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Hi everyone. I’m 23 and live in NC. I moved here with my Boyfriend or Best Friend from OH almost 2 years ago. We have been together 3 1/2 years. We met through friends and have been together ever since! I work in the medical field, which I love. Outside of work I like to hang out with friends, go to the beach, play with my puppy, work out, of course spend time with the man. That’s me in a nutshell =)

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Hi Everyone!

I’ve been creepin’ on the bee for a while now, but this is a thread I can actually contribute too! πŸ™‚  I am 24 years old and have  BA in International Business.  I was born and raised in Chicago, but live in Peoria, Il and work at the world’s largest heavy construction machinery company (Think big yellow).  Boyfriend or Best Friend is 23 and works for a technology firm as a buyer.  We met the summer before my Jr. year and his Soph. year and have been together ever since.  After I graduated I bought a house and we moved in together.  Best decison ever!  We have been having so much fun fixing up our house and getting to know each other even more.  We have since adopted a kitten and a boston terrier both of which we adore. 

As far as wedding planning… I have been obsessing over the wedding since college.. haha.  We have been ring shopping and he has dropped hints that the proposal will come by my birthday (in September).  I’m OK with waiting because I don’t want him to go into debt to buy my ring.  I would rather wait until he feels comfortable buying me the “dream ring”.

Can’t wait to post about the wedding for REAL!!! πŸ˜€

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So good to know that I’m not alone! I’m 33 and I live in the Atlanta area.  We’ve been together for just 7 months, but we know it’s right. We have talked about it and actually went and looked at some rings last week. So exciting! I’ve never done that before. I know it probably won’t happen for a couple of months. But I am going crazy! I’m ready to start planning, but I know I can’t. But I have been researching and thinking of ideas for the event.

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Hi Ladies πŸ™‚

It’s great to see so many of us in similar situations!  I’m 26, and my boyfriend and I have been together for about 4 1/2 years.  We live together in South Carolina and things are going fabulously.  We have been ring shopping together and he knows the exact ring that I love, so I’m hoping it won’t be too long now! 

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Hello fellow Bees in waiting!

I have been an on-again-off-again lurker here on WB and finally decided to post (ok, VENT, actually) — gotta love being able to get all this off my chest anonymously!  Translation: Being able to ruminate without getting my mother started on yet another depressing convo about how excited she will be to help (bless her heart!) or how I should have my reception site picked out by the time we get engaged!!  =:-0

I am a 24 year old grad student who met my Chico in college.  We’ve been together over 5 years now.  With our shared love and values, Chico and I know that marriage is definitely in our future plans… the question has always been when it will all come together for us.  Frankly, I hadn’t thought twice about the future for the first 4 years or more… until this past year, as it seems that more and more of our friends met someone… got engaged… then set a date/got married, while we’re still in a holding pattern!  He’s been quite happy to talk about future plans like traveling, pets, kids’ college funds (more long-term stuff), while avoiding more immediate plans (ie-engagement/wedding) like the plague!

To be fair, Chico’s life has been in a state of transition, as he recently moved back to where I’m at school (!!!long distance was LAME!!!) and then went back to school himself.  So I have been more than happy to force myself to chill out until he graduates at the end of this year and starts making money again!  Based on some of our past conversations, I assume (or hope!) that things with us will start moving forward as soon as Chico gets a full-time job and starts feeling financially secure.  However, during a random discussion tonight I was really disappointed to hear him list off his plans for his first couple paychecks: video console, music amp, computer… he even mentioned talking to a dog breeder to pick out a puppy… but seemed oblivious that I was secretly saying, “Yes, fine, ok, cool, AND…. WHAT ABOUT MY RING!?!?!??!”

::Sigh::  Just needing to find a little patience right now.  I’m definitely planning to take Mr. Bee’s advice about investing in myself again for some mental peace/physical rejuvention in the meantime!  πŸ™‚

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Hi everyone!!

I am a long, long, long time lurker and figured now is a good time to come out of the woodwork and introduce myself. I can’t believe how many other bees are in the same boat as me.

Anyways… about us!! I’m 24 and he’s 28. We’ve been together for 5 years (today is our anniversary!!) and we met while in undergrad. I have had the wedding itch for about a year now though and have been patiently waiting, and it seems that my SO is finally coming around.

We’ve gone ring shopping and he’s even talked to my parents (my mom let that one slip!) so now I’m just waiting, waiting, waiting. I’m a crazy planner and a bit of a control freak so I’m constantly stalking this board to get new ideas. I don’t want to do any real planning until I’m engaged, so right now I’m just gathering ideas in my head. All I can get out of him is that the ring will be here before the end of the summer…. so I am holding my breath for the next few months wondering when it will happen.

We live in NYC right now, but we have talked about an upstate wedding because I grew up there and so much of my family is there. I’m worried about trying to plan a wedding 3 hours away from where I live, but it’s so much cheaper and I know I will have so much support from my family upstate… I think we can pull it off!

Thanks for reading… I look forward to getting to know everyone here and to share ideas!!

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Hi!! I’m waiting! We’ve been dating for a little under 2 years. We just moved in together, so that’s a huge step in the right direction. No, he doesn’t have a ring, and I know this because I know my anal, overly prepared, have to do everything right boyfriend. He wouldn’t buy a ring w/o finding out my style first (thank God!). As far as “wedding planning” I really haven’t done anything except look at dress styles I like and colors I like. Oh, I also looked on-line at resorts in the bahamas just to get a pricing idea if we decided to elope or do a destination wedding. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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I’m 19, FH is 23. He works for Aflac. I am just waiting on my time to come. Everyone is getting engaged that said they were “taking it slow” a year ago. We’ve been together about 2 years officially, but we’ve been dating for 2 and a half. I’ve already got money saved up for his wedding band (which is more expensive than my ring & band combined) but he is still taking things so slow, and saying he wants to save his money and get engaged around next April with a summer wedding of the same year.

Not going to happen, since I’ve told him numerous times I need atleast 8 months, hopefully 11 or 12. I don’t know what his deal is! But until then…I’m waiting!

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I’m so glad this board/post exists…! I’ve been lurking for a little bit, but finally ready to post. I swear this site is the only thing keeping me from nagging my poor Boyfriend or Best Friend to death hehe.


I’m 23 (24 in less than a month) and the Boyfriend or Best Friend is 26. We met through a mutual friend in college and have been going strong for four solid years. I always laugh when I think back to when we first started dating. On my 20th birthday one of my best friends asked me if I loved him and I laughed and went pffft….too soon to tell. It had only been 2 months at that point. I guess she could kind of tell, though πŸ™‚


We’ve been talking about getting engaged/married pretty frequently over the past few months, and we’ve decided to get engaged within the next year. It seems kind of silly to me to pick when you’re getting engaged, but I’m definitely not the proposal type (I’m weird, but I’d rather us mutually decide to make things official) – so I was kind of glad he was willing to give me a horizon to run toward haha.

I recently finished my MA and the Boyfriend or Best Friend is now in his second year of PhD (and wants to finish his MA thesis, too, before we hightail into planning mode). I respect his timeline, but I am also SO impatient! I keep telling myself it gives him more time to save up for the ring! I think I kind of cajoled him into setting spring of 2011 as our engagement frame…but deep down I hope he knows I would love some bling on that finger the day after he submits his big paper hahaha. Realistically, I’d love to begin my formal planning (because who of us here has NOT ogled wedding mags and theknot.com???) with him sooner rather than later. Especially since I’m more of a romantic-run-to-the-courthouse-and-make-it-official kind of gal and he’s all about the “pomp and pageantry” of weddings (that is a quote from him, I kid you not), I think I will need all the time I can get to deal with my future groomzilla!


Glad we are all able to keep each other company; can’t wait to celebrate the waiting bee graduates, too!

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Hi! I’m 21 (SO is 22), we are both graduating college in may 2011. We meet orientation week freshman year have been dating for almost 3 years. Wedding date has been set for Monday, December 12, 2011 (Dec 12 is my parents (married 23yrs), grandparents (married 51yrs) and great-grand parents (were married 76yrs) wedding anniversary so the date has a lot of sentimental value). My SO has hinted that the engagement will happen around September or October this year! So anxiously waiting!

We live in Puerto Rico, so ours will be like a Destination Wedding but with tons of people. A traditional Catholic Ceremony (w/o Mass) followed by a Reception for about 150 guests since we have huge families.

My Grandma was in the wedding business,so I kinda of grew up around tulle, roses and caterers. I love everything about puffy elegant weddings, but personally I’m more of a DIY laidback wedding kind of girl. So lets see how I manage to pull off a Non-formal, Relaxed, Jeweled Tone Peacock wedding for 150 guests. I can’t wait to start working on everything!

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Alrighty, I think I’ve commented enough on threads to finally introduce myself. (I’m usually wordy on the threads so I’ll try to be concise here!)

I’m a Texas girl, just turned 28 (SO is 32) – we’ve been together for a while… over 3 years. In that time we graduated from grad school (Sociology for me/ Finance for him). Can you ask for two people with brains that are oriented in completely different ways? I think not! We gave up our college town and found jobs in the big city. I took a job with a Non-profit (in the Marriage Education Dept. no less!!! — not counseling though) and he’s a bean counter πŸ˜‰ I’d like to say we’ve seen it all in our time together – and have gone through hell to come back only stronger, so now I’m just waiting! And, you know, stalking the Bee to come up with amazing ideas for when it finally happens!

It’s so great to have a group of gals who understand!

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Well, I’ve been lurking here for a few days and I am loving the vibe here and how sweet everyone is, so I decided to jump in!  I am 24, soon to be 25, and born and raised north of San Francisco.  SO is 27 and we’ve been together for 4 ½ years, living together for 2 years, and we got a puppy together in October.  We’ve known that we were heading toward marriage since we moved in together but we’ve been talking seriously about it since early this year and a few months ago he told me he wants to get married next summer (!).  Sometime in May we decided to look at rings together and get an idea of what we both liked and what looked good on my hand.  I know that at this point he is at least in the process of finding the right one, he made a joking comment the other day about what a pain it is to find the style I liked and then told me not to worry because he’s got it taken care of.  I know the proposal is coming sometime this summer because he mentioned that he knows it takes a year to plan a wedding Smile  So I’m patiently waiting and just living life in the meantime.  I have been cruising around wedding websites for a couple months and have some bookmarked and some thoughts on wedding ideas, but no actual plans; I’m trying not to get too ahead of myself!


Other than that, I enjoy hanging out with our dog, hiking, camping, trying new places to eat…I recently joined a new gym and for the first time EVER, I can say that I enjoy working out!  We’ll see how long it lasts, but it’s pretty exciting.  I’m excited to be a part of this community and I know it’s going to be incredibly helpful when it comes time to plan the wedding! 

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@PopRox My SO and I could probably give you a run for your money as far as having totally different fields…computer science for him and sociology for me! We’re basically opposite ends of the spectrum; he’s math/science and I’m art/English.

But exciting to see another sociologist around these parts! πŸ™‚ Also your job sounds super interesting – hopefully I’ll be able to find something that interesting when I enter the job market in December!


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Hi Ladies,


Well, I am Miss Orchard, am 26 years old, and from Boston (hellooo Red Sox!) After receiving two degrees and working in the “real world” for a while, I decided to return to school for my nursing degree (which, as it turns out, what was I actually wanted to do.) My boyfriend is a Project Manager (computer stuff) and we have been together for a bit over 4 years.

We met when I was right out of college and had gone back to my previous job. The rest is history!

Despite having been together for a while, we are just now planning to move in with each other this coming September. I had a hard time giving up my roomate lifestyle as I LOVE living with my friends!

Anyways, we have gone ring shopping and he definately knows what I want (cushion cut halo on a platinum micro pave band). I think we will be engaged before the end of the year but am not sure and certainly not pushing it – my time will come. Until then, I’ll just enjoy our time together! I’m a planner by nature so I’ve found myself lurking around wedding websites and looking into venues. I guess my goal now is to try and sort out what I like and what I can do myself to save money as we will likely be paying the majority of our wedding costs – I figure it can’t hurt to get a leg up on planning!


See you around The Hive, girls!

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Hey y’all…

I’ve been lurking, but finally decided to “jump in”  I’m not yet engaged, but my Boyfriend or Best Friend (he’s 28) of 1.5 years and I (I’m 28, turning 29 next week) are planning for a wedding 11.11.11 and I am so excited!!  I’m getting a little neurotic, we’ve discuss some aspect of the wedding/reception  for the past month and he’s been asking really specific questions, but my mother and best friend know what I want (emailed them my favs) and when the time comes he’ll get the “info”, if he already hasn’t-LOL!  I’m a DIY-er at heart and because of grad school debt, we’re trying to minimize our costs…so, they’ll be a LOT of projects over the next year and a half!!

We met at a holiday cocktail party in DC (well, Arlington) in December 2008.  My close friend from elementary hosted the party…she attended law school with my now BF’s then roommate (confusing?).  The roomie brought my Boyfriend or Best Friend and a few other friends to help even out the female-male ratio.  From the time he walked in, we caught each other’s eyes.  I thought he was extremely cute and we started a great convo almost immediately.  I was fairly new to the area and I thought I’d “blow” him away when I told him that I was an attorney (kinda cocky now that I think about it) and was even more surprised and knocked down to size when he told me that he was also an attorney πŸ˜€

Through the night we discovered that we had so much more in common, including our common roots in the south (me from NC and him being from TN), sports, and music (particularly “dirty south” rap, LOL).  At the end of the night he asked if could he call me and I gave him my number…but, I really didn’t expect much.

The next day, I went to church and called my mom on my way home (as usual) and told her about the service, but also about the nice guy I met the night before and almost as soon as we began talking about “him”, HE CALLED!!  I quickly got off of the phone with my mom (she insisted) and we made plans to WATCH FOOTBALL with his friends!!  I was pleasantly surprised because he actually paid attention to what we discussed and I’m glad he chose a relaxing atmosphere to hang out.  We ended up having a GREAT TIME and over the next week we went on dates each night and have been together since then.

I can’t explain how blessed I feel to know him, I’ve become a better person and we’ve grown together spiritually which is so important to us both!  I truly believe that we were meant to be together, we met on a fateful December night, but had actually been at some of the same events since high school and never ran into each other…so, it would have eventually happened πŸ˜€


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