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Helper bee

1) all. the. time.  Thinking about various wedding details, our lives together, what stationery to get with my new name, etc.  I think about it all, all the time.

2) These days, rarely.  I made a promise to myself to focus this year on the opportunities and things happening for me right now and not daydream about engagement.  Before I would mention it occasionally but I know he got the point and I know he feels the same so I’m done talking about it.  He’ll mention it from time to time and say “I know you don’t want to talk about it.”  Bottom line, I’m ready for action not words.

3) I never talk about it with friends.  Only once did I tell my very best friend that I was having a pity party about not being engaged yet.  I don’t like people to think I’m “waiting” because I don’t want anyone feeling sorry for me.  I’m ok.

4) Not a soul knows about this board.  I have mentioned the weddingbee blog a very few times to my Boyfriend or Best Friend but never the boards.

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Bumble bee

I think about it all the time….constantly!

I haven’t talked about the desire recently…trying to lay off a bit.

I don’t talk about it with my friends.

No one cept the other Bees know I use this board!

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I think about getting engaged sometimes though that seems to have really picked up a lot more in the past few weeks. I’ve been engaged before though so some little selfish/irrational part of me just wants that status back with my new SO even tho we’ve only been together 5 mo. I’m also farily young so most people see this as naivety…which I wouldn’t entirely contest. I’m pretty sure SO and I have this idea internally in mind but we don’t really directly discuss it even tho I’ve been itching to lately. I do talk about it with married and non-married girlfriends but they don’t know I use the boards.

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Sugar bee

think about getting engagedmarried- probably once a day

talk about your desire for this with your SO- not often anymore, unless he brings it up

talk about this desire with your friendswho knows you use this board?

 Never talk to them about it, they definitely don’t know about this board. I like being anonymous.

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Buzzing bee
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Think about it:  pretty consistently.  Once a day, at a minimum.  I wish I could turn it off, but my gearshift is totally stuck. 

Talk about it with my SO:  I did last week, which led to some weirdness.  I know it’s coming, he told me “I have a plan, that plan hasn’t come together yet and I want it to be more memorable than an argument.”  Considering I wasn’t at all aware we were actually HAVING an argument, that shut me up pretty quick.  Apparently discussions about timing are not appreciated right now.  I have to admit, I have mentioned it about once a month for the past 3 months or so.  I can’t help it, when my hormones peak I get all irrational-like.  I almost always regret it afterwards.  I’ve vowed to not utter one word about it until September.  That is my goal.  We’ll see how it goes.

How often do you talk to your friends:  I talk to one of my close friends and mother about it.  That’s it, though.  I’m fully aware that I have nothing to complain about (we’ve been together just under a year.  We’re one of those lightning fast courtships though, and we’re both in our thirties, so I know most people wouldn’t understand the timing of my obsession right now other than people who know a lot about our particular relationship.)

Does anyone know you use these boards:  Nope.   Just signed up a few days ago.  What a great place!

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Bumble bee
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Think about it? Daily! Kinda happens that way when I load up my reader with wedding blogs to reward myself with after a long day of work!

Talk about it with my BF? Pretty frequently, and more about marriage than the wedding. I usually bring it up but he does also. We’re VERY open with talking about our future.

Talk about it with friends? Every once in a while. They know we are the “real deal” and plan on getting married. I should add that the Boyfriend or Best Friend and I were friends for a long time before starting a relationship so most of our friends are mutual friends, and they know what a good guy he is.

Who knows about my ‘Bee obsession? Boyfriend or Best Friend knows, my 2 roommates, a few friends, my mom (she’s been known to poke around the ‘Bee every once in a while!)

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Buzzing bee
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Think about it About once a day. Sometimes I could go a couple of days if I’m busy

Mention it to SO Probably every day I refer to something about the future marriage assumed but I never really mention wedding engagement unless he brings it up.

Friends Best friend only, Just yesterday I sent her a picture of my dream engagement ring just incase he calls and wants her advice.

Who knows about bee My best friend again. Boyfriend or Best Friend sort of thinks its just an advice site, Dont know how he havent caught on the fact that every one I mentioned to him have something wedding/marriage related. Or have he??

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Busy bee
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1.) Well, I just woke up, so it starts about now and it will come and go in 30 min intervals til I go to sleep tonight..lol

2.) Not as much as I used to, I’m trying to keep my mouth shut! Honestly he brings up something engagement/marriage/wedding related almost as much as I do now 🙂

3.) Everyone is just as anxious as I am to get engaged! All my friends know how much I want it, but I try not to talk about it anyone

4.) The ‘bee is my dirty little secret lol

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Honey bee
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I’ve been lurking a while nervous about joining but this thread convinced me, might be a good place to vent my excited thoughts about engagement!


1) A few times a day for sure, mostly when I’m driving (I commute about an hour to work each way, leaves me alone with my thoughts for WAY too long.. haha)

2) Every now and again, I’m trying to restrain myself so he doesn’t feel pressured. Truth is, I am extremely happy with him engaged or not. I just know he’s the one, so it’s hard to contain that excitement. He’s been bringing it up more then me lately and taken great interest in knowing the style of ring I like though.

3) My friends ask/ talk to me about it more then I do them, which is nice! Makes me feel like I’m not the only one thinking it 😉

4) Not a soul.. this is my secret happy place.

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think about it… I think about the wedding I want, not so much about wanting to get engaged. is that bad? we’re practically married already, just no ring or party yet. and I really really want that party!
talk about it w/ Boyfriend or Best Friend… we say things like “when we’re married” or “when we have kids” on the regular, but we never really talk about when it’ll happen. Mostly I want to be suprised, and not be a pain in the butt. I was with my ex for 5 years and harrassed him for at least 2 of those before realizing we’d grown apart and I wanted to get married just because I though I had to right after college (all my friends were doing it!). Big life lesson right there kids.
talk about it with friends… not often, but we’ve been together long enough that people ask sometimes
who knows about bee… in the wise words of the All American Rejects… “I’ll keep you my dirty little secret… who has to know?” :o)

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Sugar bee

Think about it … Every day. It is something I really try to think about why I want to get married and take a real look at myself and considering that I am still young I want to really make sure that I am in it for the right reasons and sort my wedding love from my dreams of marriage.

Talk about it… Weekly if not daily. We are very open about it and we have both made our intentions clear. We are just waiting until he an afford the ring and he wants me to be a little older.

Talk about it with friends… Our close friends know that we will most likely be the first couple married, so its a pretty open topic.

Knows about the bee… I’ve mentioned I read a website called the wedding bee but SO is the only know who knows I have a name and post on here. He razzes me about getting my post numbers up and tells me I need to post more often.

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Blushing bee

ALL the time

we talk abut getting married VERY frequently

my bestie loves planning all the details with me…and all our friends and family know we are going to get married as well

just my boyfriend and bestie know ab weddingbee

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Helper bee
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think about getting engagedmarried…everyday, constantly, allll the time

talk about this with SO- rarely. We both say that we’re ready he just has to propose already! no use nagging

talk about this desire with your friends. occasionally. my close friends KNOW i’m dying to get married. I don’t want to inundate them with my craziness. I can always talk to them about it tho

My SO knows I’m on wedding bee and makes fun of me for it all the time. He’s always asks if I’ve blogged or buzzed today. And my bestie she knows im on here…she’s the one that got me hooked after all

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Worker bee

1) Constantly! Not an hour goes by that I don’t think about it, especially when I’m with the bf and that’s quite a bit.

2) We talked about it pretty intensely there for awhile when the bf decided he wanted to join the navy, and we were trying to plan our future out. More recently I’ve scaled WAAAY back. I think the last time I brought it up for the first time in a few weeks was two days ago when I decided we should just scrap a formal wedding and go the courthouse route. He was super pleased lol! I know about-ish when I should be expecting a proposal, so I’m trying to keep my mouth shut until it actually happens!

3) Eh, every once in awhile. Mainly when I come accross some cute new idea (that I’ve most likely seen here) and want to get their input on it. And they’ll bring it up to whenever they find a new brooch for me! I’ve only discussed it once with my mom, and was surprised as heck when she brought it up and said she loved the bf and would totally support our marriage!

4) Boyfriend or Best Friend and the friends all know about the bee! There’s so much awesome info here!

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