Verbally attacked today over 'Thin Privilege'? I can't.

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Busy bee
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Sounds like it wasn’t about you, your weight, her weight, or the salad. She’s just rude. I know some people like that, you try to be nice and they turn an innocent “good morning!” into a confrontation. It’s pretty hard to work with them because you never know what will make them blow up. Don’t take it too personally!

Never heard of thin privilege or thin shaming, but I find the idea pretty silly. I’m also mad that I can’t buy clothes off the rack (most designers don’t make petite OR plus size), and would really like to just be average if I could pick 🙂

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Sugar bee
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yourhandinmine :  Just commenting to say.

1. She’s lost the plot and is clearly extremely insecure to the point of delusion. There goes her future lunch invites! I’m sorry that this happened to you!

2. I hope you ate her delicious cheesy pasta once she left. 

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Sugar bee
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Thin privilege exists, but she sounds like a nutcase. 

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Sugar bee
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This kind of behavior is a potent combo of insecurity, aggression, and narcissism.  These people can find an insult in literally everything.  Now everytime you don’t invite her to lunch it’s because she’s fat.  If you do invite her, it’s so you can rub your thinness in her face.  If you glance her way you’re mocking her, if you don’t you’re disgusted by the sight of her.  You cannot win.

But on her side, I imagine expending exactly zero effort toward accepting other people and making them feel decent about themselves makes life marginally easier.  And having absolutely no filter, saying whatever asshole comment pops into your head without regard for social convention, would save a good bit of time, for me anyway…

I’m gonna call that “bitch privledge”.

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Helper bee
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Hahaha oh my god!! What a nutcase!! I find people like that are just projecting their own insecurities. 

Ive always been quite thin but then my mum never over fed us when little and my sisters and I have all always been into exercise – I’d say that’s why I’ve always been thin and now am really interested in health and fitness – not because of ‘thin privilege’ !?!? Omg like that’s actually a recognised term somewhere in the world!! 

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Bumble bee
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I have never heard of thin privilege, and I would never talk to this woman again.  I’d probably bring it up to HR if I have to work with her in close quarters.  IDGAF if she’s insecure and has low-self esteem, that bitch needs to learn how to get along with coworkers.  She’s got issues for sure, but they’re not your issues.

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Helper bee

Wow that woman sounds nuts! What did you ever do to her? Being rude and awful to you because apparently she has to pay more for clothing? That’s craaaaaazy and completely uncalled for. Here I thought sharing food was the way to make friends.. But no, it’s mean and insulting. How dare you!

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Bumble bee

Been called the skinny bitch my hole life, it exists lol.

She’s insane, tell her to fly a kite.

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Busy bee

I just wanted to add that when I applied for life insurance, I was slightly underweight, and they were going to charge me more for that reason.

As for people who are skinny and don’t eat right but still don’t have to pay more for health insurance, that’s because the insurance company can’t monitor every little thing you eat and do. It can monitor weight easily, though, and being obese does increase your risks of cancer and other diseases. I’m sure it’d charge people more based on how much fast food they eat if it could.

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Helper bee
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My first reaction was “what a bitch!” My second reaction was “why does this woman feel the need to act like a crazy person?” My third reaction was “wow, I really feel sorry for all the horrible things that must be going on in her head that make her act this way.”

She shouldn’t have done that. This whole PC crap has gone way too far and has permeated virtually every aspect of our lives. People need to get help and stop acting like children. Sorry this happened to you. People judge me ALL the time for being on the thin side. They always assume I’m a bitch, etc. Fortunately, when they get to know me, they realize that’s not the case. 

Hopefully things will get better for her.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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She’s sounds like a nut job. I do think thin privilege is absolutely a thing but this wasn’t about that this was about her insecurities and completely irrational behavior. 

I’m overweight and I’ve never had a freak out over a friend ordering a salad at lunch and oh my god I order them myself occasionally because they are delicious. They aren’t even a healthy option when made at a restaurant anyway with the amount of dressing and everything else they add to them. 

But just because she’s nuts doesn’t mean that thin privilege isn’t a thing and the fact that thin privilege is a thing doesn’t mean it’s okay to body shame people for being skinny none of these things are mutually exclusive. They can all be true at the same time.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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That is crazy. Also I’m eating a salad right now of my own free will! Imagine that. There is privilege with being conventionally attractive and/or thin, but she’s obviously VERY insecure. It started when you ordered it apparently- she was fuming while staring at it. And then projected her own insecurity and  imagined judgement on you when you asked if she’d like a bite.  A salad is not an insult. She owes you an apology but id just politely ignore her from here on.

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Busy bee

mrs2014 :  I agree. I’m in the UK and I’ve never heard anyone utter the phrase ‘thin privilege ‘.

 And we are  calling people ‘thicker’ now as opposed to fat? Crazy. in the UK if you’re thick, you’ve got problems besides your weight…

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Busy bee
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MeandYou :  haha, indeed thick is smth else in normal English 😉

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