(Closed) VENT: upset with photographer – what should we do?

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  • poll: What should I do in this situation?

    Confront her right away

    Give it a few more days, and then confront her

    Let it be

    Other (explain below)

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    I’d say cool it.  Photography is an art, and she’s probably busy with other clients as well.  She’s your only photographer, but you’re probably one of many clients. 

    I’d give it atleast a month from the shoot date before raising any questions.

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    I would follow up about weather or not the gallary is ready, but would not bring up about blogging. 

    I think blogging is a way to show her work, if she doesn’t want to show particular work, I wouldn’t hold her against it.


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    I’m not getting the “confront” thing. What about a nice message stating you are very excited and asking for an updated delivery date. Perhaps she’s busy? and I believe people are allowed to post on facebook without being called out on it.

    I don’t mean to be harsh, but you are freaking out over something that in the scheme of things… you need to chill about. 


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    I get your frustration, Its been over a month and I still havent gotten my Wedding Photos, but Ive made polls asking brides here how long it took them, so I dont freak out.

    You have to understand that this right now, is Wedding Season, so she’s probably pretty booked up every weekend Im sure.

    Yeah it was lame for her to promise you same day service, but 8 days really isnt that much to confront her about. I understand you saying had she said 3 weeks youd understand.

    However this is the Wedding Industry, and things are very unpredictable, hardly anything happens at the scheduled time.

    Since you have her on Fbook, you should maybe comment on one of her pics, and say something like I CANT WAIT FOR MINE! SO EXCITED!  I would chill for another week, and if you dont hear anything, just say, Hey _____ I know youre probably super busy, but are my Engagements shots gonna be ready anytime soon like you promised?



    Good Luck!

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    You never know what may be holding her up – it could be a software or hardware issue that’s kept her from blogging – she may have other things that popped up that need to be blogged first. 

    I’ve worked as a wedding coordinator for years and I learned a while back to not accept brides/grooms Facebook requests… I’d post a picture or status on my one day off a week, late in the evening from home or on my rare lunch break, and I once had a very, very demanding couple write a letter to my boss saying if I have time to play on Facebook, I should have time to get them xyz sooner rather than later. 

    Yes, all vendors want to get your answers/products to you as soon as possible, but sometimes their lives intervene, or a just ‘normal’ lives. 

    Wait a couple of days and get in touch.  And let her know how you feel about the lag in her communication.  Often, especially with photogs and florists – they’re ‘artsy’ types and quick communication isn’t a strong suit.  Bring it up in a nice way and it should push her to always get back to you in a timeframe more acceptable to you.

    Good luck!!  and once they’re up share with us 🙂

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    Technically your photog is only 1 day late. It is the busiest wedding month of the year…I say cool it for a few days!

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    I think you’re WAY over-reacting, we are SMACK in the middle of wedding season right now, and weddings have to take priority. When it’s your wedding, you’ll be grateful for that. Also Facebooking is NOT always “playing.” Facebooking is networking/marketing building our brands. I hate how clients think if we post something on Facebook, we are goofing off when we should be working on THEIR wedding. I’m sorry, but does anyone else work 24 hours a day? I bet you all have jobs, and you GO HOME at some point, and your boss doesn’t call you at home after hours and yell at you for stopping work to eat dinner or watch a movie with your family cause you should be working on his projects.

    Most of the time I use Facebook as a break from editing. Edit 100 photos, go on facebook for 20 minutes, edit 200 photos and so on, so I don’t even have to get up from my computer or go too far away from what I’m working on for very long to take a break of sorts. I think too many people misineterpret photographers on Facebook. 8 days is nothing, chillax. Yes it sucks she told you less, I’d be disappointed too, but you sound like you are borderline firing her over nothing 🙁

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    @PassionatePhotoLady:  ya, i agree you can’t fault someone for being on facebook and accuse them of not doing their job for this! everyone procrastinates on facebook,

    how would you she was on there if you weren’t!   I would wait a couple more weeks.  I got a little antsy waiting for my DVD of photos to arrive, but i did everything to refrain from actually asking my photographer about it, because i was also seeing her fb updates about how she was going to wedding after wedding to shoot!  and if you had a good time with her at the e-session, you want to keep that feeling and relationship for your wedding!

    AND after i was all wondering what the heck was going on with my wedding photos, i finally came up with a way to ask her about them with offending her. she had told me she was putting them in the mail, and so i finally decided i was going to ask her if she had a tracking number since i hadn’t got it and wanted to make sure it didnt get mixed up in the the mail somehow. point being that i was not blaming her and i was assuming she put it in the mail as she had told me.  anyway, the day i was planning to ask her about, guess what came in the mail!

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    Agree with others, chill chill.  You will probably get your images soon and this is not uncommon.

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    I’d chill but I’d keep on top of following up.  I completely understand that things get in the way of completing other things, but I do ask the respect of communication if the work isn’t done in the time quoted.  My photographer was later then he said in getting me my proofs and dvd of photos as well, but I just sent polite messages every couple of days until I either got an answer of a new eta or got what I was looking for.  

    So my vote is to follow up, but do so politely.  

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    She shouldn’t have told you a date they would be ready if they weren’t going to be ready then. You are right to be upset, because it is unprofessional of her. I agree that photography is an art etc., but you still have to be professional with your clients, and I am sure you wouldn’t have cared if she had told you it would take longer. You just want to know, and feel like she is taking your photos seriously since you have paid her a lot of money. I would kindly ask her about it. 

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    Ours were later than what our photographer promised us. So I told the fiance, to handle it, lol. Cause I’m chicken about confronting people. Here is his gentle email: 

    Hi xxx,
    I hope you had a good holiday weekend. I was just wondering when you expect to have our engagement pictures ready? I’m sure you’re plenty busy this time of year, but we’re hoping to use them in our ‘Save-the-Date’ cards that we’d like to send out this week or next week.

    Any update you have for us would be great! Thanks!

    Polite email would be okay. Good luck!! Janelle

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    Personally I get irritated if someone misses their own deadline. she told you the day she would put the pics up and then she didnt. That is unprofessional. i do understand that editing photos is hard work and all that, but still SHE gave you the date she would blog the pics and she missed that date with no explanation. I would not be happy.

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