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Hello ladies! My name’s Chelsea, I’m a 21 year old waiting bee! 

I’ve been with my SO for just over a year, which isn’t that long, but I knew he was The One within a few months. We moved in together in December, we’re both working on our BS, mine in Special Ed, his in Graphic Design, and we’ve got grand plans to get married by June 2013 (which isn’t set in stone, just what I’d really like)

Our relationship is a little different, because I’m an international student. I’m Canadian, and moved to the US to play for my university soccer team. We met, fell in love, and knew that things would be different for us, because in two years when we graduate, we have to make a choice, which was to break up or get married. And we decided early on we wanted to be with each other!

And so, I’m waiting. I don’t think a ring is coming anytime soon, probably within a year and a half though, as like I said, June 2013 is my ideal time to get married. I run a wedding Tumblr, and kind of get obsessed with weddings, and the thought of being a wife, so I’ve spent many times creeping The Bee!

So yeah, Hi!

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I’m 30, my SO will be 30 in March, we have been together 1 year.  Just started talking about engagement, no ring yet.  Were exclusive since the 1st date (well, he asked, I didn’t say ok for 2 weeks because I’m afraid of committment, haha, but neither of us talked to another potential date or went on another date since the night we met (we met online – Plentyoffish).

The longest relationship I had previously was about 3-4 months, and I had 2 semi-relationship/ambiguous friendship kind of relationships with 1 guy in college, and 1 in law school that went on for about a year each, but we weren’t ever officially bf/gf or in a serious relationship.

He was in a relationship for 5 years with a girl who cheated on him with his friend, and that did a number on his view of relationships for awhile.  He casually dated a little after that, and approx. 1 1/2 years after his breakup, we met.

I have a general idea of what I would want in my wedding that I’ve had (constantly changing) since I was little (like a lot of girls) but no concrete plans.  I’ve always pictured a wedding with a faceless groom, and now my wedding dreams/fantasies always have him by my side!!


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Hi everyone! I’ve been posted for a bit and lurking for much longer, so I thought I would introduce myself.

I’m 23 years old and live in the PNW with my awesome SO who is 28. We’ve been together for a little over a year now, and living together for about 6 months. We have a timeline of sorts, he has told me that he’s going to be asking me anytime between now and the end of 2013. I’m thinking it won’t be until next year because a) we are saving up for a big vacation then and b) he doesn’t even know my ring size yet and he’s a planner (kind of). I say kind of because he only worked out recently that if we want to start having kids in 3-4 years and 2 years of married life first then he’d better get his butt in gear!

I’m in it for the long haul and I’m so excited that I’ve found a place that I can talk to others about this exciting/crazy time in my life!

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I’m 24 years old and have been with my boyfriend for over a year. He’s 28 and has a very well established career. We both have been moving toward marriage since the begining of the relationship but a few speed bumps have come up.

He had to change jobs about 6 months ago because his former company was closing. Last January, his middle brother (he’s the oldest of 3 boys) got engaged and was married this past October.

With those 2 big things out of the way, I expected a ring very soon. Thanksgiving passed. Christmas passed. February is here. No ring yet.

I happened to start secretly looking at different places for our wedding after we came home from his brothers. I wanted to get a good idea on how much different things cost. I made a guest list. The two of us went to check out a venue together! We got a quote for a reception! I went to a Bridal Show!

But after I tried on gowns, it was over for me. It didn’t feel real. I didn’t have a diamond on my hand and I was still introducing him as “Boyfriend.”

I put up a post on the “Not Engaged Yet” board on The Knot looking for support but they attacked me and made me feel stupid.

Just looking for support and some “you’re not alone”s.

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@missjuli: Whoa! Why were they being mean? And honey, trust me, you are definitely not alone! Hang in tight. Have you spoken timelines?

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@Mrs.SleepyKitty:  They’re ruthless! I started a thread about how I was planning my wedding before having a ring. They replied with snarky comments and basically ridiculed me for doing so. And they did the same thing to other posters.

Then I read this big long introductory post about how a new poster is supposed to “lurk” for 2 weeks before replying, posting, starting a thread, ANYthing! They said they don’t encourage anyone to plan their wedding before they’re engaged (makes sense) but within that, they basically excused everyone’s verbal attacks by calling them “bluntly stated opinions.”

The subtitle of the “Not Engaged Yet” board is “Have a dress picked out? Have flowers picked out? No ring? Welcome!” Their intro post is hardly welcoming.

Plus, all the regulars of the message board are either engaged or married already…something doesn’t line up here.



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Hi everyone.

My name is Darlene, I am 46 years old, and live with an amazing man named Mark.

I am hoping to be engaged soon, we have picked out the ring I’ll be getting and my boyfriend is the greatest person on this earth. He is everything I’ve ever wanted. I only had to wait 40 years + for him to show up…lol

I live in Massachusetts, I have a daughter who is 26, who is also soon to be engaged, and I couldn’t be happier with her boyfriend. Everyone wants a good man for their daughter, I think she’s got one.

I am hoping Weddingbee helps me w/ the planning of things, gives me ideas for both my daughter and I when the big day arrives and brings me closer to all of you.

Find me on facebook too if you want to add me as your friend, all you newly proposed to ladies. My name is Darlene Oliveira

enter my name and email: [email protected]

Hugs, D Laughing

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Goood evening! Well, morning? 


I dont know how many of you bee’s stay up too terribly late, but I am so very fortunate to be attending a college that is Mon-Thurs so I am enjoying a night of whatever I want, since I dont get much of that with all this new school work business! : )

Let me start out by saying that I am so completely excited to be a part of weddingbee, I have been looking daily, alright sometimes a couple of times a day, and I have noticed the huge support group that are the Bees. AND I LOVE IT! I just couldnt help myself, I wanted to be a part of it. 

My name is Amanda, I am a 22yr old Business Admin student currently residing in Arizona, but I am a Texas resident. I’ll miss the day I have to change my residency so I can take advantage of in state tuition. Regardless, my huney is 27 years young, and handsome as can be. I met him online, on a video game some bee’s might absolutely despise (as it can be known for ruining relationships) well, this game was the aboslute best thing to ever happen to me. My huney was introduced to me by a mutual friend, who said we would be perfect together. We enjoyed each others company, but it never seemed to spark into more than that for years, we just werent at the same stages in life. Long story short, one day he got hurt on the job (he is in law enforcement) and he was pretty down, we had just started talking again, going back and forth. Just to fill you in: He lived in California at the time and I lived in good ol’ Texas. I made sure to be there for him, as often as he needed me as much as I could be through the phone or via skype. We pretty much formed a ridiculously strong bond from this. So, after he got better we decided that we just had to meet up. So early January 2011 he came to meet me, and we fell in love! He was silly shy, and me being the outgoing personality I am happened to be very forward about my intentions. I even faintly remember asking him, if he was going to “ask me out already” with a goofy girlish grin on my face and he did, twice. Thats a whole ‘nother story, but we celebrate both the 8th and 9th of January as our anniverary. He’s just lovely! : )

I am just way too excited, I keep writing and this is just supposed to be a short intro! I havent even gotten to the part where I moved 1200 miles to live with him! So with all of that, I will leave you with one more thing.. I’ve decided to join the bee’s because a couple of weeks ago my huney told me that a ring was in my future, and even went as far as to tell me there will be on on my finger by the end of the year! Wooo! He’s even putting together a wonderful weekend away in San Diego so we can go ring shopping! (One of the jeweler’s there sells the designer I LOVE!) 

I am so looking forward to my time with you wonderful ladies! I hope you all have a super great friday! 

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Hey everyone – greetings from snowy UK

I just wrote a really long indepth introduction … I think my computer got bored with it and decided to delete it… probably for the best!

In essence:

I’m 26, SO 29, together 6.5 years, living together 4 years. Cannot wait to marry him, though I think I’ll be waiting some time as though we’ve been halfheartedly ring shopping for about a year (whole heartedly in my case!) I don’t think he has anything planned. He’s quite easy to read, so i guess i’ll know when it will happen… feeling like i’m becoming a bit of a crazy lady having to wait so long.

Glad to join you all 🙂

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Good morning, Bees!

My SO and I are both seniors in college.  He’s currently on a co-op rotation this semester, has an internship this summer, and finishes his co-op next semester.  I’m double majoring in accounting and finance and will graduate this December.  We’re in a LDR (really short-distance relationship since we’re only an hour and a half apart), but last semester we lived together, and we see each other every weekend.

SO and I also have a dog together (an adorable but sometimes annoying sheltie pup).  We’ve been dating for almost a year.  I realize that’s a lot shorter than most Bees, and we’ve moved a lot faster than everyone else, but when it feels right it feels right.  We won’t get engaged until he graduates (May 2013), but we’ve discussed it and would already be engaged if it weren’t for school.  We’re both ready, so I’m officially waiting.

I’ve been reading this website for at least a month, and everyone here is so supportive and nice!  I’m looking forward to waiting with all of you!

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Hello Hive!

I’ve been reading the Blogs for about a year, and casually lurking the Boards for a couple of months but only just recently brave enough to join.

I’m 27, my SO is 44. We’ve been together about 2.5yrs, after meeting through workmates at pub trivia (we both work for the same organisation, but it’s pretty big & we’re in different depts – I’d worked there nearly 2yrs before I met him, we’d never crossed paths!)

SO has been married before & has 2 teenage kids, who are great & I love like my own. If you’d told me a few years ago that this would be my family, I’d have never believed you!

We’re not officially engaged yet – we’ve been discussing it for nearly a year & verbally throwing wedding ideas around for about 3mths, but I still feel like I’ll jinx it without the ring! The ring is coming however – it’s being paid off as we speak, and sneaky SO tells me he has a date in mind…. my bday is in March, so I’m thinking it’s then, but he does like to keep me guessing.

So yeah, that’s me – finally coming out of the shadows to say hi. See you around!

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Hi everyone!

I have been lurking around the boards for a few months, and I finally decided to join. I joined The Knot a few months ago, but I could never get into the boards over there. I tried to get into their version of the waiting board, many of the women are already married, or engaged, and pretty rude to a lot of new people who try to post on the board.

I started browsing the world of wedding websites a few months ago, when SO & I started talking seriously about getting engaged/married. I’m 22 and SO is 30, we have been dating a little over 2 years. We have been living together almost 2 years, and we have a dog named Wrigley together. We met in a pretty traditional way, sort of, in a bar. In college, I went to a bar with a fake ID with some friends, when I saw my now SO, I told my friends that I thought he was gorgeous. So of course they went over and told him, he begrudgingly came over. He saw me, and drunkenly blurted out he was happy that I was cute. The rest is history, and we have been together for a little over 2 years. Now most of his friends, many of whom are married, call us the “married couple”.

One of SO’s good friends is getting married in October, and he was asked to be a groomsman. It came up one day that he planned on us being engaged by the time we go back for his friend’s wedding. We have been shopping online for rings together, because he has said he wants me to pick out what I like because I’m “the one who has to wear it forever”. We’ve been to a coupld jewelers as well to look at what we thought we might like. We’ve pretty much decided on getting moissonite, and I have picked out three settings that I like, the rest I am leaving up to him. So now I’m officially just playing the waiting game!

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Hi all!

I found this site about two weeks ago on my hunt for information on moissanite e-rings. At first I felt really silly lurking on a wedding board since my left ring finger is so SO bare, but I found this “waiting” board and now feel right at home!

Im 23, my SO is 24, and we’ve been together for 7 years (high school sweethearts!). I’m in my final year of a doctorate of psychology and SO has just started full time work last month. We went ring shopping Aug 2011, and I found the perfect ring – so I’m now waiting very impatiently for the proposal!!

Everyone around us has been getting engaged for the last year and it’s driving me a little crazy! All our friends – us included – always thought we’d be the first, but unfortunate circumstances have meant that, 7 years later, I am still calling SO ‘boyfriend’ instead of ‘fiance’ or ‘husband’. Blargh.

We have talked alot about getting married – I’m not the most subtle girl in the world – and we have even set a tentative date (Dec 2013). So the logical part of my brain knows a proposal must be on its way this year. That doesn’t make the waiting less hard though!! I have to make a conscious effort not to talk about e-rings, wedding plans, etc, because SO wants it to all be a surprise. I told him we could talk about it 24/7 and the moment he proposes I will still be shocked that its actually happened.

Nice to be with like-minded ladies! 🙂

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Hey! I’m 24 and have been dating my SO for 2 years and 5 months. Initial plans were for him to get his fathers ring from his mother and he planned to propose to me last Valentines day (in 2011) but it’s not after Valentines day in 2012 and no ring. His mother did lose the ring though so he may be saving for a new one, or hoping to save for a new one. I’ve planned a lot of the wedding already. We have discussed marriage but the last we discussed was after school was done. In my mind it’s planned to be a fall wedding under the sunset, outdoors waterfront (already have the location, will take time to save the money for the place but if you saw it, you would know there’s no other option) the flowers the decorations, about 75% of the wedding is planned so far, just need the ring to finish the other 25% ;p

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