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User Name: Kristina1213

Location: New York

Age: 27

Occupation: Receptionist but really should be teaching (job market is non existent here!)

SO’s age: 30

SO’s Occupation: Computer Engineer

How you met: Match.com 

Relationship length: 8 years, 2 months today actually

A few words to describe yourself: Sarcastic, loud, caring to a fault, underdog (everyone calls me the underdog cause I never give up no matter what I get handed)

A few words to describe your SO: Focused, logical, funny, thoughtful

Interests: Reading, shopping, anything on iD Discovery (what I refer to as the murder channel), HGTV

Kids?/Pets?: Baxter 4 year old (120lb pit/american bull dog), Lola & Luna (3 years old & 5 months old) cats

Guilty pleasures: YA fiction, girls nights at the comedy club, Vampire Diaries, chick flicks.

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): None, but I’d love to hear some others!

Comments (for longer story if you wish): We’ve been together for 8 years. I went through the stage where after I graduated I thought it would happen, then at every ‘event/birthday/holiday/vacation’. After our cruise in 2011 I resigned myself to just shut my own expectations off and leave it alone. Easier said than done most days. The hardest thing for me to deal with is other people, my friends and family are so well meaning but they constantly bring up the fact that we’re not engaged/married yet and we’ve “been together how long???” Which then sends me in an internal tail spin. I joined WB to help quell some of that pent of emotion into something constructive because there was only so many nights I could ask myself “What is it?” when I know in reality it is going to happen. There is no question of if, just when. 












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User Name: lovelee1

Location: west coast

Age: 22 (in a couple weeks)

Occupation: Psychology student, graduating in May, then Masters in Counseling. I am also a martial arts instructor.

SO’s age: 21

SO’s Occupation: Optical Engineering student, graduating in may, then PhD! He also works in a lab at our University.

How you met: In high school. A friend of a friend’s friend (lol).

Relationship length: 6 years since September πŸ˜€

A few words to describe yourself: student, artist, love.

A few words to describe your SO: intelligent, driven, everything.

Interests: right now, all thing wedding related (lol). SYTTD, Bridezillas, WB, Pinterest. 

Kids?/Pets?: No kids, 2 dogs.

Guilty pleasures: Weddingbee when I should be doing homework (cough cough)

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): Stay strong, we are all ladies in waiting for a good reason.

Comments (for longer story if you wish): My SO and I met 7 years ago, I “liked” him pretty soon after that. We became really close friends, but it took him a full year to get the hint that I was interested in him. He asked me to be his girlfriend and I couldn’t have been happier. We have grown so much and so close in the past 6 years of dating. We are both certain that we are going to spend the rest of our lives together. I can’t wait until he officially asks me to be his wife. Eep! He says “soon.” I will decode that as soon I can.



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User Name: Olympia

Location: Greater Boston Area

Age: 30

Occupation: Applications scientist. No one ever knows what that is, though, so let’s just say I’m a physical chemist who works in industry in a capacity where I interact with customers. 

SO’s age: 34

SO’s Occupation: Computer science postdoc, hoping to be a professor soon!

How you met: OK Cupid

Relationship length: Will be 2 years at the end of January. 

A few words to describe yourself: Smart, perfectionist, finds-it-hard-to-describe-herself.

A few words to describe your SO: Kind, brilliant, driven, ambitious.

Interests: Choral singing, reading, trying to take up blogging but finding it hard! 

Kids?/Pets?: We want a pup so bad, but it’s hard when you’re in a rental. When we move we’ll probably get a Boston terrier or a pug. Definitely kids in the future. 

Guilty pleasures: I agree with @Kristina1213, definitely YA fiction! Also girly shows like The Mindy Project, ice cream, and this website! 

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): It is what it is… 

Comments (for longer story if you wish): My SO and I will almost definitely be moving in late summer of 2014 when he gets a new job, and we don’t quite see eye-to-eye on the marriage timeline. We both definitely want to get married, but I want to do it before the move while he wants to get engaged before and then married after. Also, I want to elope while he wants a more traditional wedding. 

I’ve decided to SIU for the rest of the year because our talks weren’t making me feel any better. Plus he’s going have a crazy busy couple of months applying for all these jobs! 

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@Kristina1213:  omg I LOVE Investigation Discovery! Deadly women is probably my favorite show. SO jokes that I’m going to murder him one day if he doesn’t behave lol!

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User Name: Sunshine1114

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Age: 24

Occupation: Grad Student

SO’s age: 27

SO’s Occupation: US Air Force

How you met: at a bar! (so cliche!!)

Relationship length: 2.5 years

A few words to describe yourself: Over the top, Perfectionist

A few words to describe your SO: Mellow, Calm

Interests: Shopping, Dining Out, Blogging, Reading

Kids?/Pets?: Black Yorkie Poo named Bentley

Guilty pleasures: Chocolate, wine, shopping

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): Life happens

Comments (for longer story if you wish):

I told my Fiance that he was going to marry me three days after we met!! We were long distance for a year and then I moved to where he was stationed at the time and we just relocated to Las Vegas! 

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User Name: Miss-Bun

Location: New Zealand

Age: 22

Occupation: Graduate student.

SO’s age: 22

SO’s Occupation: Lab assistant.

How you met: High school, fourth form.

Relationship length: Almost nine years. 

A few words to describe yourself: Planner, overthinker, emotional.

A few words to describe your SO: Relaxed, sporty, loving.

Interests: Weight lifting, yoga, running (okay, most exercise), writing and I would love to travel once I am finished with Uni. 

Kids?/Pets?: Waiting for both.

Guilty pleasures: Researching everything and anything that catches my interest. Lately it has been engagement rings πŸ˜‰

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): It will be worth it.

Comments (for longer story if you wish):

We had hoped to get married in 2014 but a family emergency delayed our plans and forced us to go long distance. The time apart made our relationship stronger than ever and we hope to marry on our ten year anniversary in Feb 2015. 

My SO’s older sister recently got engaged and set her wedding date for 2014 but we are happy to wait. We have been actively searching for engagement rings both online and in stores so I know it’s finally going to happen. I suspect it’s going to be right after his sister’s wedding in April because he is very, very low key and won’t want to steal any of her ‘thunder’. I can’t wait!

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Username: BunnyBug

Location: Columbia, Missouri

Age: 23

Occupation: Marketing Student

SO age: 24

SO Occupation: Computer Science Student

How you met: 9th grade (freshmen year) American History

Relationship length: 7 years-ish

A few words to describe yourself: Childlike, imaginative, excitable and forgetful! 

 A few words to describe your SODown-to-earth, ambitious, hard working, loving, and a procrastinator!

Interests: Reading, writing fiction, researching “causes” that make me want to save the world haha (no seriously it’s becoming a problem!)

Kids?/Pets?: No to both but SO wants us to adopt a puppy and a kitten within the next year.

Guilty pleasures: My (hidden) wedding Pinterest board along with all the rings I’ve bookmarked…

WeddingBee Words of Wisom (brief sentence): You can’t control what happensaround you but you can control how you choose to face it.

Comments (for longer story if you wish): SO and I started dating when we were juniors in highschool. In those years we grew together, fell apart, and built back up again. After a lot of talking and growing the marriage conversation has become “real” andit’s my SO who’s been bringing it up and asking me about rings! Honestly he  is my best friend and we can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together. For a while I was resistent but have come to the realization that we can grow and accomplish our goals together instead of always saying “when this happens this way…”

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Helper bee

User Name: Mine29

Location: Arkansas

Age: 23

Occupation: Receptionist/Student

SO’s age: 22

SO’s Occupation: Cook/Student

How you met: Mutual Friend

Relationship length: 2 years, 6 months and one day as of 11/08/13

A few words to describe yourself: Goofy, creative, short

A few words to describe your SO: Charismatic, honest, tall 

Interests: decorating, sports (American Football, baseball & basketball), weddingbee 

Kids?/Pets?: Me: one dog, Gizmo (7 year old pure white Maltese). SO: one dog, Stella (miniature pinscher), one cat, Cattrina (rescued stray kitty)  

Guilty pleasures: Tropical Smoothy Chocolate Chiller 

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): Good things come to those who wait

Comments (for longer story if you wish): Waiting will be the death of me! (very impatient!)

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User Name: tigerallie

Location: Florida

Age: 25

Occupation: Nurse

SO’s age: 32

SO’s Occupation: Marketing

How you met: Match.com, (but SO made a story that I saved him on the beach, people believe us!)

Relationship length: 2.5 years in February

A few words to describe yourself: Caring, funny, and creative

A few words to describe your SO: Hardworking, gentle, and kind

Interests: Any and all arts: painting, needlework, singing, drumming (taiko!), reading, and playing with my puppy

Kids?/Pets?: Just adopted a stray puppy-about 12 weeks old now and full of crazy awesomeness πŸ˜›

Guilty pleasures: Ben and Jerry’s. 

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): If it’s meant to be, it will happen. Or…Keep Calm, He’s Working on It!

Comments (for longer story if you wish): Met and it’s been a crazy whirlwind of wonderful since. Feel so lucky to be with my SO, the nicest nice guy ever. We’ve talked about marriage, and I know were heading there but I know he needs to feel financially stable beforehand (which might take a while).  Talked about looking into houses (!!!) but not until January. I’m hoping for a Christmas proposal….but my radar’s a bit faulty (although it IS my favorite time of year and my Bday is right next door!) so cross your fingers…we’ll wait and see!!  


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User Name: holly.bree

Location: nova scotia, Canada

Age: 27

Occupation: Stay-At-Home Mom

SO’s age: 31

SO’s Occupation: Carpenter

How you met: met through a friend when I was 17

Relationship length: 3.5 yrs striaght on and off for 10

A few words to describe yourself: silly, passionate,mom,outgoing

A few words to describe your SO: handsome, funny,smart,shy

Interests: poetry, animals,camping,my chihuahua,my daughters,music,baking

Kids?/Pets?: 2 daughters 4.5 an 1, 7y chihuahua(Abby) an 5m boston terrier/pug(Minnie)

Guilty pleasures: tv, poutine

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): 

Comments (for longer story if you wish):

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User Name: ChicoryCreek

Location: Southern NJ. About ten minutes away from Philadelphia.

Age: 21 (22 in a few weeks!)

Occupation: Manager of a doggie day care and boarding kennel

SO’s age: 24

SO’s Occupation: Graphic Designer

How you met: the dating website OKCupid

Relationship length: 2 years, 3 months

A few words to describe yourself: outgoing, honest, adventurous, passionate

A few words to describe your SO: funny, logical, caring, thoughtful

Interests: all animals, horseback riding, cooking, craft beer and good wine, hiking

Kids?/Pets?: one doggie (a cockapoo) that Im leaving behind with my dad when I move in with my SO this Saturday. Upsetting Cry But me and the Boyfriend or Best Friend plan on getting a few dogs in the future.

Guilty pleasures: bad reality television. Chinese Food. Celebrity Gossip. Harry Potter and Pretty Little Liars.


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User Name: DuckEBee

Location: North Carolina

Age: 23

Occupation: Grad student, soon to be job huntress, soon to be yoga teacher

SO’s age: 25

SO’s Occupation: Internet marketing genius

How you met: Plenty of Fish. This didn’t go over well with my mother because she’s very old fashioned. We actually ended up knowing a lot of the same people just from living in the same city. 

Relationship length: Us getting together was such a gradual process. We moved very slowly and so we never really came up with a solidified anniversary date. We’ve been together about 3 years, though!

A few words to describe yourself: Quirky, creative, athletic

A few words to describe your SO: Creative, smart, funny, adorable, sweet, patient

Interests: Yoga, fitness, literature

Kids?/Pets?: We have two dogs and a bird πŸ™‚

Guilty pleasures: CARBS. I try to low-carb usually just because that seems to work best with my body, but I love me some pasta. 

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom (brief sentence): Sometimes it takes your family a little while to get into wedding planning. Don’t let it get to you. 




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User Name: Westcoast_girl

Location: Vancouver, BC

Age: 27 next week

Occupation: Executive Assistant

SO’s age: 30

SO’s Occupation: Financial Analyst

How you met: His older brother was crushing on me a few years before I met my SO….I ran into him again down the road and he introduced me to his brother.

Relationship length: 9 years, 3 months

A few words to describe yourself: Impulsive, funny, introverted

A few words to describe your SO: funny, logical, loving

Interests: Dogs, cooking, documentaries, the beach, traveling

Kids?/Pets?: 2 fantail goldfish, waiting to move into a pet friendly building and will get a little dog, and…..my SO. :p

Guilty pleasures: Gossip, junk food of ALL kinds, facebook creeping haha

WaitingBee Words of Wisdom: Use this waiting time as something constructive….like PLANNING your wedding…so when that ring’s on your finger, it’s GO TIME!! πŸ™‚

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