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Been lurking for a couple of weeks, and finally decided to take the plunge and register.  I’m from Toronto, currently working on a degree in human sexuality.  My SO and I recently reconnected; we’d dated very seriously in the past but were too young to settle down at that point so we broke up.  7 years later, we’re planning a small DIY wedding.  We don’t have the ring yet, but hopefully will be getting it this week πŸ˜€



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I recently discovered the site, and decided this morning to join.

My SO and I will be celebrating dating 4 yrs in 2 days. I’m 29 and he’s 30, we met at work, but are both at different Company’s now, and working in a different area of the business.

My SO and I went ring shopping almost a year ago, and still nothing. we’ve talked a lot about the future, but he says he’s waiting to surprise me..which is a little impossible because I can’t shut up about our future together; hopefully joining this site will help!


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I am 22 from Cornwall, UK. A music student and trainee teacher. I found my Mr Right but I’m not entirely sure what’s happening with regards to popping the question. Trying to take it day by day and hoping and wishing … πŸ™‚

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I suppose it’s time I do this. I’ve been a lurker for so very long and only made an account recently but yet never posted!

Boyfriend (so tired of calling him that!) and I have been together for almost a 5 and a half years. He’s 24 and I’m a year and 3 months older than him at 25, soon to be 26… sigh. We’ve been living together for the last 2 years when he moved to my state and found a job. We we’re previously long distance, but saw each other every weekend by driving the hour and a half to visit each other’s place. I was half expecting something last year, when he really started to bring up the marriage talk, but the money was just not there, especially once he was let go from his job. Now, we’re moving into a new (MUCH less expensive) place and he has a new higher paying job to go with it. I have mentioned a timeline of liking to be engaged by the end of the year, but would never dream to give him any sort of ultimatum. When we found out we’d be moving to a new place, I talked my head off about saving up for a house until he said he would like to get married before a house, and that with this new place (we talked figures) he wants to save up for a ring I deserve and the wedding we both want, which thankfully neither are crazy expensive.

Needless to say, I’m super excited to move into our new place next month.

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Hello Hive πŸ™‚
BF & I will be together for 4 years this coming December. He is 25 and I just turned 21 in January. We have talked about marriage and I life together and I know that he is my soul mate and the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. No ring yet and man am I ready to be a Fiance,haha. I’m ready for the next step and we have talked about rings very recently but, I don’t feel it happening any time soon and I am VERY good at predicting his suprises πŸ™‚
Needless to say, I am excited to talk with you bees and see what works and doesn’t, what better way than to be prepared?

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Hi there everyone! My name is Kate, and my boyfriend and I are almost engaged (made the decision, he knows the kind of ring, he asked my dad we are just in the financial saving stage). I am 20 and he is 21. We go to college at a small private catholic college in Boston and it is such a beautiful city to live in. We are planning for a wedding in the summer/fall of 2014 after I graduate.


I am a developmental psychology major planning on grad school and becoming eventually a school psychologist later in life. BF is a bio major but will be going into training and becoming a paramedic/firefighter after school. We are moving into an apartment this coming fall together and I think think think I will have a sparkly ring on my finger by christmas!


As for us, we both grew up fast. My alcholic mother left when I was 10 and I raised my infant brother from that point on while my father worked millions of hours. BF’s father was injured at his construction job BF’s junior year of high school, lost his job, became depressed and started drinking and BF worked 50 hours a week between his job and under the table labor work to give the money to his mother to help support the family while his father pulled himself back together. It is for these reasons that I think we know what responsibility is and what we are getting ourselves in to.


I am excited to get to know you all over the next couple years as I plan my wedding. πŸ™‚

**Note: Also posted this in the under 21 intro thread just an fyi πŸ™‚

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Hi Everyone!

I’m so very excited to start posting on here (eek!)… My boyfriend asked me about 3 weeks ago to pick a setting I liked and he would do the rest! We had been talking seriously about getting engaged since Christmas so I was ecstatic when he suggested we go to the jewelry store to look! I’m all about being surprised and didn’t want to know anything else so I have no idea when a proposal might be coming (but I’m really hoping it comes in the next month or so as we are going away twice in May and my birthday is also next month!).

A little about us: I’ll be 28 next month, my boyfriend will be 31 in June and we’ve been together almost 2 years. He works in finance and I work in social services but he would totally say that I stalk wedding websites as my part time job as well πŸ˜‰

I’m really looking forward to browsing the boards openly now since I’ve been a lurker for the last few months and start getting some great ideas and chatting with you ladies!

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Hello & Good Day to all that reside in the ‘Hive! Allow me to introduce myself:

My name is Miss CoCo, and I am waiting…

As a little background, I (28 – Asst. Sales & Marketing Director @ Custom Homes Firm & Real Estate Agent) have been with my incredible boyfriend (boyfriend?! SO over that word, let’s just call him Mr. CoCo from now on – age 31 – Proprietary Brands Rep at Corporate for Big Box Home Improvement Chain) for five years as of this summer. He is my rock, my teammate, and absolutely the love of my life.

In February this year, he randomly mentioned looking at rings so that he could make sure when he gets “down on one knee I’ll have something you will love forever” *swoon & cue string orchestra*

We went looking one weekend, and to a trunk show during the middle of the work day a few weeks later.

I have discovered since then, that I have become *obsessed* with marrying him and am the type of person that doesn’t do ‘waiting’ so well. My engagement clock is definitely ticking now. I made the mistake of mentioning to my Mom and a few close girl friends that we started looking, and now the pressure is really on.

I use to think women like the one I have become were crazy. I can even hear myself saying to friends, “Take your time girl, what’s the big hurry?” , “Girl please, *neck roll* don’t you beg a man to marry you, you have all the time in the world” or “Married?! I don’t see that on my iCal, get back to me in 10 years!”.

Now sometimes, I get a little resentful inside. I can’t help but think, knowing he recognizes how much we’ve grown, how much we’ve accomplished, how happy and secure we are together – why wouldn’t you be 110% focused and committed to honoring me in that way? What is taking you so long? Knowing how important marriage is to me, and to ensuring we have a future together. You know my Daddy wouldn’t have this if he were still here, so get on it! 

I’m lucky in that we can actually talk about it, without me seeming like I am nagging or pressuring him. He knows I’m just a little impatient, lol. I take security in knowing that we are on the same page and that at this point it isn’t IF anymore, but WHEN (+ a few extra dollar signs in the bank $$)

I look forward to being a part of this wonderful community, and supporting each other as the time ticks by ever so slowly. 


Miss CoCo Tongue Out

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MissCoCo, your observation “why wouldn’t you be 110% focused and committed to honoring me in that way?” just brought me out of lurking mode! When ever I mention something along those lines to dearest, it comes out much less eloquently–along the lines of “you’re getting what you want, so I should have something in return”  (ha!)

Anyway, a summary of me and my other half: I’m a 33 year old medical student (took his encouragement for me to follow my dreams), he’s a very young 60, retired from the Army now working at a normal job. He has children who are the age that their supposed to be grown (that’s a whole different topic!), and I have none. He was married before to a woman who abandonded him and the children and he had to give up his career in order to raise the children, I was previously engaged to a horrid man. We met just as his divorce was finalizing –about a year after my prior engagement broke up–which has now been 7 years.

A few complications have come our way–his children, my parents/family. It’s hard to believe I’m the age I am and that I still bow to my parents the way I do, I’m not entirely sure they know the nature of our relationship, but they do know he is my best friend and really appreciate him. His children are still overly dependent on him (one son who’s nearly my age lives with him, another son who is older than me lives in another house he owns–both rent-free)

Anyway, we have talked about the kind of wedding we want (us, our priest, two other people in a meaningful-to-us park), he had me go ahead and order a wedding dress (J Crew Sophia), and we have rings (wedding and engagement) picked out–have for about two years now. I’m starting to feel like a fool…and not just a fool in love.

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Hey there! So, after some weeks of lurking, I’ve finally taken the plunge and made a weddingbee account! My boyfriend is twenty-three, and I will be twenty-three in a week or so. The day before my birthday is our fouth anniversary. We met in highschool, and were friends (though I always liked him, even if I wouldn’t admit it). We started dating in college (the day before my nineteenth birthday), and have been together ever since. We’ve lived together for almost three years, and we have one crazy and fluffy kitty. 

I’m very excited to have an outlet for all of my premature wedding craziness, and to give my (very understanding) boyfriend a break. We have discussed marriage and engagement at length, and are both very excited for the future. He recently told me he has been putting a lot of thought into when to propose, and that he was thinking sometime after our fifth anniversary. AH!!!!!! It might seem like a long time to some, but we are young, and, although I am excited, I am content to wait, and am in no rush. Other than that, I can’t wait to start posting!

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Hi everyone! I am a 22 year old college student, soon to be grad, and hopefully soon to be employed in my field!

I met my bf online after having no success just meeting people at random times in my life. We met on New Years day, after talking for a couple months online. We are both the same age, and have been going pretty strong ever since meeting, been together almost over a year an a half now. 

We are at the point right now in our relationship of uncertainty. I have no idea where we are going. But we are committed to each other? If that makes any sense. Haven’t had the “where are we going” discussion yet. But I am hoping to have that soon.

I’m hoping to get engaged over the next couple of years, don’t know when, but I kind of have a timeline in my head about what would be a good time. Just have to discuss it with the Bf. 

Anyway, it’s nice meeting everyone on here!

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@DrMrsCol:  Trust me, it comes out of my brain much less eloquently from a primal place in my head, but never out of my mouth that way! I’m glad my comment inspired you to jump on in, here’s hoping the wait doesn’t make us crazy-(er).

(Or start making analogies about cows and milk in public!)

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Hi Bees!

I’ve been lurking for a couple of months now and finally decided to register! My BF and I are both 27 and have been together for 4.5 years, almost 4 of which we’ve been living together. We’ve been focused on building our careers (he owns his own business, I’m climbing the corporate ladder) and getting financially stable. We’ve talked about marriage and have actually gotten to the point where we’ve discussed what kind of ring I want. So I know it’s only a matter of time, probably within the next two years–but I’m impatient. A lot of my friends were married right out of college so in comparison, it feels liks I’ve been waiting forever. 

I’m trying to not bring it up right now and stay focused on the fact that we have a great relationship and genuinely still enjoy being together. We really are best friends and I know we are absolutely committed to each other, even if there aren’t rings on our fingers. If anything, the great part about not getting married right away means that we’ve already had to deal with a lot of the tough conversations–money, sex, career changes, trust, etc. We definitely still fight about things from time to time, but I feel like we’ve grown up a lot since we started dating and have learned a lot about how to communicate.

So I’m trying to be positive and keep some perspective on the whole situation, but I’m girly and I love weddings in general anyway so sometimes I need to talk about “someday”! I’m super excited to be a part of this community.

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Hi everybody! I have been lurking here for a few months, and am trying to get out of my shell. πŸ™‚

My bf and I have been together 3 years next month. He’s a writer and I’m a designer, so we are both very creative spirits. We met at an improv show, and I knew he was special when I pulled him up to dance and he didn’t flinch – even though we were the only people on the dancefloor! 

We have been through many ups and downs. My father (who I’m very close to) nearly died of a genetic disease and I quit my job to help my family during that time. I was then diagnosed with the same disease and had to go through treatment. My bf never left my side and always supported all of my decisions, even during the darkest moments. But, we have had more good times than bad and I we make each other laugh and smile everyday! Our goals, beliefs, dreams, etc. are 100% inline. We are a great fit for each other in every way and I can’t imagine my life with anyone else.

Being a designer and very picky about details, I had to have some input into my ering. Which was just how my bf wanted it, because he’s less into detail than I am. LOL! We designed my ering together and its really a combination of our tastes and personalities. And from the one photo I have seen of it – its  beautiful!! Much more perfect than if ould have been if either of us designed it alone. The sides of the ring he designed himslef, and that will be a surprise for me! The jeweler let us know that the ring is complete, and my bf is being very secrative about its arrival! We should get engaged between June and August. I can’t wait to be engaged to the most amazing man I know, its hard to keep all these happenings a secrect from my fiends and family much longer!! ESP when everyone keeps asking when we are getting married!

I am sooo excited to be apart of the weddingbee community! Even though I’m almost 30, none of my female friends are married or even in a serious relationship so they can’t relate. A few of my male friends (all from our college days) are engaged and getting married, but their SOs don’t understand the whole having a ‘female friend’ thing, so I just leave that alone, LOL! I’m looking forward to sharing with a group of like minded people! 

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This thread is getting a bit too long so I’m going to have to close it.  Here is Part 2 for your enjoyment!

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