Vent – Treated horribly at job interview

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That is discrimination. It shouldn’t matter that you moved from BC. If they admit that they did not hire you because you only recently moved there, they have violated the Canadian Human Rights Act.  


evilqueenkarly :  

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LilliV :  She can’t do that because her resume will have jobs from the other province.

evilqueenkarly :  There is no easy way out of this, unfortunately. I live in ON and things are very different here also between big cities and small towns. People are discriminatory here to Torontonians also! (I am not one, but it is not a secret. Lol!)

So, first and foremost, I know that you do not want to get on any employer’s bad side in case you want to be hired there years down the road. I know, I know, you don’t want to work for someone like that, but sometimes life kicks you in the nuts and you have no choice, especially in a small town. So, I would suggest to report them anonymously ONLY and AFTER you have found a job. Or, have someone else report it on your behalf.

Secondly, go for contracts because that will help you get a feel of the job market, the company culture, etc. I know it’s easier said than done because you guys have a house, a car, possibly kids (?) but I speak from experience. I have had to get contracts in the Greater Toronto Area to make ends meet. It is not the end of the world. It is hard and feels insecure, but it’s by no means a lesser way to earn a living. Especially when done for a period of time only.


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I am a Canadian who changed Provinces a lot (Nova Scotia, Ontario, BC, Alberta) and never had an issue like this but when I lived in the Atlantic I sensed that people there are poorer and they want to look out for each other. Many people in PEI don’t have jobs, so, they want to take care of each other. But I never heard of not giving some one a job because they are foreign. I think you should report it. I understand where they are cooming from but it’s still unacceptable. 

Infact, if I were you, I would say, ‘Define “foreign” please’ in the interview. Also, you can ask how a “local” could do a better job.  Be very calm and collected but also stern. Then, report that defintion. If you like, report it to the media as well. This is not a legal way of handling an interview. 

I once applied for a sales job until I found a job related to my degree. The manager wrote to me and said that she did not want to hire me because she did not like my name. I complained about her. The owner apolojized to me and also dealt with the manager. I got a huge letter of apology from the manager as well because she got herself into a lot of trouble. The owner asked me to reapply. 

Bee, don’t allow any one to treat you poorly. 

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20,000 is relatively small and I can see the maritimers seeing you as a ‘west coaster’ with some bias but not getting a job over it is kinda crazy. Maybe there are some local networking groups you could get into? 

Signed a former ontarian that moved to BC

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Fellow Canadian bee here… The thing about the maritime provinces is they already have tough economies and few jobs, so there is definitely an emphasis on helping your neighbour before a CFA (comes from away). The people are very friendly, but they do take care of their own first and until you’ve given your time and energy into the community they won’t count you as one.

I would recommend finding some volunteer opportunities locally while you are hunting for jobs and be very consistent in following through with your committments to them. That will show that you are serious about being an active member of your new community.

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evilqueenkarly :  I lived in pei for 4 years while I was going to school and it’s a very tight knit community. Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of jobs that aren’t seasonal and many are focused in Charlottetown or Summersid and require commuting. That being said, it’s absolutely appalling how you were treated for your interviews 🙁

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