(Closed) Waiting bees! 2014 could be our year! How are you feeling? Any progress?

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I’m not sure if this is my year or not, but I wouldn’t rule 2014 out completely, either. During one of the past few times I’ve visited DBF, I’ve given him the green sapphire I want in my future e-ring. I had discussed my idea of giving him the stone and then having him set it whenever he wants in the past, and DBF was on board with it. That same day, I also gave DBF my ring size.

Despite all that, there are some things that we plan on doing before we get engaged. As a result, if we do get engaged this year, it’ll probably be within the last six months of the year. Our dating anniversary may be two months after Valentine’s Day, but I see it coming in June at the very earliest, with a good chance of it happening in 2015, too.


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@prettyinpink11:  2014 is definitely going to be my year! SO spilled the beans and told me that he finished saving up for the ring!

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I mentioned it in the SIUP thread that I’m like 96% positive he’s going to propose within the upcoming week. He randomly told me the other day that “we should go out and do something fun when we’re off next weekend.” I know he has the ring already! He’s had it about a little over 2 weeks now. So it’s definitely happening this year 😉 wish me luck!!! I’m super anxious and excited!

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My SO  has clearly stated that 2014 “WILL be the year”…so I guess I have until midnight on 1/1/15 to be sure.



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2014 is definitely our year! We plan on getting engaged after we make our big move to the West Coast yay! Then we’ll be eloping the weekend of our 9 year anniversary. The only hold-up on our elopement is that our best friends will be flying out for a visit/surprise witnesses to our big day! We have pretty much the whole thing planned out. 

We’re waiting the full year after the move so we can settle into the new city before we change our lives in another major way. Then we’re going to honeymoon somewhere epic. Then hopefully we’ll start TTC. I guess that’s a good thing about waiting so long, all these wonderful changes happen all at once. 

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@prettyinpink11:  My waiting status- I’ve realized that we have somethings we really need to work on before we get engaged. I think if we both put in the work we can be in a much better place in the next few months…we may be ready to get enagged near the end of 2014, but the proposal may not happen until 2015…

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A couple days ago I thought for sure we’d be engaged by the end of this year… now I’m not sure.  He has some things he has to take care of first (school stuff and some other things) and then he needs time to save up for a ring so it might not be until later in 2015.  He’s the one who feels the need to save up for a fancy ring, I’ve told him about moissanite as an alternative and I’ve even told him I don’t need a ring or we can get one later but he won’t budge on the idea of “doing it right.”  I should find out in the next few months how much longer it’ll be… there’s a school program he wants to get into that would take 8 months for him to complete before finding a good job, which is what I based our original time line on, thinking he’d start around April.  His current job has been talking about promoting him though, so maybe he won’t even do the school program and I’ll end up engaged in 2014 anyways, yay!

I know he wants to marry me.  We’re open with eachother and talk about our future regularly and he’s always saying sweet things about it.  When we were out Christmas shopping he asked me if I wanted to look at rings because I told him about how my doctor was asking if we were getting married soon (we didn’t look at rings, his question suprised me so much I just said, “No, we need to shop for your family first”).  Then yesterday he said something about how when we have our first dance at our wedding we should write our own song (we randomly make up silly songs together) and make up a dance for it involving our cat.  So I know he wants to marry me, but the way he sees it is that he has to be “worthy” of marrying me and in his eyes he’s not.  Sweet, silly man.

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I was CONVINCED it was going to happen in the fall last year… buttttt it didn’t. We ended up house hunting and I think that changed his plans quite a bit. We got our house on December 6 which was SUPER exciting! 🙂

A week or so ago I brought up the idea of having our wedding in our backyard – and he agreed it was a good idea. Later that night we went to my parents and my mom had saved me a local wedding magazine and cut out a newspaper clipping to a wedding show. We all had a lengthy chat about the wedding…just not when. 

It’s coming and I’d be shocked if it wasn’t this year. I’m kind of feeling by the end of summer. I think it’s just financially saving for the ring after getting our house much earlier than anticipated.

We had a timeline chat of sorts before we moved and he was basically like ummm are you mental, we’re buying a house. In my mind he already had the ring, which he obviously didn’t, so that took the edge off of ‘it’s going to be any day now’.  

He’s pretty locked box top secret about the whole thing – so I have no idea when it’s going to happen, which is equally exciting and equally drives me crazt. I definitely want it to be a surprise!

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I really think this is the year though who knows when this year!

No ring purchased yet, but I know that it’s on his mind and he has a few pictures of the type that I want (yellow gold solitaire, classic and yummy!). When I finally burst the other today and said, “You’re not even going to tell me the year that we’ll get engaged?!”…his only reply was, “Soon!”. I know that it all just boils down to that pesky green stuff…$$$$! Darn the stuff.

So…he’s saving. And we have a trip coming up in May…But who knows! Fingers crossed.  

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@prettyinpink11:  In April, we will have been together for two years. It’s not a particuarly long time (even though it feels like we started dating ages ago!), which would explain why I’m not sure if this is the year.

DBF has admitted that the main thing holding him back is that his parents would think that we’re some combination of too young and not together long enough if we got engaged now (for whatever it’s worth, his family’s from a part of Europe where not everyone gets married, and married couples usually wait longer than they do here). I’m willing to wait, but a few months ago, DBF almost proposed, so my gut is leading me to believe I won’t have to wait as long as I think. 🙂

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This is so exciting!!!

I thought I would be getting engaged this past fall, didn’t happen obviously, but I’m 99% sure it will happen in 2014. There is always the chance something crazy could get in the way!

After Christmas we were talking – both of my sisters are married and their husbands have stockings at my parents house – I told him my mom was really worried about what to do for him. She bought him stocking stuffers, but went back and forth over if she should put it in the extra stocking she had or not. She hadn’t gotten stockings for my sisters’ husbands until they were married so the fact that she was considering it was a big deal. I also told him that my mom had never gotten stocking stuffers for anyone I had ever dated before (and he knows I had dated my ex for 7 years) so while it might just be stocking stuffers, it really means my mom likes him a lot! He also told me his mom had never bought as much stuff for anyone he had taken to Christmas either (he dated his ex for 5 years) so both of our moms are giving special treatment. 

Then he told me not to worry about the stocking, because next Christmas my Mom won’t be as confused!!!

Another hint happened last night. We picked out my ring in July. Last night we were talking about finances and I was reviewing his credit report on his laptop. I told him he had X number of inquiries and he asked if I could see them, I said I don’t know let me check, and he FREAKED! He yelled, well if it does don’t look!!! Financing for the ring hadn’t crossed my mind at that point in time so I was already searching and just as he yelled I saw something that said “jewelry”, but I listened to him and scrolled back up to the top. I am so curious for details now!!! It said his newest account was 5 months old, but he bought his truck 5 months ago right after we picked my ring.

The only loans I saw were for his student loans and his truck loan. No jewelry loan, that I saw. He wouldn’t have been denied because he has excellent credit, and he could have paid cash for the ring if he wanted to, so I’m hoping this means he has the ring and is just waiting for the right time.

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@prettyinpink11:  This is the ring I am hoping for, in rose gold (HOPEFULLY): 


I know it will be that ring, but my SO wanted some things to be a surprise, so I don’t know if it is going to be:

1. In rose or yellow gold;

2. Be 2ct or 2.5 ct (moissy);

or 3. Be OEC or RB cut of the stone

so I’m still here anxiously waiting for him to present it to me!!!

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So, I posted a rant of sorts about waiting yesterday.  SO and I are ready, we are just still waiting on the ring.  It is getting frustrating, but I am trying to stay positive.

Holidays were hard…we thought we were getting engaged before Christmas, but a delay on the casting meant we are still waiting.  It was weird to visit family, as everyone was waiting for us to announce the engagement…

We also threw an awesome NYE cocktail party for our friends, and I totally had in the back of my mind that we would be able to announce our engagement to everyone.  Sigh.


Our half-year anniversary is Valentine’s Day, so I am keeping fingers crossed that everything will be complete and we can move forward!  SO wants to do something special, and we usually celebrate our  anniversary then (our real anniversary is also SO’s b-day).


ALSO, Za Posen’s dress collection for David’s Bridal comes out in February…so….yeah.

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I have all fingers and toes crossed that it will happen in 2014! SO and I have been long-distance since we started dating just over a year ago, but we have known each other for three and a half years. We went into the relationship knowing we were serious about marriage. Anyway, he’s in police academy now for his park ranger job, and I think this will be one of the last major obstacles standing in the way of the proposal. He’ll rack up a bunch of overtime pay with minimal expenses (academy pays for food, travel, etc), so that will make saving for the ring much easier. Plus he misses me terribly while at academy with mostly dudes, haha! Poor thing… I will hopefully have enough cash flow by the time he graduates to rent a place in his town, and then long-distance will be over forever!

Anyway, we were texting last night and he was talking about how excited he was for us to be married. I was like, “It’s times like these I get impatient when I try to be cool and not nag you!” And he replied, “Haha don’t worry babe… I love you more than anything…and I want you by my side for what is to come in the not so far future.” If that doesn’t scream motivation to propose, I don’t know what does! Eeeeeeeek!

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