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don’t take multivitamins.  Improve you diet, if you cannot get your vitamins through food only suppliment the ones you don’t get.

Excercise, it will make you feel less tired if you do it regularly.

You may consider getting tested for a tyroid problem.

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A multi-vitamin won’t really do much for weight loss.

But as far as what brand, I prefer New Chapter. I take the prenatal and my husband takes the men’s formula. They are food-based vitamins and have no dyes or chemical preservatives.  (I buy them from Amazon, cheapest place I’ve found so far.)

And remember that supplements are just that: supplements. They should be used to supplement an already healthy diet, not as a crutch for a poor diet.

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Like PPs said, vitamins are not going to help you lose weight. They can, however, be a good supplement to a healthy diet. I take the One A Day Vitacraves with Omega-3 DHA and Viactive Calcium Chews (I like the chocolate ones) in conjunction with Weight Watchers. I don’t like taking pills and it’s nice to have the gummies and chocolate chews instead. I buy them both at Walgreens and try to get the generic when they have them in stock. Just make sure to compare labels to find generics with comparable ingredients and percentages.

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@amyddlz: First congratulations on quitting smoking, that is the healthiest decision you can ever make! I wish you continued success!!

I work for a vitamin and dietary supplement manfuacturer and I have to say that when I first started five years I didn’t take supplements either, I thought they were a waste of money. I can say honestly that yes some are, however there are some that are very beneficial to your health. Also, there have been several studies done that prove you cannot get the full set of nutrients you need from food alone…it is nearly impossible. I would recommend One-A-Day vitamins (not our brand) as they seem to have quality ingredients and are approachable for people new to supplement taking.

As for the weight loss while there isn’t a magic pill to take there are some supplements that help curb appetite etc. South African Hoodia is one that if taken prior to meals will decrease hunger allowing you to eat less. (again, not our product but taken in past and it did work). Also beneficial is Chitosan (curbs appetite) and Congugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) I have been told helps with belly fat. There are also pills made using Potato Extract that again curb hunger.

All in all it is about the quality of ingredients and the labeling. The US FDA does not regulate dietary supplements within the United States nor does it check the labeling (unless a lawsuit or deaths are brought to their attention, like Dexatrim). Some companies will lie or mislead on their labels to make you think you are getting what you pay for, but it all comes down to wording. You are welcome to send me information on something you are thinking about purchasing and I can give you input.


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“Also, there have been several studies done that prove you cannot get the full set of nutrients you need from food alone…it is nearly impossible.”

What studies are those? I’m curious which nutrients they rank as hardest to get.

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I watched if over the weekend and thought it brought up some really interesting points as well as studies concerning traditional medicine vs nutrition and food and our societies ailments (not just obesity).

I am a little dissapointed in the actual website, because it seems more preachy and commercialized than the documentary, but here it is http://www.foodmatters.tv/_webapp/About%20The%20Film I think its worth a watch for everyone. I got it through netflix (available through download)

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I have never finished a bottle of vitamins before in my life and am working on bottle two of Vitafusion Gummi Pre-natal. As a nurse, I can see there is a a lot of good advice listed above. Good job on the smoking cessation. Several insurance companies have access to Registered Dieticians or health coaches, call your insurance and see what you are eligible for. 

Good luck in your journey. I am not preggo btw, but the vitamins are too awesome. 

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I take the One A Day vitamins.  What I have been told is that you should avoid any supplement that has massive doses of nutrients (multiple 100s of percents of your DV).  I also take a calcium in addition.  Yes, it’s good to get everything from food but the way our diets are that is difficult sometimes and I’d rather be safe.

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Don’t B vitamins help with energy? That is what I have heard. 

I take gummi vitamins because for some reason they don’t make me sick to my stomach like some other ones do. 

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CONGRATS on quitting smoking!!! Best decision ever. I definitely do not not recommend use of over the counter pills to help promote weight loss. As a clinical pharmacist, I can tell you that lots of drugs sold for weight loss, prescription or otherwise, have been yanked by the FDA for doing terrible things to the human body, such as promoting kidney failure or heart attacks. Case in point… Ephedrine, Meridia, and the FDA just shot down several possible drugs due to safety concerns. There are no magic pills that will do this for you (safely) – if there were, we’d all be on them 🙂  

I agree that supplementation with a One A Day vitamin to fit your personal needs is healthy, in addition to a balanced diet and exercise. It will take time, however  – aim for 1-2 lbs/week (dependent on your current body weight). A great place to start is possibly with a Registered Dietician and a 30-60 minute workout 4-5 days per week. If you can’t make the gym, Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred is an awesome workout that is very do-able for the time-crunched. And, it’s cheap! I paid $7.99 at Target for it.    

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You’ve gotten great advice and congrats on qutting! Its been 5.5 years for me, and I love no longer being a slave to cigarettes.

One thing that I learned when taking multi vitamins, is that if your pee is brighter yellow than normal, that means you aren’t absorbing the vitamins completely. If this is the case, then break it in half, and take half in the morning and half around dinner time. THat will help you get the full value of them. Good luck!

I have also been taking Vitamin E capsules to help with my hair and skin, espcially since winter will be here before I know it. Seems to be helping, especially with my eczema

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Good for you for quitting smoking!

I think taking multi-vitamins should help you to be healthier in the long run. But eating a healthy diet and regular exercise should do the trick primarily. I also noticed a sizable change in my weight when cutting out sugary food and drinks.

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