(Closed) videographer? needed or not?

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: July 2010

A videographer was the last vendor we booked because I thought it wasn’t important, but then I got thinking about how much it would mean to be able to show it to different generations.  We found an awesome deal through, of all places, Craigslist, and I LOVE our video.  We gave copies to our immediate relatives and I have watched it at least a dozen times.  It’s amazing to see the ceremony for how it was.  You miss so much when it’s you getting married.  I would totally recommend getting one!

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Sugar Beekeeper
  • Wedding: September 2010

If you can figure out a way to cut out the $250 somewhere else, DO IT! I’m so happy we decided to go for it. The day goes by so fast, I’m glad we splurged on a cinematographer in the end!

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Bumble Beekeeper
  • Wedding: August 2010

We didnt get one and I wish we had. Even if it was just to have the ceremony on video. I just wish there was some sort of live action (and us speaking to each other) on our wedding day!

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: October 2012

I wasn’t even planning on having a videographer at all, but a friend volunteered to do it, so why not?  But to me, the pictures are more important than a video.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: July 2010

Honestly it was just something we didnt think was important. I felt How often will we really watch that video? Myabe a few times when we come home from our honeymoon to show family? MAYBE once a year on our anniversary HUGE MAYBE but I doubt it. If it is still around lol  We will show our children one day when they get older maybe grandchildren ! I just in no way could justify the cost at all.

We had his dad and his uncle video our wedding (non professionally) and of course we had 2 professional photographers with us for over 8 hours that day. We have a big a professional album and 2 small story book album  made on Shutterfly (1 engagment pics) and the other we did our wedding and did it in Timeline order Like a book and included Our Personalized Vows … Special pieces of the ceremony we customized (rings, our sand ceremony etc) I put a lyric from our first dance etc. And of course we have some smaller framed prints in frames around our house.

We have watched our wedding video one time and I am not even sure where it is right now to be honest with you. No one has asked to see it not even my parents. BUT EVERYONE wants pictures and honestly I feel like the pictures show off and the bests of the best memories  of our wedding and captured  alot more things we missed (exp our guests doing) than the videos did

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  • Wedding: June 2012

Hi everyone. The world knows me as RELENTLESS, or RELENTLESS AARON. Pleased to make your acquaintence.

OF COURSE YOU NEED A VIDEOGRAPHER! Especially if your event is an important one. Hey, some may not be??? But here are the dynamics of having a videographer (feel me on this): Guy comes in with a taylored, BRIGHT RED SUIT/GOLD TOP HAT, MATCHING GOLD SHOES WITH RED LACES. Yes, he’s loud. And his profession is JUST as loud, because now he’s shouting “CUT! That is JUST not right…” The audience swings around to stampede this (so-called) “producer” with their cast iron stares… and now he barks: “OKAY! Lets take it from the wedding march. ONE MORE TIME. And audience, I’m gonna need you to fix your faces! ACTION!” All this while the bride & groom are about to kiss.  You get the picture. ALL WRONG. And this guy asked you for $2,000? Seriously?


People, today, depending on the availability of your video pro, a videographer can indeed charge up to 2k. But a lot of times, you are in a quagmire since that guy/gal is the only show in town. NOT THE CASE! As one person said, CRAIGSLIST is a good place to find us. And we will travel to get the job done/even from another state. And if it’s economically possible, and if the producer is great at what they do, why not import them from another state? But even then, there’s no tellin the type of work ethic, production quality, professionalism you’ll get from your “new friend.” (In the top hat/lol). So that means you must do your homework; yes, I know you’re already crowded with tasks in getting ready for your event. But videotaping your event is just as big an investment as your child’s education. So then why not at least do some essential investigation? Have you seen the video guys previous work? Is it online for all to see? Or does he merely have it on his hard drive. Note: anybody can put most anything on a hard drive and say its “there’s.” So, be sure to go a level deeper, and check the person’s integrity and consistency and credibility in the community where he/she lives & works. I’d say, if things don’t seem right in your heart, walk away sooner than later. But if all the pieces fit, if you have references that you’ve checked and one, two or three other customers all agree with your new friend’s work ethic and consistency, you’re in good hands.


Now, as for pricing, go to Google and type in “price list for videography” and get an idea of how much video production costs. And if the pricing your vid-guy is pitching sound doable, then make it happen for yourself. And for goodness sakes, let the man/woman do what they do. Don’t get involved in the production process. We are skilled at what we do. And if the samples of work were to your liking, there’s no reason you won’t get the same/or better results.


Okay, but let’s keep it real and say that there are numerous options, prices, choices when having your wedding or event documented on video. Sure you can set up a camera yourself, position it, and let it record. But is this footage going to have true production value that will withstand the test of time? No. Well, how about if you HIRE someone to do the same; set up a camera and stand by to make sure the tape doesn’t run out just as the preacher say, “you may now…” This is (more/less) what we in the industry call, a guy who can “point & shoot.” Next you have your local guy/gal who does this service as a hobby or a second income. I don’t know if I’d surrender this “one moment in time” to someone who couldn’t say (at some point in his/her life) that “this is my calling.” That’s who I’d want to shoot/produce a video for me; someone who eats & sleeps video production, software, hardware and the various technologies to take a visual and mold it for the client in need. Here’s another thing. If they’re charging you an arm and a leg, what is it that they’re doing for you that’s different than every other video they’ve produced? Personally, I don’t want any “template cookie-cutter production” for the money I’m paying. I don’t wanna look on Youtube in a year after the wedding and see 1000 other videos of all types with the same transitions, same music, etc. At that point, the wedding video (its clear) is but a cut and paste slide show that moves around/because you did. The last thing you want is a videographers who was experimenting with your once in a lifetime event. Check his/her work. Check for variety. Check for sharp, linear editing and transitions. And then, if you’re not happy, you can always call/count on me! 😉 Relentless Films

By The Way: Last note. I feel a wedding video today should work like a reality show format. I’m not talking about the catty drama and arguing. I’m talking about how there is footage on one hand of the event, but every so often there should be close-up intimate conversation with the guests, with those who know the bride & groom personaly; notably the moms & dads. And there shouldn’t be too many graphics. Just enough to be tasteful. And consistent transitions to go along with the theme and the various music used in the work. I said VARIOUS muisc, not ONE LAME SONG, or some prefab music offered in Imovie. Just sayin. Have a RELENTLESS wedding!

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Bee Keeper
  • Wedding: November 2011

I think its a great thing to do if its in the budget.. but we just couldnt justify the cost! I cant justify spending a grand or so on something that we will watch a few times and thats it..

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: July 2011

Go for it!  What’s what I did and I am really excited about my choice now!

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: June 2012

what are you willing to spend? i know an amazing guy out of Oregon. let me know if you want his info!

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