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Hi all! I’m 25 and a graduate student hoping to finish the PhD soon. I’ve been dating my 26yr old bf for 16 months now and have recently been bitten by the “marriage bug” and so the engagement/marriage talks have just begun. 

I’ve mentioned the ring I want (Tiffany’s 1.0 or 1.5ct in their signature 6-prong setting *swoon*) and bf will maybe make that happen. He has set up a “3yr rule” for us, meaning we’ll be engaged by Fall of 2012. Hopefully earlier in 2012 though!! We both want a very small affair. No wedding planning until its official. I have a rule of no living together until we’re married and I can’t wait to live with him!! I can’t wait to start that next chapter. Until then, I’ll just enjoy what we have now. I became a member so that I make sure I wont annoy him with all the marriage talks!! πŸ˜€

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Hi Bees!  I’ve been reading this board for ages, I finally signed up today.  I’ve known that I want to marry BF for over a year now, but I think things are really getting close now.

I’m 27, he’s 29.  We both have stable jobs and live on our own (separately), so I think he’s just been waiting for enough time to pass.  We will have been together 2 years next month, so I’m hoping that’s what’s he’s been waiting for!  We have both made it clear that we want to spend our lives together, I can’t WAIT to be one step closer to that.  I’m dying to wake up next to that man every day.

Good luck, ladies!

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Hey ladies,

I’ve been lurking for a while and finally decided to sign up and post. My boyfriend is the love of my life and I can’t imagine being without him. We’re both turning 20 in February and have been living together for almost a year. We met during our senior year in highschool and have been together almost 3 years. He’ll most likely pop the question sometime this year and has been dropping subtle hints. He has the funds and we’ve picked a date after graduation, he just wants to wait until he feels “grown up enough”. (: I’m super excited for a long engagement and have been planning my wedding practically my whole life. Marriage/children/the future/etc are all subject brought up in daily conversation so we’re definitely on the same page. Where we go to school it’s unusual to be engaged so young but in our hometown area it’s extremely common, the average age for marriage is 21! Hopefully I won’t have to wait too much longer (:

I’m a gender studies major and a psych minor. After undergrad I’ll be applying to teacher’s college. Fiance is in a marketing program right now and after he completes his degree he’ll start a music program that will help him with a side career in composition.

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Hi ladies!! I’m also a waiting bee! I am 24 and my bf (25) and I have been together for a little over 2 years now. We met online. fell in love by the second day! and have been eachother’s first (sorry if TMI) in everything! something I am very grateful for, my first love, boyfriend will be my husband. We just knew this was it and now we’re getting hassled a little by both of our mothers since we practically have lived together. He has bought my ring already, we shopped together. Now, I’m just waiting for when he pops the question. We’re struggling a little now so I know that has to do with him taking his time.  He’s still trying to become a police man, and I am trying to get a good job with my B.A..without much luck! In a perfect world, we would be able to marry now, have a wedding of our dreams or just a descent one, and I would be skinny! lol 

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Hi fellow bees!

I am Flower, which is my actual name btw. I am 22, and so is my boyfriend. I am studying English for my BA and I wil go to law school in a few years. I have been with my boyfriend for a year and a half. My boyfriend and I agree that we are The One for each other, and are planning on moving in soon, and getting engaged right after. 2011 (this year) will be the year we get engaged. I have been told in a serious conversation that it will be before the year ends, but more than likely sooner.

His older sister just got engaged, so we had another serious talk. I asked if we were going to get engaged soon, and he was mysterious. He  promised me that we will be engaged before the year ends, and that i will happen and he doesn’t want me to ruin the surprise by knowing the date, how it will happen, the ring, etc.

So I’m just waiting. haha. I know I will love the ring. He showed me the kind of ring he wants for me, and I loved it. So I will just leave to him.

I’m very happy to be here fellow bees!

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Hello fellow Bees!!!


i’ve been lurking on the site as well for some time. I just want to say that I love the fact that there is a board for us in waiting to express ourselves and find others in the same boat as me. i truely thought I was the only one… Anyway here’s a lttle bit about me.

I’m 25 and my boyfriend is 27. We met six years ago through a mutual friend and then 5 years ago we actually started working together. We didn’t hit it off at first but working together brought us a lot closer and we’ve been insperatable ever since. He is truely my best friend.

We’ve lived together for three years and I can honestly say that I’ve had wedding fever since then. He used to hate it but now he’s talking about getting married and even searched for some rings so now I am in over drive trying my best not to go crazy while waiting.

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Hey all!!

I’m 23 years old, as is my other half. We’re both British, living in the UK. I’m still in University but currently in the middle of my finals and I should *hopefully* be starting my first job as a Doctor in the summer.

We’ve been together over 5 years. He lives back home so we have a bit of a long distance relationship, but we do manage to travel and see eachother pretty much every weekend. He’s my best friend and I literally cannot believe my luck that he fell in love with me, I never dreamed of anyone so perfect! I’ll be moving back near home in a few months before I start work, and we will finally be able to live together which will be amazing!!

I’ve only really been ‘waiting’ for a few weeks really. We started discussing rings etc in december and I’ve given him lots of hints about what kind I want. (Luckily – he showed me what he would have chosen for me himself…. bleeurrrghhhh!!) He doesn’t have the ring yet as far as I know but I’m sure he’ll be buying it in the next few weeks (I heard him transferring money from one of his savings accounts last weekend – and he’s always said that money would be for my ring!) SO just biding my time now really. I think it may be whilst we go travelling – April/May/June…. so I’ll be waiting a while yet. Anyway, thought I’d join in and introduce myself πŸ™‚ Nice to meet you all πŸ™‚

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Hi…I”m new. I live with my boyfriend of almost two years and we have an adorable little dog. I’d say I’ve been seriously ‘waiting’ for about 6 months? We knew early on that we wanted to be together for the rest of our lives but in the past few months we have talked seriously about taking the next step. He knows what type of ring I want and he apparently is going to talk to my parents soon. He gave me a ‘timeline’ a few months ago that is now only a few weeks away, so I hope he is shopping around! I am trying to stay busy these next few weeks so I don’t get too excited, in case it does not happen (although he is very into keeping his word so I have no real reason not to believe that his timeline is real). He is in his late 20’s and I’m in my mid 20’s. We are very low key people and love spending time in our home together on the weekends rather than being out and about, since he works really long hours during the week. When I’m not with him, I am either working or at the gym…or reading the occasional book or scrapbooking.

I haven’t done any ‘pre planning’ because I want our wedding to be something we create together. In the conversations we have had we have flopped back and forth between destination and a small, small intimate local wedding with a big honeymoon after. I’m afraid I’ll jinx a proposal if I do too much planning beforehand!

Glad to meet everyone…I think now that I read more about all of you I’m going to join the V Day challenge that I’ve been reading about. Might be a good way to encourage not getting too anxious/impatient about an impending engagement!!

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So nice to meet everyone on these boards! I feel kind of silly, joining the boards as we have yet to make it “truly” official, but I know – because of the OBVIOUS hints he’s being dropping & the fact that he cannot keep a secret if his life depended on it, LOL – that a proposal will be happening very soon! Yay!

Anyways, I’m 27 and he’s 29. We live together in beautiful, sunny Southern California. Been dating a close to 2 years in April, and I knew from the first day that I met him, that there was something special about him. πŸ™‚ We have our ups and downs like every normal couple out there, and we have been through a lot of tough times. Through it all, he has stood by me and been that person who I can truly count on. I have no doubt he will be my rock forever! Can’t wait to be his Mrs.!

I’m a very artsy person (I’m a freelance photographer, web designer, and scrapbooker!) so I am planning on a very DIY wedding with a lot of personal touches. I can’t wait to post projects and get ideas from you ladies. Good luck to all you “waiting bees!”

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Ok so I had been trying not to post on here because I thought if I said (typed) outloud that I was waiting then I would go even more insane than I am now.

SO and I currently live in Queensland, Australia. We have been together for three years and three months and are currently doing long distance due to my work (this will end of the 25th of Feb- how exciting!!!)

We’re both 21 and met in high school, where we hated eachother and then a year after school finished we bumped into eachother at a fuel station and after talking for a while I gave him my number (sounds classy I know lol) and then a few weeks later we started dating.

He’s my bestfriend in the world and I would trust him with my life. He’s just an all round great guy.

We have been talking about getting married since about six months into our relationship (ok back then it was a little over the top and very romantic where as now its very sensible and committed) and now finally just before christmas we really started talking about when we thought we would take that step and we looked at rings and now I am just waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting lol I try and drill him for information quite frequently but he has said that I should just let it happen and relax.

Easier said than done haha

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Hi Bees,


I first found this site about three months ago while searching out somewhere on the ‘net that had some advice for encore brides.  Well, I’m not the encore, but my S.O is.   I was having a lot of difficulty with not feeling like there were any “firsts” left for us to have together.  Found the “Encore” section of this site and… VOILA… here I am.


I just turned 40 (I’m an old bag compared to most of you on here! LOL).   Mr. N is 33.  We live in Canada, in Quebec near the Ontario border.   I work for the Government and he is in the military.  I brought two cats to the relationship and he had a dog.  We love wine, BBQing (yes – even in the winter!) , snowshoeing, watching hockey, trying to kick each other’s butt playing Jeopardy, and just plain-ole’ spending time together.


My S.O and I have been together for 7 months now.  Not a super-long time in the “grand scheme” of things I guess but we both fell pretty hard and pretty quickly for one another.  Our relationship was fast tracked a bit a few months back when he got surprise news he was getting deployed.  He was scheduled to leave within a few days, so I started the procedures of moving in, in order to take care of his dog and house while he was away.   Then we find out … he’s not going.  Since I was planning on moving in with him in Jan 11 anyways, and my condo was now gone…. I stayed.


As mentioned in my first paragraph, I was having difficulties learning how to deal with his previous marriage and after some work on both our parts, (some of which I took from advice given by you Bees – so thank you~) we have come out on top.  Our relationship is pretty fantastic.   We don’t always see eye-to-eye, but we bring out the best in each other and his weaknesses are strengths of mine, and vice-versa.  Combine that we both having similar goals and are in the same phase and stages of life (despite our age difference….I have a young mentality and he has an old soul), I think we have a great foundation to build “forever” on.

We both really want to be married together and have a baby.  Since I am not a “spring chicken” our baby-making plans are for the nearer future (in a year or so – *fingers crossed I can get pregnant!* and so is our marriage.  We both want a destination wedding.  I’m not fussy about my ring and want it to be a complete surprise, but I have picked out my dress already and must admit, am DAMN tempted to purchase it in advance as I am finding it second hand for some seriously great prices!  No engagement ring yet, but I did get a beautiful promise ring that is made from a local designer for Christmas and he had it engraved with “I will always be with you, Love Mr. N”.  My heart melted. J


I love this board and you guys make it awfully hard not to diddly-dally here at work πŸ˜›


My best wishes to my fellow “ladies in waiting”




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Hi its so nice to see boards on here and be able to relate to others.

Im 27 years old dating my bf for a year and half… going nuts because it seems like everyone around me is well getting married ahhhhhhh!


Love the advice and support you girls give to each other!

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Hello πŸ™‚

I suppose I am officially a waiting bee, as SO and I talk about marriage/wedding things frequently. I would like to wait until we are done with school to get married, which puts us at about 2 years out (future teacher, woot!), so I am not feeling too pressured to expect anything anytime soon. When we do get married, we talk about something small, and intimate,  and more than likely a destination wedding.

SO and I met in 2006 at Disney! We dated other people, but kept in touch. We began our relationship in November 2009, so we have been dating a little over a year. We live together and have a dog named Lucy, who we treat like our child. lol We live in beautiful sunny central florida but dream of moving north in a few years! I’m hoping for Atlanta πŸ™‚ I am 23, and SO is 28. We are like puzzle pieces, and truly made for each other in every way.

Good luck everyone!

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After reading these boards for a while, I decided to make an account and de-lurk.  I’m a graduate student studying literature (working on an MA, applying to PhD programs soon).  I’m not really a “waiting bee” because I’ve only dated my current boyfriend for a month (as of tomorrow, actually!)  We haven’t discussed marriage or anything like that, as c’mon we just started dating, but we have been close friends for about eight years and have never been at the right point to date one another, until now! We’re in a long-distance relationship since I’m at school, but we’re also definitely still in the happy-go-lucky phase, which is so nice. 

Even though I’m not close to marriage, I LOVE weddings and wish I could do some sort of event planning.  Lots of my friends are getting engaged/married, so I figured I could get some of the wedding-fever out by joining over here.  So hello!

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Hello, I’ve been lurking for a couple of weeks now.  I feel like the time when my bf is going to propose is getting closer and closer, so I thought I could legitimately join and start posting in the “waiting” section.  I am 29 years old and my bf is 23 almost 24.  We’ve been together for almost 2 years (will be in February) and we had a long distance relationship for the first year.  I keep on getting hints from him and we actually browsed rings a few days ago.  I went to the restroom quickly during that time and I came back and it looked like he was talking to the saleswoman over by the cash register.  I then saw her handing him back his credit card.  Soooo, I think the time is coming, hopefully in the next three weeks.  I look forward to chatting with people here and learning and experiencing this with all of you!!

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