dog, take him to a puppy training class where he can be socialized in a controlled environment. 

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