(Closed) Vitex….B-Complex…B6… DIM …Success? What's the word?

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    Progesterone cream



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    If your LP is between 12 and 13 days normally (especially if no early spotting!) I don’t think you need any supplements, girlfriend. Just some more time. Hugs to you. Sticky baby is coming soon. 🙂

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    I’d just stick with your prenatal, and possibly a sperm-friendly lube like Preseed. Chemical pregnancies are really common, unfortunately, I doubt it was anything you did or didn’t do.

    Also, unless you already have a long, irregular cycle I definitely don’t think Vitex is a good idea.

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    I agree with PP. If you r LP is 12-13 days, I think you’re fine and don’t need to supplement. 

    CP and very common. They suck and are heartbreaking, but nothing you did (or didn’t do) caused it. 

    Do you chart? That could help you figure out if you’re hitting your O date right and all that good stuff.

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    May I ask how you came up with the list above? It doesn’t seem to have any rhyme or reason to it. Is there a specific problem that you are seeking to address?

    1. Vitex is for long, irregular cycles where you want to in duce O earlier (closer to the CD 14 “average”). Do you have a history of long, irregular cycles?

    2. B6 and B-complex are for short LPs. A 12-13 day LP is normal. Do you have excessive pre-flow spotting that you have not mentioned yet? I mean, if you start heavy spotting earlier than 10 DPO, B may be helpful. Otherwise, the b vitamins in your prenatal are sufficient for your general health.

    3. Do NOT mess with progesterone cream unless you are under the guidance of a medical processional.

    4. Are you estrogen dominant? Do you have symptoms of estrogen dominance? Has your doctor tested your hormones and diagnosed you as such? Have you tried eating more cruciferous veggies and dramatically cutting your carb intake to address your estrogen dominance? Eating a better diet and losing excess weight are going to be more effective and healthier than taking a supplement. 

    If you feel the need to do something, perhaps you would benefit from reading It Starts With the Egg. The book will help guide you to figure out what you actually need, versus throwing everything and the kitchen sink at an undefined “problem”.

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    I didn’t take anything for an LP defect, but my cycles were crazy irregular (37, 47, 70, 33 then 126 days) so I started taking Vitex to see if that would help. It was a relatively low dose (180mg/day). My GP sent me for bloodwork and an u/s and all my hormone levels came back normal, so she didn’t want to medicate me. I started Vitex, B6+B12 and Vit D in February, maybe around CD70-80, finally got my period mid-April, then BFP a month later (I have longer cycles, 35-ish days so I O’ed right on time for me). I have since stopped the Vitex because this particular brand’s instructions said so. Take this anecdotal evidence for what it’s worth, but I do think it helped. DH also started B12 and vitamin D in February, but for reasons unrelated to TTC. 

    My only actual advice is to see your GP.

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    I agree with PP’s on the Vitex. If you don’t have a history of irregular cycles it could actually cause trouble For you.  I used B6 and a B complex to lengthen my LP (sometimes as short as 10 days). I’m not really sure it helped but I continued to take it after my BFP and through the first tri because it really helps with morning sickness. I never vomited once but definitely had nausea that I felt improved with my daily dose of the B’s.

    I also took EPO from CD1 until O to tone my uterus and increase my CM production and ate a whole pineapple (with core) from O day until the end of my usual LP and I had a fair amount of implantation bleeding so I think it made a difference but, then again, this is my first pregnancy so I can’t really judge that fairly.

    That said, many women are most fertile after a CP or other loss so you may not need any help at all this cycle.  I would certainly throw the Vitex out though.  I have decided it is the devil after hearing so many horror stories of how it has screwed up people’s cycles for them  


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    Alip22:  I would not mess around with aspirin unless directed by your doctor. 

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    Alip22:  I have had a miscarriage at 9 weeks, followed by a CP. I get doing everything possible to avoid that pain. I talked to my doctor about this (a GP trained at a top hospital and now does mostly natural medicine. She always prescribes supplements). She said that if you got pregnant and got pregnant easily, you should be able to get pregnant easily again. Don’t take anything, just give it three months. Odds are you’ll be pregnant.

    I really want to do something, but the best thing is just to let your body do its thing.

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    I understand having a CP is upsetting and scary, but it sounds like you have normal cycles.  CP’s are very common and normal, unfortunately.  I would try without a bunch of unnecessary supplements until the time they are actually needed.

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