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I talked to my Doctor.

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As a fellow Christ follower and virgin until the wedding, I feel your pain!

I had been put on birth control pills far before my wedding, when I was underweight and stopped getting my period. I have never had any issues with the pill as far as sex drive and weight gain. I have only gained weight off the pill. Its really something that is individual to every womans internal body chemistry previous to pills.

My suggestion would be to make an appointment with you OBGYN and go over all the different options! A lot of it is trial and error, it took me a while to find something that worked for my body.

I have only been having sex for a month, but we have used condoms and birth control pills. I feel most secure and safe on the pills which inturn has incrased my sex drive because I don’t constantly fear pegnancy- like will the condom break? Is such and such on correctly , etc etc.

Best of luck! and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!

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Busy bee
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We went with BC pills. I actually started them about a year before we actually started having sex b/c I figured they’d get rid of my long periods. For a while, it was great. A little annoying to take the pill at the same time everyday, but shorter periods, clearer skin… I did gain 10 lbs but it seemed to be mostly in the boobs so I was happy. Haha. 

Fast forward a year or so… I think my sex drive has decreased (although I sometimes wonder if I really could know for sure since I’ve been on them since before we were actually having sex…), and the big issue is that it’s raised my blood pressure to really high levels that aren’t healthy to be living with. 

So, now I’m going off of it and we’re planning to do NFP, but I wish I would’ve just started with NFP from the beginning. It’s going to be really hard to figure out NFP while my body is regulating post-BC, and I think we’re going to just have to not have sex much for a few months. It would’ve been so much easier to just start NFP before the wedding and have it all figured out without the BC complications.

Anyway, that’s just my experience… for a lot of women BC pills are a wonderful thing.

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Buzzing bee

As pp have said, there is a lot of trial and error with finding the right controceptive for you, so the best thing to do is talk to your doctor. about your options and concerns. It can seem a bit awkard at first, but I promise your doctor has heard it all before. 

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definately make an appointment with your OB/Gyn. 


That being said, I currently use NuvaRing, and have more than ENOUGH good things to say about it! It is AMAZING, it is a once a month BC that you place inside your vagina, its not hard to put in, it stays in place, my fi can’t feel it when we have sex (but if a guy can its easy to pull out and put back in after).  I have a friend that is a virgin that used it and didnt’ have any issues either (she said it was easier to use than tampons!)!  I also love it because it has up to 4-5 week of BC in it, so if you forget to take it out at exactly week 3 you are STILL protected. 

I had been on OCP’s (oral pills) and hated the way they made me feel, but i don’t have any side effects from the Nuva Ring–my period is lighter, no cramps, no weight gain, no change in sex drive…also you can back to back them if you want! (i put one in for 3 weeks, take it out and put the next one right in! I don’t have any spotting or anyting!)  I honestly feel no different on or off the nuvaring

I high reccoment trying it for a few months, my Ob/Gyn gave me 2 months of samples, and then i got a Rx for a few more months to make sure i liked it!

The big thing with BC is be sure to try any meds for about 3-4 months, because it takes a while to get used to them, so dont try just one month and then switch, try a few months before you decide a certain brand isn’t for you…

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Busy bee
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I really like the way BC pills regulate my cycle and make my period lighter. I am way more emotional on them though. But really, if you REALLY don’t want to get pregnant you should use two forms of BC. Because the only one that doesn’t have a failure rate is abstinence. Darling Husband and I use condoms as well, because my coworker got pregnant twice while on the pill, but since she started using condoms too she hasn’t had any surprises.

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A non-hormonal option that I use is an IUD called Para-Guard.

Talk to your Dr… I believe there are some risks with it that may make conception difficult once you decide to get off of it so since you want to have kids you’ll want to get the scoop on that.

However it doesn’t affect your period, sex drive or cause any weight gain.

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Sugar bee

@Lexy: I  have paragard and there aren’t risks associated with fertility if the insertion doesn’t have any issues or there are no complications during having it. 

OP I really like Paragard, but I will tell you that it hurts REALLY bad to have it inserted and for several days afterwards. My first two periods’ cramping was worse than ususal, but now everything is back to normal and I LOVE not having to worry about a daily pill or any type of BC for the next decade. Also, it can significantly increase how heavy your period is, so if your period is already heavy it can lead to anemia (just take an iron supplement or eat a lot of red meat during your period to avoid).

If you aren’t up to dealing with a significant amount of pain and tough it out for the benefits a few months down the line, I wouldn’t get it. 

Plus, it might not be for you two because you are planning on having children in the next few years and it is expensive. However, I got mine for free under the new health care law, so it was the best choice for us!

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Helper bee
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@Miss Mochaccino:

@Miss Mochaccino: I totally disagree about talking to your Gyno. A lot of doctors are great with some things, but most will put you on a pill without evaluating your risks and explaining these to you. The pill caused me serious health complications and also screwed up my hormones for a long time when I got off of it and now the pill I was taking (yazmin) is under lawsuit. Why don’t you consider learning and using NFP? This tends to be used by Catholics but it is also for everyone. Christians in general used to be pretty against BC. Or you can use a secular version which you use condoms on your fertile days which are only about 5-7 days per month!! Then on non fertile days you don’t have to use anything!! It’s awesome! It’s a great way to not have to hurt your own body by using a foreign substance and establish intimacy and understanding from your partner. I highly highly recommend it. Please atleast read about it and consider seeing a nurse that teaches about it.  There’s a reason you don’t like the idea of altering your cycle and it’s because it’s entirely unnatural and causes some women problems later on.


One thing that a lot of women don’t know about the pill is that it messes up your attraction to your mate. It causes you to feel less attracted to a partner who you should normally be attracted to. That is because your body thinks it’s pregnant and it changes your olfactory senses (in your nose) to be turned off by pheremones you would normally be attracted to. Also during ovulation you send out strong pheremones that make your partner much more attracted to you. The pill or similar devices cause you to stop sending out attraction pheremones because you don’t ovulate.

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I have the Implanon implant and I love it. I expereinced no weight gain, sometimes I may get a little moody at that time of the month, but I have only had 1 period since getting the implant about 5 months ago. It sounds a lot scarier than it really is. My arm was numbed and the implant was inserted and I didn’t feel anything. It just itched alot for the next couple days. It lasts for 3 years, but you can remove it at any time and your fertility is not affected at all. I wasn’t good about taking the pill at the same time each day and I had heard horror stories about IUD’s, and the Nuvaring kinda creeped me out, so this was the most attractive option for me. Make sure to talk to your doctor though and do all the research you can about each option you are considering.

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I am in the same boat as you. I had never been on birth control because there was no need for it. I just started using Nuvaring so I would be protected for after the wedding. I have only been on it for 2 weeks now, but so far it’s great! I used a tampon applicator to put it in (take the tampon out, fold up the ring and put it inside where the tampon was). It was really easy to put in. Felt no different than a tampon. I haven’t felt it at all since I put it in. I haven’t noticed any side effects, but obviously I haven’t been on it very long.

The reason I chose Nuvaring was because I am horrible at taking medicine consistently, and I really didn’t want to be stressed out from thinking I might be pregnant. My biggest fear was actually putting it in and taking it out. As I said, putting it in was super easy. I still haven’t had to take it out yet, but I know it will be okay. I plan to do it in the shower to reduce some of the “eww” factor in my head. I’ve read that if you squat down it’s super easy to get it out.

Good luck finding something that works for you! If you are leaning towards Nuvaring but don’t like the idea of putting it in and taking it out, there really is nothing to fear!

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I think Nuvaring or an IUD would work well for you.

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And third, or fourth, whatever, for nuva ring! I love it, and minus the very first day I ever put it in I haven’t had any real side effects. Plus I am horrible at rembering things so it is incredibly nice I only have to remember once a month. The other plus is (TMI WARNIGN) my period is max 3 days and super light. And it isn’t a big deal if you stack them so you have NO period. That is what I am planning for our honeymoon.  

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