(Closed) Very hurtful comments about my wedding photos (again!!)

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Sugar bee
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what you should say is [email protected]#$%^&**(())#@$^&!!!…..and then slap the hell out of her.

But since you can’t do that…I vote for sending HR an e-mail outlining what has been going on…and changing classes if possible.

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Sugar bee

What a terrible terrible lady!  I can not believe she said those things to you, I dont know how you didnt smack her and walk away!  I guess the only thing you can do is ignore or come up with some snarky comebacks.  Im so sorry but very happy to hear that you were so pleased with your album and congrats to your hubby for losing the weight. Im sure he was very proud to be able to do that!

I also agree with JamaicaBride, is there an HR dept you can talk to that might be able to help?  Harrassment maybe?

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Busy bee
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She has got to be lacking common sense somewhere, so rude!

I don’t think its necessary to switch classes, isn’t it easier just to not show her your personal things and/or talk about your personal life with her?



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Bumble bee
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As hard as it is to hear these kind of things, keep holding your head high and don’t appear to be bothered by her comments.  She is jealous of you, there is no doubt.  Why not give her a taste of her own medicine and say something rude right back?  That may shut her up.

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Buzzing bee
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The things people say will never cease to amaze.  She sounds like a real piece of work.

Change classes if you want, but definitely report her behavior to a dean or other faculty member.  Those comments are completely unacceptable, no matter how well or long you two have known one another.

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Busy bee
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Sorry, I didn’t read what the other bees wrote.  I just wanted to let know that me being in Toronto means a few hours of driving to get to your area.  I’d like to offer my assistance and would gladly punch her in the face for you.

Seriously though, you have the patience and serenity of a saint.  It does sound as if she’s uber bitter or jealous of the situation.  I know you did a great job of ignoring her but people like that need to put in their place.  Speak up and confront her.  So what if you guys get into a bit of a heated argument, it’s a friendship you won’t miss.

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Bee Keeper
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I don’t have anything helpful to add. *HUGS* Can I slap her for you?

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Honey bee
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OMG… This was a teacher that said this to you???  I would do a complaint against her.  That’s horrible.

I’m sorry you had to deal with someone like this, let alone get taught by her.


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Busy bee

She’s known you two years and comments on how “unattractive” your husband is? She has a crush on you…..


C’mon, if she was a guy, it would be more obvious.

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Misery Loves Company! my dear. I bet this teacher doesnt have a man OR is a lesbian in love with you. NOBODY would make comments like that without malicious intent.

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Helper bee
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I’d report the cowbag if there’s anyone higher than her (if it’s an evening school can you report her to the college she works at or whatever??)

It is unprofessional and unecessary and downright rude. Plus, I’d have a good mind to look at her funny so she gets a complex every time I saw her.

1. Wrinkle your nose

2. Look at her feet.

3. Look at her directly

4. Look at her feet

5. sigh and walk past

Simples 😀


P.S. I’m vile aren’t I? 😉

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switch classes and get as far away from her as possible.  With someone that out of touch with how to talk to people, there is little chance that confronting her will do any good…

“Don’t fight with a pig.  You both get dirty and the pig doesn’t care”

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Sugar bee
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You know I once had a co-worker who would flat out tell the other women in our office that they shouldn’t eat what they are eating because they will just get fatter.  Or why bother eating a salad not like it would cause you to lose weight.  My co-workers were really overweight but they were my friends and even if they weren’t no-one deserves to be talked to like that.  Well he never said anything to me about weight because I wasn’t overweight at the time.  I never said anything because I didn’t want to cause a scene or have the guts to put him in his place.  But then one day he said something about me so I stood up to him and told him that what he was saying was not nice and that he isn’t perfect.  He told me he was only joking and never meant to hurt anyone’s feelings.  I told him that if he couldn’t change his attitude that I’d have to say something to our boss the HR Director.  He was nice from that point on and even went over and apologized to our co-workers.

So I say tell her that she isn’t being nice or funny.  Put her on notice, change classes and avoid her as much as possible. If it continues then let HR know.  Chances are you aren’t the only one she is giving trouble to.  And it takes only one to make the difference!

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Bumble bee
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Ugh – my stomach turned when I read your post – who DOES that?

What a jealous wench! Take comfort in the fact that by treating people that way she’ll never have what you do – a beautiful relationship with someone you love.

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