(Closed) Vent…backseat drivers at work. What is YOUR pet peeve at work?

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Ooh, that sounds really frustrating. Support staff are there to support and learn and do their job… or at least learn a tactful way of discussing different methods they’ve used!

I worked in special education recently, and one of my jobs was to keep a particular student happy and learning as much as possible for her. In a new class one semester, I sat with her the first day to make sure things would go smoothly, but her teacher quickly told me I wouldn’t be needed, and that she could handle things fine. Unfortunately, my student didn’t receive as much help as she needed the first few weeks of class, and was absolutely miserable. Luckily, things were resolved soon after that, but still… I guess one of my pet peeves is when colleagues try to do everything themselves, when I am there precisely to support the students/them, or the opposite – when they expect me to do all of the work, instead of pulling their weight too!

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I also work with children, I’m the crazy lady that comes in and takes picture of the preschools…

And parents and teachers will wiggle their way behind me to try and get the perfect smile but they don’t realize than the children is looking up at all the pictures. Or I will get them to smile and apparently that smile isn’t the biggest one, most cheesiest one in the world and the parents don’t like it..or the teachers like take over and push the kids around because they get impatient because I’ll ask them to do his and mimick me. It’s crazy nuts. And, they blame me for not being able to take a crying/throwing a massive fit child’s picture–I’m like seriously, do I look like a miracle worker? I can’t make a child take a picture and there is only so many bridery, cheese saying, and bubbles to use. I also can’t make a child smile. I’m can’t force them. I can bribe them (with candy and stickers), I can play with them, I can blow bubbles and tickle, I can sing songs and make goofy faces/sounds…but I cannot force your child to smile!! and if you don’t know a way to get your own child to smile, than you shouldn’t assume that a complete stranger would know how or know the difference between this smile and that smile. Seriously, it’s a smile and they look freaking adorable! What’s your deal? UGH!!

And just because they do it at home for their mommy doesn’t mean they will with all my equipment, noise, new person, teachers yelling at kids, teachers pulling u into this and that..please see other vent above.

And just because I do not get one freaking child out of 80 doesn’t mean that I am bad at my job..

Sorry, I just got out of one of those schools…so that’s my vent for the day.

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Dumb people. 
That sounds so… normal, but I really mean it.  DUMB people.

People who think the red light on the bottom of a wireless mouse is a warning button telling them that the mouse is broken.

People telling me to fax a legal sized sheet of paper to their parents because their parents don’t have any legal paper to print our emailed form out on.

It goes on and on.
I can’t hardly stand it.
A braindead moment is totally normal.
A braindead lifetime is hard to sit by and watch.

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People hawking loogies at their desk. I know it’s gross, but c’mon, step into the bathroom, which is RIGHT by our cubicle. It’s just nasty.

Oh and people who get the Darth Vader voice going on when we’re all on a telecon. I can’t listen when you are doing that

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I have an older, passive aggressive, very jealous, very crazy coworker who lives to make me batty. She goes out of her way to exclude me, make me look like an idiot, insult me and try to get me fired. She’s spread rumors about me, yelled at me, told me I am stupid, withheld important work information from me… it goes on and on. I’ve complained about her, but nothing happens. 

She makes me hate my job and sometimes, my life. I wish I didn’t let it affect me. But when you spend 8-10 hours a day, 7 days a week with someone, it’s bound to affect you. 

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Yeah, there are a million different ways anyone could approach my job, so I’m always getting critiqued or instructed by one of the 4 different bosses I have. It’s really annoying, but I just choose carefully who to listen to and keep doing what I think is best.

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