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Well, I guess it’s my turn to share. πŸ™‚  I’m Jade and I’m 23 and starting grad school and teaching next week.  My (hopefully) soon to be Fiance, also 23, recently graduated with his MBA and thankfully was able to get a good job in the same city where I am attending grad school. We met in our Freshman year of undergrad – he played football, I played volleyball.  We were friends for about a year and a half (he was actually my best guy friend when we finally worked up the nerve – with the help of copious amounts of alcohol ha ha – to tell me how he felt).  That was in February 2007 and we have been together ever since.  We’ve been living together for the past 8 months and have started the whole planning process.  He took me to try on rings on my birthday (in June) and I absolutely fell for one.  You know how they say when you try on the dress, you’ll know it’s the one?  Well that is how it was with me and this ring.  We are waiting until the jeweler has their big annual sale (in October) to actually buy it so I’m hoping it won’t be too long after that!  EEK! So excited for that day!  Hoping it’s not too far off because we are planning on a fall wedding for next year and although we’ve pretty much decided on a ceremony and reception location, nothing has been booked yet.  Anyway, good luck to all the other waiting bees!  Hope it comes sooner rather than later! πŸ™‚

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Okay, I will also come out of lurking mode! I have been addicted to all things wedding related for the past year. I have even created a binder, and wedding folder to help organize all these fabulous ideas! It first started as a downtime past time, to an every day activity… checking blogs, including the bee! I have been with the mister “to-be” for almost four years! We have been inseperable since the night we met.

I feel like I am in opposite shoes when comparing myself to those on this forum, and with my friends. I am the one who has told my SO that I need more time. My reason focuses around my schooling, and getting better financial aid with my single status. However, even his parents and friends have been pestering… “Love can’t wait!!!”. I gave the 2011 year as his time to make his move! So I guess this puts me as waiting.

My best friend is now engaged and I feel like I now have an outlet for all this pent up wedding planning energy! Now as her bridesmaid, and much to my amazement… she actually appreciates my enthusiasm! I am very crafty and I love all the DIY ideas! Does anyone else feel alone with this “addiction”?

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Hi everyone!  I’ve been lurking for a while so I guess it’s time to introduce myself.  I’ve been with my bf for a little over 4 years.  I wanted to get married after about 6 months haha, but we’re finally getting to the point to where it could happen sooner than later.  We’re hoping we can get married sometime next fall, so we’ll see!  We are also in the process of looking for a house, so this is a very exciting time for us :).  It is hard to stay patient though!  We have a basset hound named Lola and she keeps me from goin crazy while waiting :P. 

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Ah, time to delurk I guess.  I’m 22 and a legal assistant, my bf is 25 and a 3D designer.  We’ve been together just under 4 years and have been considering engagement/marriage this year.  He finally graduated university and has a good full-time job and it’s definitely been on both our minds lately (and by ours, I mean I’ve been bugging him… oops!)

Anyway, not much else to say really.  I’ve been going crazy for about the past month thinking about it with so many other engagements and weddings but I’m trying my hardest not to bug him about it!

I hope I won’t be on the waiting list too long Undecided

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I am so thankful to have found this site, it’s so AWESOME!  I will be 35 in October, never been married yet, and have finally found the love of my life.  I came close to marriage twice when I was younger, and I have 2 kids from those guys, but those relationships did not work (thank God, lol).  I have a bachelor’s degree in English from Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, GA, and I was certified to teach grades 7-12.  But I realized a little too late that I did not really want to be a teacher.  I met my boyfriend while working as the manager of a family friend’s store, and he was the manager of the restaurant next door.  He was a regular customer of mine for about a year, then we started to flirt a little….then a lot….and now look where we are, lol!  After dating a few months, we moved in together, and we became pregnant with our daughter who is now 18mos. old.  He just turned 32 a couple weeks ago, and he works 2 jobs (restaurant cook & Wal-Mart overnite) so I can be a stay-at-home mommy.  He also has another child from a previous relationship, so we’re a big family already.  We do not have lots of money to spend on non-essential things, but the amount of love in our household makes up for that a million times over.  We’re an interracial couple (he’s African-American, I’m 1/2 Korean 1/2 Caucasian) with many opposite qualities, but it works somehow, lol!  He hasn’t officially proposed yet, but he jokes that he feels like we’re already married….and it kind of feels that way sometimes, but a part of me still wants the proposal, the ring, and an actual wedding ceremony.  I think I deserve it!  He’s probably tired of me posting ring photos all over his Facebook page, but how else will he know what I like?  We’ve talked about it, plan on it, but I’m still waiting……a little impatiently…….wish me luck, ladies, please!!!! πŸ™‚

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Hi everyone!  

I’ve been lurking for awhile now, and finally decided to make it official and make myself known!  I’m 29, and have been with my boyfriend (who is also 29) for just under 1 year.  I doubt that we’ll get engaged before hitting that 1 year mark, but it’s fun to think about it!  We knew pretty quickly into the relationship that we are made for each other and will get married, and we picked out a ring, so now I’m just waiting patiently (or not)!

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I have read Weddingbee for quite awhile, and I just sort of randomly made an account a little while ago and started posting a few days ago; but I thought I should probably introduce myself.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for five years. We started dating at the end of the ninth grade and have been together ever since. Because of our age I haven’t been any rush to get engaged but now that our early twenties are upon us (and both agreeing upon a 2012 wedding) engagement is certainly getting close.

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New to the boards too!

My boyfriend and I have been together for nearly five years, and he’s been taunting me with the idea of marriage for the past two, so at least I know it’s on his mind (even if it IS something he just likes teasing me about). We started dating at 19 in college, then he was going to move to London but decided to stay around instead. After two years of long-distance later in which we only got to see each other maybe once a month, he decided to move closer and go to school with me. We moved in together, finished our degrees, and now live in sin.

Being from the deep South, even though I’m 24, most of my friends (including many who are much younger) have already gotten engaged/married, and they’ve been together for a fraction of the time (I’m not trying to reinforce this stereotype, but you can’t argue with the census). So inevitably we’ve both been faced with friends who ask why we aren’t engaged, when our time will be, and all those dreaded questions. My SO laughs those questions off. I’m not as graceful about it.

Two years ago he called me on my way home from work and said I almost got proposed to that night. He was shopping and saw a ring he thought I’d like, but then he decided not to buy it because he didn’t want a big purchase on his credit card. I’m sorry, but really, YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE TOLD ME THAT. Who does that? I understand wanting to save up until you actually have the money rather than put it on a credit card, but I don’t think he has a CLUE what that night did to me. I feel like I’ve been waiting on pins ever since. But I digress . . .

He’s my best friend; we never fight, we always talk through our problems, we’re always laughing, and we want the same things in life. I know an engagement is coming. That date next to my name isn’t just an estimate: that’s our six-year anniversary and the day he said he wanted to get married. I think that makes us technically engaged, but I’m not officially changing that status until there’s a ring. Which he’s saving for. And has been for two years (so he says).


And now we play the waiting game.

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Hi all!

I was a lurker on this site, but finally decided to register and post. Mr. Tiny and I have been together for 9 months now. We met at a Halloween party (I was a sailor, he was a cowboy) and have been inseparable since! 

I started lurking more in the past few months because we talked about getting engaged and married with each other and our parents! We are planning a Fall 2011 wedding, but he hasn’t proposed yet. I know he’s still saving up for the ring, but hopefully it will be some time soon! πŸ™‚ 

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hello everyone. i’ve been lurking steadily on this site for over two weeks and i’m coming out of the lurk closet because i am going completely mental. i’m 25 and from chicago, and in grad school to get my masters in teaching… Boyfriend or Best Friend is also 25 and is a software engineer.we’ve been together 2 years and we’re both super nerds and he’s amazing and super sweet and cool as heck and BLAH BLAH BLAH… i can’t wait to marry him.

he has the ring. he told me he bought it. he asked my parents and told his family. HOWEVER– he has not… officially… asked… ME. ugh! the suspense is absolutely killing me.


love this site, it makes me feel less like a nutjob reading everyone’s stories. love that i’m not alone in this crazy waiting game… πŸ™‚

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Hi Bees!

It appears that I am also one of the younger ladies on the board. Just some background information I’m 19 while my Boyfriend or Best Friend is 22. We were set up on a blind date just 2 days after the worst breakup of my life and the timing could not have been more perfect. Now we have been together for a year! Of course, being the typical girl, we have talked about getting married and he says wait till we’re done with college…so 2 more years to go Undecided


Currently I work as an event coordinator at a local country club, meaning I see weddings weekly and brides daily. This definately does not help during this whole “waiting” process and makes me even more eager to be engaged. Hopefully once we settle in together in a few months he will finally be able to take the next step!

I’m excited to see there are so many other ladies in my position and glad to finally find an outlet so that I don’t drive the Boyfriend or Best Friend absolutely insane Smile

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Hi hive!

Nice to meet you! Here is some info about me :

I am a 23 year old University student in Montreal. My Boyfriend or Best Friend is a 35 year old Flight insctrutor. We have been together for almost 2 years now, and have been living together for a bit more than a year.

I love to read (fav. The time traverls wife) , to lurk on the weddingbee πŸ˜‰ , I am a competitve cheerleading coach (starting my tenth year of coaching!)

I study communications at the University of Montreal.

My Bf is hoping to get hired at a regional airline in the next year. We will need to make our first big move to a new province, away from our family and friends.

I am currently waiting because of finances, being a pilots Girlfriend is not easy and we are making alot of sacrifices to make sure he can reach his dreams.

But we talk about our wedding (destination) sometimes, so I have hope and faith in my man! <3

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well hello there, weddingbee hive.. nice to meet you. you seem nice. i just stumbled across you & wanted to say hel….


psyche! i’ve been creeping around, lurking and stalking you for months!!!!!

it’s true, i stumbled across the ‘bee almost a year ago, and became addicted. i was inspired by the DIY section.. overwhelmed by the amount of information on the boards.. and fell in love with the creativity and charm of the weddingbee bloggers. this was a website i could relate to.

wait, are you engaged? getting engaged soon? no? then why the f are you browsing wedding websites you silly girl?! you’re pathetic!

ok, so now that i know that i’m not the only one creeping around the hive without a ring, and that no one here is going to have the above (rather mean!) reaction to me being here, i can come out of hiding and say hello.

hello! i’m jacquelyn! i’m a 26 year old gemini to the max. i’m a vegetarian, lover of animals, and would be extremely crafty if i could focus on one thing at a time (i kinda have craft ADD.. there are unfinished projects lying around all over the place here). my darling is 24. we live together in brooklyn with our menagerie of 2 mini lions (ok fine, orange tabbies) and our baby doberman pinscher monster puppy. we’ve been together almost a year, and our story is a sweet one that’s been on fast forward since the day we met in a dirty dive bar in philadelphia.

though we both grew up in new jersey, we each migrated to the city of brotherly love- him for school, me for work. we lived right near each other, went to all the same bars and concerts, even had some of the same friends. but we never met. he graduated from film school and moved back to new jersey. around this time last year, we were each newly single after getting out of long term relationships. one weekend in october he came back to philly to visit some friends and they went to a dive bar. i was reluctantly dragged out by my friends, who wanted me to “get out there and meet people” instead of moping around my lonely apartment with my cats (who are great listeners, but just don’t offer the same emotional support as alcohol, so i went). his friends wanted to help him “get out there and meet people” (though i think their wording was simply “meet girls”) too- and in their typical hysterical manner- decided to give his business card to a girl in the bar of his choosing. he picked me. long story short, i’m a sucker for funny dorks, and that’s what he is. and we’ve been inseparable since that night.

after just 2 months of dating, he received a job offer in in manhattan that he could not refuse. we had a few talks of how we were going to make it work and knew that although it would suck royally to be apart- especially in the beginning fun, amazing, awesome, NEW stage of our relationship- we’d deal. we already knew we were in love and it was something worth trying for. one day i went with him to the city to browse apartments, and on our drive back he asked me to pull into a rest stop. we needed to talk. uh, you are NOT breaking up with me after i just effin drove you to manhattan! i thought. we can’t do this, he said. i need you to come with me, or i’m not going.

uhh, jigga whattt? i believe my response to this was a mixture of shaking, sobbing, and a giant run-on sentence consisting of the following: we’ve only been together 2 months! i have a big girl career in philly, an apartment, a car that someone’s gotta pay off if i don’t… who’s going to feed my fe-lions if i’m jobless? i’m mid lease, i won’t get my security deposit back! new york licenses are so weird looking and flimsy! what are you trying to do to me!?!? whaaaaaa.

he just sat there as if he’s seen me freak out like this before. and when i was finished, all he said was we’ll make it work.

so, i quit my job. we found an apartment. we sold our cars. we moved to brooklyn. and we’ve been making it work ever since.

many people tell me that 11 months of dating is a ridiculous amount of time to be expecting a ring and already planning a wedding browsing wedding websites. people think we’re crazy. but we are kind of crazy, and we do things fast, and that’s what works for us. i feel like every situation is different, and the haters can um.. shut their mouths?

we’ve been talking about getting engaged A LOT lately and i think (hope!) that it will be soon. he knows what kind of ring i want. he knows i’m freakishly obsessed with weddingbee. he knows i’m an impatient brat and a control freak, and i’m pretty sure he’s loving the fact that such a big event is going to happen in the somewhat near future and i have absolutely NO CONTROL over it. so here i am, hive.. waiting! i can’t wait to put the MILLIONS of ideas i have into play, and i am SO happy to have found a place where us “in limbos” can feel okay about not having a ring on our finger.. yet!

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Well, I kinda dove right in on the dress board last week, so I guess I’ll do an official intro post here now. πŸ™‚

My name is Anna, and I’ve got my dress ordered, I’m running ceremony and reception ideas past my Fiance, and…oh yeah, no “official” proposal yet. πŸ™‚ But we’ve already decided to get married, he’s told my parents (in front of me!) that we’ll be officially engaged by the end of the year, he’s totally supportive of my groundwork on the ceremony/reception site search, and he loves my dress as much as I do, so I consider myself to be engaged. I know that an official proposal is coming soon, and I admit I’m really excited about it, but he definitely wants to keep me guessing as to when it will be and how it will come about.

This will be a second wedding for both of us, so we’re going for a very small wedding and reception and a lot of the minutia of wedding planning is not on our radar, but this is such an overwhelmingly positive site that I can’t help spending time on here! I’m sure I’ll post from time to time, but I think I’ll mostly just lurk. OK, I admit, I felt compelled to post an intro here so that when I DO get the official proposal, I can shamelessly post a thread about it. Hah! Is that bad? πŸ˜‰

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Hello Ladies,

I love blogs and I just happened to stumble upon this blog through Googling. I just started designing invitations (it’s my new hobby) and I enjoy arts and crafts. I live in NJ, born and raised in Philadelphia. I am also a NITTANY LION, WE ARE!!!!

My boyfriend and I have known each other for 12 years, we were middle school sweethearts. We live together and have the cutest Puggle ever. Just recently we started ring shopping and I enjoy every second of it.

I am patiently waiting, hopefully not long (cross your fingers)

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