Vent thread: Owners bringing their aggressive dogs to the park

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Bumble bee

I would definitely report it. I’m not sure what the culture of your dog park is, but I have seen owners band together and throw out dog owners that have notoriously problem dogs at my usual dog park. 

I also want to add that I have like a 5 dog max rule, unless it is owners/dogs that we specifically know and are comfortable with. There becomes a fine line where there are just too many dog personalities in the mix and owners not watching enough. So if there are too many dogs that show up, we will leave without hesitation. 

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Bottom line, owners should watch their dogs at the dog park and observe and intervene when others don’t like their dogs behavior. All dogs in the right environment or with the right friend to gang up with can seemingly randomly decide to be A holes.

Unaltered male dogs frequently have problems at my dog park, both with other unaltered dogs and neutered males. My female dogs love them and you can definitely tell when one comes in.

Personally when I choose to take my dogs to a public dog park where I do not know all the dogs present and how our dogs interact I am accepting the risks, fleas, ticks, sickness, dog herpes from the water dish, and that they may not get along. Some dogs just don’t like certain dogs. Sometimes it’s individual dogs and sometimes it’s an entire catagory like my dogs loving all unaltered male dogs no matter if it’s a yorkie or a great dane. I had a dog once that loved every pitt, rotty and shepherd she ever met, never met a golden she got along with, every single one she would get into it with. Giant 20 acre public unfenced park, I would put her on her leash when I saw one and the owners would be like, my dogs friendly and I’d be like… she doesn’t like golden retrievers.. I know I don’t get it either.

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Helper bee

Dog parks scare me too! I never know when they are playing or fighting. Luckily where we are there is a small, medium and large dog park. I only ever take my 20 lb dog to the small side. If there are no dogs there we just take a long walk instead. I did take her to the big side once because I have my neighbors big dog with me and I felt that the big dogs were ganging up on my small one prob because she is small so we never went back to the big one again. 

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I would not bring a puppy to a dog park. Sadly it’s just not safe, and it only takes one bad incident to cause lasting issues.

We stopped bringing our dogs to the park after my younger one got attacked by a saint bernard. It sucks that people don’t take responsibility for their animals.

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Bee Keeper

I definitely would report them if you can find out their names and their dogs.  Regardless of what biological nature might cause them to attack another dog, they should have been trained to not do as such.

I also have a golden retriever and he’s the sweetest dog ever but he cannot contain himself when it comes to spending time with other dogs, he’s always overexhuberant and too much for some dogs (not aggressive) he just wants to play all the time.  He’s 3 and way larger than he was at 6 months but I would still not bring him to a dog park.

Hope your puppy is feeling better today.

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sbl99 :  once your puppy is neutered I would maybe try a different dog park that doesn’t allow intact dogs. My local one has strict rules about spay/neuter and age of puppies and we don’t have too many issues. Also try different times/days of the week. I know my local park has a couple assholes that stick to a schedule so I avoid those times I know they are usually there. There is actually one woman that is so bad that I won’t go in the park if I see her! 

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Uggg….I am SO sorry.  When I lived in the city, the dark park was a huge source of anxiety for me.  Our dog loved it, but you just never knew what you were going to get there.  I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum:  dog was attacked/bullied and where my dog was being the asshole.  

I will say that when my dog was being the asshole, we were the first ones to distract her and remove her from the situation.  She was never violent, but sometimes she was just a little too excited and hounded a dog she wanted to play with.  She’s a big dog, so her size & energy can be intimidating to those that aren’t used to her.  And female yellow labs were a no go for her.  I’ll never know why, but she never met a female yellow lab that she didn’t get into a tussle with.  If we saw one at the park, it was a no go.  We just wouldn’t even take her b/c we knew yellow labs were a trigger for her.  We got our dog when she was 2, so I often wonder if she was attacked by one in the past…who knows.

Our dog was attacked once at the park and the owners took off so fast.  I was livid b/c my husband was also bit too during the fight.  All I wanted was the dog’s medical history so we knew what to plan for when we went to the doc & vet.  

Another time a man was yelling at me to not let my dog run so fast…it’s a dog park, dogs run…if you don’t want to be around running dogs, don’t come to a dog park.  Anyway, he was acting really weird and getting angrier by the minute.  He yelled at my husband and by that time, my husband was sick of it and started angrily talking back.  Finally the guy yells “Look, I’m bipolar, off my meds, and I have a taser that I’m not afraid to use.”  Yeah….that was a fun day.

Does your dogpark have a separate area?  Or is it one large play space?  If it was one of “those” days for our dog, we would put her in the play area that was separate from the main park for about 10 minutes or so…wear her out, let her and the other dogs run back & forth at the fence, and then once everyone was properly introduced, we’d let her in w/ the rest of the dogs.  If you can do this (if you see an unfamiliar dog) you might be able to identify beforehand what dogs are aggressive and then decide if it’s worth going in or not.

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Buzzing bee

When my oldest doggo was a puppy, I’d take him to the dog park for him to run around since I lived in an apartment at the time. My usual lazy, moderately energetic dog turned into this other being depending on who was at the park. There’s so many sights, smells, agitators, etc that I couldn’t relax and neither could he. I’d either go to a different park or find an area where your dog can roam without those distractions– such as a fenced yard or finding a doggie playmate that is local that has a fenced yard… I see posts for that in local FB groups all the time for dog friend meet ups at peoples homes or locations NOT a dog park. This may be a better option for you given the few things you’ve mentioned about your pet.

FWIW, I do think those women were incredibly rude and out of line– but many dog owners have a blind spot when it comes to their own dogs. You mentioned he is an uncut puppy that likes to jump on people– that right there is a recipe for disaster in a small space and of course that is going to attact attention from other dogs. 


Also, retreivers can bite or be aggressive. They’re dogs! They all have that capability, so I wouldn’t “breed shame” (is that even a phrase?) a specific type of dog at the park for being there. They have just as much right as you to enjoy a public place, but you need to do what you feel is best to keep your dog safe.

Hope you can find a solution for him so he can run around and make some dog friends!

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Bumble bee
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somathemagical :  I think you’re being unduly harsh on OP.  Yes, animals will be animals, but we can’t expect their human owners not to act like humans?  Yes, there is an inherent risk in bringing our beloved pets to dog parks, but if the two other owners are already on alert that their dogs are acting aggressively towards OP’s dog, then they should be watching their dogs more closely or leave the park with their dogs.  No, instead they didn’t, and OP’s dog got injured.  OP isn’t mad at the dogs, because she understands that animals will be animals, but she’s upset at the owners, which she has every right to be.  The law doesn’t hold dogs responsible, but do hold the owners responsible when they’re acting negligently, which in this case, the two owners were, because the dog were out of their sight and control and they have already been warned.  Even if OP’s dog is not neutered, those two owners should’ve behaved more responsibly.  

OP, I would go to the dog park and look for those dogs or just around about them, just to make sure they have their vaccinations and tell the owners that their dogs have injured yours, and as result, you had to take him to the vet.  I’m sorry that this happened to you.


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Ugh, I’m so sorry this happened to you and your pup. I would be livid. Unfortunately this is exactly why my dog has never been to a dog park, I don’t even want to risk it. I’m terrified every time I board or even walk him that something awful like this will happen.

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breatheandrelax :  I was not [unduly] harsh on OP until OP began trying to say “GTFO” to the fact that being unneutered could contribute to this incident. B/c plain and simple… it very well could but we don’t know. 

I 100% agree that she can be livid at the other owners. They should have taken their dogs out right away. They should have been more vigilant. But that’s also why I said dog parks are dangerous. Well monitored dog parks can be amazing but that is few and far between IMO. This incident could repeat itself especially if OP has an unneutered male who is probably experiencing a surge in hormones at this time. So she does need to be much more careful about what her dog is doing and remove him from situations b/c she can’t trust anyone but herself.

To try to have assumed these owners should “muzzle their aggressive dogs” is outrageous b/c this really could have been a 1 off situation brought on by any number of things. Again, she doesn’t know. Yes… they should have REMOVED the dogs… but they didn’t.

About “animals being animals” OP said 1) He dog jumps on people “for pats” and 2) “really likes being chased” these are two things that you just cannot say about animals. Dogs cannot tell us WHY they do things. If he does these things then he too is not necessarily well trained and if he is unneutered he is an activation risk to other dogs. We cannot be sanctiMOMMY about our animals b/c thats when things can happen. 

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sbl99 :  I wasn’t responding to you in my post I was simply referring to my reasons/your responses that prompted my responses. 

I have already told you and stated… That those owners suck. That I’m sorry for your dog. Truly. That’s very scary. 

But also your comment again that if people can’t watch their dog at a dog park then it should be muzzled is an odd comment. There are a ton of shitty owners out there and you know they won’t do that. There are some owners that trust their dog with impunity but one quick moment of aggression can spark them and disaster happens. 

I’m not victim blaming you. I just stated some facts. 

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I own a cattle dog, my best friend owns 3, & I can confirm, they’re 10000% more likely to START shit, than any retriever I’ve ever met 

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Your boy being uncut does mean other dogs could be more aggressive to him. I‘m not saying that excuses the behaviors of the ladies at the park who didn’t take control of their dogs. I’m just saying that you need to be very careful about having your dog off leash until after he is neutered and after those hormones have gotten out of his system. My friend had a Golden and she also had to wait until he was older to have him neutered. It got to the point to where he couldn’t be around other dogs at all due to the aggression caused by his testosterone levels. 

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