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Blushing bee
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It seems like anything a bride does is going to be wrong in everyone else’s eyes. I have ran into some REALLY rude and morally superior people. Apparently if you get married you are wrong and needy.

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Busy bee
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bridetobee528:  welcome to being engaged! The questions change to babies once you are married, and they’re no less annoying.

My random stranger questions were mostly about booze (we had none) and our age (23). There were also some about being knocked up and how much we were spending.

But my favorite was a fairly distant relative asked DH “How is your child bride doing?” 

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Busy bee
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My rude questions were related to size.  

“How many people are you having?” 

“About 120.”

“Wow that is HUGE! Am I invited?” 

Um have you planned a wedding before?  120 is NOT huge when you start adding up the 25+ family members on each side and then want to invite friends and the close family friends of parents and such.  It adds up VERY quickly


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Busy bee
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Oh I got the “knocked up” question alot. Fiance AND I were together 4.5 years before we got engaged. We kept our engagement plan very secret until the ring was on my finger. I guess people assumed I got pregnant and that’s why we decided to finally get married. Um No. Considering we’ve now been engaged 5 months it’s safe to say I’m not pregnant. Lol

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Busy bee
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Some people are so rude for NO reason, You know the saying” misery loves company” Maybe they are just jealous that you are happy and in love and they are trying to ruin this wonderful time for you. I would just brush it off. Enjoy this time with your fiance’ and disregard the haters!!! Congrats btw!!! 

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Busy bee
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I’ve been asked 3 times if I was knocked up lol I haven’t had anything that rude yet. But that is probably because nothing is really planned. People stink!!

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Bee Keeper

Wow, I didn’t have to deal with any of this rudeness.  I’m so glad!  The worst we got were a couple of snide joking comments in the card from husband’s work – from bitter divorcees, so we just laughed and didn’t take offense.  

Regarding the 11 bridesmaids, I think I’d wind up rolling my eyes too – you might have to get used to letting that one roll off your back, sorry.  Husband had 5 brothers we had to deal with, but we just put 2 in the ceremony and gave the other 3 different jobs there – walk a mom down the aisle, and “usher” in the ATVs.  They didn’t mind since they’re young and were not particularly interested in being in a wedding.  I know it’s different with gals.  I don’t even have 5 friends/family I’d want standing beside me becuase I always felt that was for the very closest people in my life – best friend, sister, done.  To each their own though, and I got off on a tangent.  Good luck herding them though, that’s a lot of ladies to wrangle 

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Bumble bee
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i have gotten so many ANNOYING questions.. i had to cringe out to eat last friday hearing this drunky annoying woman talking to the girl sitting behind us..” so the wedding is september, when do the babies come???”

UGH i was so feeling for her. she said it super over the top and obnoxious too.. there is NOTHING cute about asking when babies will come. some people may not want children or may have known fertility issues. SO RUDE.

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Honey bee

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bridetobee528:  I really hate it when people complain about your wedding date. Obviously, you and your fiance chose this date bec it either works best for you or it is meaningful. That is why we send save the dates as early as 10 months in advance. Memorial Day weekend comes EVERY FREAKIN YEAR including President’s weekend, spring break, 4th of July, labor day weekend, thanksgiving weekend, and Christmas/New Year vacation week! Mean while, your wedding is a once in a life time event (hopefully)… If they have plans that are more important to them than your wedding, they can easily rsvp “NO”. Personally, I wouldn’t want them there if they are that negative….they get to go and do what ever they want then and more money in your pocket. There, everyone can go their merry way!

In addition, even if it was my 21st or 30th or any other milestone birthday and it fell the exact same day of a friend or relative’s wedding, I would prioritize the wedding in a heart beat! Chances are our brithdays will fall during the work week so what speaks against celebrating it the next weekend? As far as I can rememeber, I have never celebrated my birthday on the actual day of my birthday and always celebrate it one or two weekends later….but that’s just me.

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Bumble bee
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Weddings are special to everyone so opinions will be aplenty.

I think people are just generally a little self absorbed so they tend to think their way is the best way and can’t fathom someone doing something that doesn’t fit with what they morally think is right.

That being said, I’m guilty of being being rude under certain circumstances, lol.

I also think that if the MAJORITY of the people have the same negative opinion maybe you should wonder WHY.

How close are you to these rude people?

Probably, not very because anyone remotely close to you should know you have 11 sisters. Even though you have a big family, I’d roll my eyes at that, too! Sorry, not sorry, lol.

No one would EVER ask me if I was knocked up. Anyone who’s ever met me knows my stand on children before marriage.

It’s all about what people know versus what they think they know about you, your Fiance, weddings,e tc.

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Buzzing bee
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socalgirl1689:  This is exactly how we felt! Our wedding is Labor Day Weekend and I had a few “lovely” guests remind us that they usually go to the beach that weekend. Well, that’s great, but since you own a beach house 1.5hr drive away and go EVERY OTHER WEEKEND of the summer… I don’t know why skipping it for ONE holiday weekend is such a huge deal. But, ya know, feel free to go to the beach like you have all summer rather than come to our wedding because if it’s that horrible to miss in exchange, I don’t want you at my wedding anyway!

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Helper bee
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bridetobee528: UGH I feel you! It is so surprising to see how people really feel. I cannot believe some of the responses you got after announcing your egagement!

My Fiance and I met through an app and apparently that gives people free reign to say extremely rude things- so far one of my “favorites” is “Oh GOD those are for hooking up not dating!” SHEESH the nerve of some folks!

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Busy bee
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I’m tired of the, ” I can’t believe YOU are getting married before me!”

Especially from people who are A) younger and b) not even dating anyone!

I swear I don’t have 2 heads or something. How is it so unbelievable?

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