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Bumble bee
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I think it just boils down to different body types.  I have absolutely no hips and somewhat of a thick waist.  I don’t think this would change no matter how much weight I gained or lost… it’s just my basic shape.

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Sugar bee
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I am 5’6″ and when I weighed 120-125, I found myself to look “anorexic” at top, but I still had my thighs and butt – just not as big as being 150lbs.  I wore a size 4 in American Eagle jeans and a size 6/7 in other jeans – depending on who made them.  I’m not sure what my waist size was exactly though.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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@artichokesalad: You are taller than the average woman, so your proportions would naturally be larger, even when you look/feel skinny. A Junior’s 11/12 is an adult 8-10 depending on cut. For someone that tall, yes, i’d say that is thin. I’m 6’1″, and at my skinniest, I was a size 8/10 – I was really very thin!(I have about your “skinny measurements”, but weigh approx. 55 pounds more than you did at that weight – there just isn’t a great way to compare!)

Holding yourself to standardized size expectations doesn’t make much sense when you are outside the “average” mold.

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Busy bee
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Yeah, no, the half the height thing is BS. People are shaped differently and have different builds. Speaking as the person rocking a 33″ waist (at 5’3″) despite being SERIOUSLY overweight, if I got down to half my height in inches I would still be pretty heavy. Because of my build, I should be closer to a 26″ waist which would make me only 4’3″ tall. 

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Helper bee

@artichokesalad: I’m curious, what did your research show about what is considered “skinny”? I’ve never thought about there being absolute numbers that people would consider to be thin, average, or overweight.

For whatever it counts, people just have different builds and proportions. I tend to be heavier than most people my size, but who cares? Only my scale knows. I’m 5’2″, about 130 (+/- 2 lbs) and my waist is 27″ and hips 36″. I’m only six pounds from being overweight by my BMI, and I know other women my height might weigh much less but look the same. Every body is different!

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Bee Keeper

I’m 5’3 with a 25 inch waist and look almost sickly.

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Sugar bee
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I’ve never heard of the waist size/height rule! I’m 5’4, about 140 lbs at the moment, with a 28″ waist and 42″ hips. It depends on your natural bone structure–there is barely any fat on my hips, it’s all bone. Even when I weighed 105 with a 24-25″ waist, I still had a 39″ hip measurement because of how my body distributes my weight (that is to say, it all goes to my butt). I’ve always had a very small waist compared to my hip measurement, no matter what I weigh.

On a slightly different topic, I’ve heard that it’s healthier to keep your waist under 35″ because having fat around your midsection really bumps up your risk of heart disease.

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Sugar bee
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I think those rules of thumb are too generalized and wouldn’t apply to most people. Height, build, body shape, muscularity would all change the ideal measurements for each person. For example I’m 5’3″ and have a 25″ inch waist still at age 35. I consider myself thin but definitely not skinny because I have very round hips, thighs and breasts. I’m also not athletic at all and don’t have much muscle tone.

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Helper bee
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I’m 5’6″, abut 155 and have a 29-30 waist. I’m pretty straight up and down. I agree with other posters about every body being different though!

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Bumble bee
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I don’t know abut skinny or waist – 1/2 hieght, but I kinda tend towads wanting more “pin up” type of measurements.  I’m 5’6″ weigh close to 180 but no one believes I’m above 160 usually, and BMI charts want me to starve down to 135.  My hip bones are HUGE.  I got down to 160, was pretty happy, but got here by being ill for several months, so it didn’t last, but I coud tll there was a limit to how small my hips could get because the hip and rib bones were evident.  My measurements goals are more based on the 39-29-39 1950s body type (what I’ve got, might as well go with it)… just gotta work on it since I’ more 39-33-42.

I think “skinny” is more a proportion based on your circumference vs. your height – if I were the same wight but 5 inches taller, I’d look skinner.  Alos, do you look like you’ll break in a stiff breeze?  😛

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Buzzing bee
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@Cinnamon Roll:  Whoa, are you my secret twin?  We are kind of uncannilly similar in shape.  I’m not curvy when I’m skinny, but I am heavy when I’m fit because my body builds so much muscle.

In answer to the original question, people come in all different shapes.  Some women are nearly straight up and down whereas others will have a ten inch difference between waist and hip and/or bust no matter what size they are.  If your waist doesn’t naturally dip in, it will be larger than someone else who is otherwise about the same height and weight. 

“Skinny” isn’t really a specific or medical term… I think a lot of it is relative to surroundings – area, social crowd…  I’ve felt both super skinny and super huge at the same size, depending where I am geographically and mentally.  I think it’s a lot healthier to make your goal be to eat healthy food and get some moderately strenuous exercise.  Then you’ll find out what your body looks like when it’s in shape.

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Bumble bee
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I’m 5’7″ weighing around 160 lbs with a ca 40″ hip circumference, 27″ waist and 37″ boobs. So a slightly pear-shaped hourglass figure I guess. I’m working on getting fitter before the wedding though, as my happy weight is around 145 lbs.

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Helper bee
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I’m 5’6″ 139 my measurements are 34 breast,28 waist ,41 hips, I guess it depends on the person.

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Busy bee

I’m 5’9″, measurements 33-22-34. I’m really tiny, but I don’t look emaciated or anything (I’m a large C or small D cup, which probably helps). A lot of it is determined by genes – when my grandmother was alive, she and I could share clothes – our measurements were nearly identical. 

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