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I’m Miss ElleJae, 24 (25 in a few months, yay) who lives in Wilmington, DE. Academically, I’m a Licensed Practical Nurse, but moonlighting as a full time Visual Merchandiser of a department store, which means that I get to play dress up with mannequins all day, lol, (and get a good workout lifting shelves, too!). I’ve just gone back to school this semester to finish my BA…whether in nursing or nonprofit studies…but the jury is still out! I am a notoriously indecisive Muslim city girl, oldest of 4 (baby sis is 4.5!), love crafting, write poetry regularly and take lots of road trips with my close-knit family which leads to many, many inside jokes later.

Mr. ElJay is 25, military policeman in the US Army (huuahhh) with 2 sweet and funny little boys (4.5 and 2) from his previous marriage. He is wrapping up his second tour in Seoul very soon and will be home in April (God willing!). He’s an eldest child of 5, vegan, tattoo loving, bodybuilding competing, sweet and goofy Muslim man.

We met in high school but only as friends and got back in touch thru MySpace our 2nd year of college, when we both found out that the other had converted. We grew up with Christian backgrounds so we kind of became each other’s sounding boards. He and his (now ex) wife separated after he came home from his first deployment and I got engaged to a man I had been dating. But my, then fiance, called off the engagement (committment issues) and I sort of cut everyone off for a while, except him. He was one of the few people I could be transparent with. After about  4 years of becoming close friends, we both fessed up to having strong feelings for each other..but he was still in the divorce stage and I didn’t want to complicate things so I cut off all communication with him after he deployed again, hoping we could both have a fresh start. We didn’t speak for about a year, then over this past Thanksgiving holiday I got a request from him on FB, which I hesitantly accepted…and to my surprise he spilled his guts to me, telling me he loved me (for the first time) and that he wanted to marry me! Cry <–*happy tears*

So here we are…waiting for him to come home…waiting for an official proposal, which he vows will be a total surprise…the e-ring…(im)patiently waiting for 11 weeks to go by quickly Wink. We’ve talked briefly (the epitome of military convos, I’ve learned) about rings, how many ppl to invite, what state to actually have everything in. I’ve picked colors and an overall theme and we’ve told my mom, his dad & sister…as for the rest…still WAITING…lol.

(sorry so lengthy, thanks for reading!)



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Hi Ladies!

I joined WB a few months ago and have offered advice/asked for advice from you ladies, but I haven’t officially introduced myself…so, here goes:

My bf (23) and I (22…23 in 2 months) have been dating for almost 2 yrs. We met through a mutal friend while working on or Bachelor’s degree.  We are both in graduate school now. He’s a country boy and I am a city girl from New Orleans.  He is everything I always wanted in a life partner & lover. 

We bought a house in October of 2010 and moved in together. We even got a puppy! He gave me a timeline a few months ago that we would be engaged by May of this year! My birthday is March 24th and our 2 yr anniversary is March 26th so I’m pretty sure it will happen sometime around then! Until then, all I can do is look my best everytime we leave the house! haha


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Hi everyone!

I just created an account tonight after I decided to stop lurking and start posting! Everyone here seems so friendly and helpful and this place is just full of beautiful rings… I can’t wait to get mine!

Now for an introduction… I’m a 23 year old engineer in Canada, so is my boyfriend. We met at university in first year and have been together ever since. Five years now! We’re about to buy our first house this spring. He says we will be engaged by the end of this year so I guess I’m waiting for the next 11 months! (Thought I’ve really been waiting for a couple years now…, but at least I have an end date set now!) I was so happy when I found this site and I read through so many “waiting” posts and it’s nice to see I’m not the only one out there! I used to feel so crazy sometimes and it feels so much better to read everyone else’s posts! 

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Hi Bees!

I’m new here and hope someone can show me around Cool  I’m indeed a “Waiting Bee” – been with my guy for the past 2.5 years, will be 3 in July. We’re ready to tie the knot but still waiting to be financially stable.

Who else is impatient like me??

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Hello fellow waiting Bees!

I’m 20 (I know, I’m young, trust me, I’ve gotten flack about it) and my SO is 24. We have been together for almost 1.5 years and we are crazy in love. After taking a one week vacation to New Orleans for our one year anniversery he got serious about wanting to propose. He says he’s just waiting for the perfect ring and the perfect woman, where as I on the other hand just want to be his wife!

Playing the waiting game is driving me crazy, but I appreciate that he cares about me enough to make everything perfect!

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Hi Bees! 

I cannot believe I just registered! I have been lurking for months, but came as an involved bridesmaid looking for hints on showers and and being a good Maid/Matron of Honor and such. After perusing the community boards of several wedding sites, this was the only one where I felt welcomed and loved by everyone on here! Community boards should be free of snark! 

About me: I am 23, a grad student, and though “inactively” waiting, really have no expectations to receive a proposal soon. My SO and I have been best friends for four years, but never bit the bullet until our last semester as undergrads (brilliant, I know). We have now been dating for a lil over a year, and in a shortish (but feels longish) distance relationship while I finish up school and start a career. 

My SO is a doll and verrrrry practical, so I can’t seem him possibly proposing before I’ve snagged my Masters, but that doesn’t mean I am any less immersed in weddings! Within 7 weeks this summer, I will be a Maid/Matron of Honor three times, and this is not my first time on the rodeo! My bestie gave me a copy of 27 Dresses for Christmas! This has resulted in serious wedding brain, and since I don’t want to scare the SO with a lot of talk of wedding wedding wedding… Here I am!!

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Hi ladies,

I’ve been lurking for a week and finally decided to make my first post. I’m 34 and work in a research lab at a hospital. My SO is a 33 year old policeman and the love of my life. We first met 9 years ago thru friends and both knew there was a spark, but we both were seeing someone at the time. Life moved on and we lost touch. About 10 months ago we reconnected after we both broke up with the people we had been with for the last 9 years. One dinner 7 months ago is all it took. We have been living together for almost 6 months now and both know that this is it.

Being in our mid 30’s with long term relationships under our belts, we feel pretty confident in letting this whirlwind take us where we are meant to go. We talk about the future regularly and have browsed a few jewelry stores and he keeps a picture of the style ring I love. Im hopeful once I get a few pre-existing financial/house issues worked out in the next couple of months that he will feel comfortable enough to buy the ring. We have a very small, intimate wedding in mind so I am already planning and buying a few things here and there in preparation. Im hoping for a fall 2011 wedding but will be here waiting for atleast a couple more months.

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I’m 25, Boyfriend or Best Friend is 24. We’ve been together for just about 5 years, and living together for 3.5 of that (or maybe more!) We bought a house in August, but I am still a student so we’re relying on his income for the most part (he gradded last April).

Much as I love our home and understand that it is far more important than getting married in the grand scheme of life, I’m going crazy waiting. He’s all practical, so he basically wants to get me a nice ring that he can pay off at once. I’m trying to be patient and save our moneys but it is SO frustrating some days. Today I am supposed to be working on assignments but I am way too distracted to get very far. I’ve graduated to trying on rings in stores to see what I like (ring porn) and he said once he has the money, there will be a ring. Trying to be patient, but I would like him to be my Fiance, like, yesterday! ๐Ÿ˜›


Sooo nice to find a place that understands me!

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Blushing bee

Hi! I’ve been waiting for a couple months now :/ My SO and I don’t live in the same city right now, so we only get to see eachother about every 4-6 weeks. We’ve been dating about 4 years and I just can’t wait to start our lives together! Things are kind of up in the air about when his job will transfer him to my city, so I think that’s the main reason I’m still waiting. He’s not really the best planner though, so that could have something to do with it! I’m just trying to be patient and focus on my own life right now…while gathering a ton of ideas so that I can start planning as soon as I get a ring!!

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Hi All!

I’m 27 and work in a University Library, my SO is also 27 and a project engineer for a construction company. We have been together for 6 years (living together for 5). We are incredibly happy together and both work hard at our relationship. I have known he is “the One” for about 2 years and have been officially waiting for about 1 year.

We had “The Talk” about 6 months ago (when I couldn’t keep quiet any more) and on New Years Eve he told me he will ask me this year. Although it’s great to finally have some idea of a timeline, it’s also making it more difficult for me to wait patiently. I find it difficult to understand why, if he feels the same way, he hasn’t asked me yet…but he says it’s because he “wants it to be perfect”…

So I guess I will just have to distract myself until he asks, and this board has already been a fantastic help!!Smile

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Hi! I am 25 and my boyfriend will be 25 next month. We’ve been together for about 6.5 years, but have known one another since kindergarten. We did the long distance thing through college (and a one year grad school program for me) and then moved from the East Coast to TX for his job. His co-workers jokingly refer to me as his CLW (common law wife).

I’ve been stalking the ‘bee for longer than I care to admit (I go through phases of being wedding-obsessed), but now that we’re getting closer to it being a reality I fear I’ll have a hard time actually making decisions when it comes to wedding stuff. We talk about getting engaged and married a lot – and have been window shopping for rings a few times. Tomorrow we’re participating in a scavenger hunt where the prize is a diamond ring, so between the increasing wedding talk going on at our house, and tomorrow’s scavenger hunt, I finally registered.

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I am 24, soon to be 25.  My boyfriend is 28 and we met my freshman year of college, and began dating February 2005.

I am currently looking for my career-job, while he works for the US Air Force and is a first year law student.  We have lived together for the past five years, with the exception being a year inbetween when we were 2000 miles long distance, right after graduation.  We have a three year old cocker spaniel who runs the house.

We plan to marry in a civil ceremony November 11th, this year.  (Formal weddings just aren’t our personal style.)  We will do a dinner that night with immediate family, and leave for a honeymoon the following month.  (Dublin is the forerunner, but that changes frequently.)  We purchased my dress, and will leave the rest till later.

What’s missing?  The real proposal!  I know for fact that the ring is purchased, and hiding somewhere in our apartment.  Each big day comes and passes (Christmas, New Years, anniversary #6, His birthday) with my birthday coming next week.  So, we will see!

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I have been reading the blogs here for awhile but just recently started reading the boards. My SO and I have been together for 4 years now. We are both 27. We started talking about our future together early on in our relationship but no real proposal yet. I have been having some family issues the past few years and he has been in grad school. Since he knows that I do not want a long engagement a proposal probably will not happen until he finishes school and my family becomes a little more stable; but I am still always waiting!

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Hi everyone! I am fairly new to this site…just happened upon it while researching ideas for a friends wedding.  But I myself am in the waiting game, been waiting for several years.  Me and my SO have been together for 11 years…crazy huh?! I get strange looks all the time when I tell people. 

We met our freshman year in college and havent been seperated since. We have gone through what I call the 7-8 year itch, when we thought it was over, but we worked through it.  I have been ready to get married since about 2005 when we were both done with school and I had passed the CPA exam. But at that time his parents went through a nasty divorce, so he had some things to work out from it.  So I patiently wait. Well maybe not completely patient…..I have my moments.

I am hoping this year and he seems to be more ready and open to ideas. There will be no long engagement as I feel we have waited long enough. But at this point there is no deadline or ultimatium..I know I will be with this guy for the rest of my life, he is the day to my night…somehow we just click.


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hey ladies, i have been a lady in waiting for a few years now i guess…but so excited that my SO finally has a timeline. first he said “by the end of the year” and now he’s saying “mid year.” ahhhh, hurry up!! lol. i have been a lurker here on weddingbee for a couple years now but finally joined now that he told me he has a timeline.

i am 26, he is 26, turning 27 in june (which i hope will be our engagement month!) in may we will have been together for 3.5 years. we met online on a common interest message board (not match.com or eharmony or anything like that) but started talking and within less than a month of messaging back and forth and talking on the phone, we decided to meet up. he lived 5 hours away (but to him new jersey “wasn’t far”) but turned out to be farther away than he’d remembered ๐Ÿ˜‰ he has done some modeling in the past and knew a photographer that lived 30 minutes from my town, so that’s how we found our first connection. he drove out for a photoshoot (but later admitted he set it up with the photographer just so he could meet me, lol) and we hung out for two nights. i didn’t see him again until a month later when he came out to visit me, and for a while i had the he’s “really adorable, but i just don’t know” kind of thoughts. i thought i’d made up my mind that it wasn’t going to work and was trying to figure out how i’d tell him on my first visit out to see him…but somehow in the middle of that trip things got turned around and i started falling for him. he told me loved me 3 weeks later and we have been together ever since! we lived long distance and saw each other every weekend for the first year, and then the second year and a half we had to switch to every other weekend (which was SO hard!) — there were so many other factors that made it hard to stay together, but we did it ๐Ÿ™‚ he moved away from home for work (which was three hours from me so it made the trip a bit easier) and in september of last year i got a job down here and moved away from home to be with him. it’s hard being away from home and we don’t like this area, but it’s better to be together in an area we hate than apart from each other.

we talked about getting married 2 months after we started dating so i have been looking at wedding stuff since then (and just LOVE looking at all of it, it’s so addicting!) and have finally set a timeline for an engagement this year. we’re shooting for june, so pray for me bees! i feel like i have been waiting forever and a day for him to do it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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