(Closed) Waiting for life to come together. Anyone else?

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Busy bee
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I definitely feel you on this one. I always have to remind myself to live in the moment and stop worrying about things in the future but I’m a huge planner. I’ve always found that the best thing for me to do when I’m just feeling tired of everything is to sit down, relax, and read a book. It might not be productive but it feels good. 

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Busy bee
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I am completely with you here. I get so annoyed at FB to see people who made all the wrong choices in life haveing better luck with life then me. I sometimes tell myself that why does god not like me so much. The majority of people who are enjoying the riches of life are so into religion it has made me really question whether there is a god or not. I love how one day I told my one friend how happy I am for her that her hard work had paid off and she replies to me no its not me its all god’s work and I really wanted to scream to her please can you ask your god why he keeps punishing me. I just hope one day I will be on god’s good side if he does exist.

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Bumble bee
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Oh I SO feel you! I for years did not want to marry and always said i would only marry under certain circumstances. Now i just count the blessings I do have. When I met Fiance he made more than me, he was out of work for over 6 months and now he makes min wage:( it is so frustrating but I still Thank God for what we have and keep trusting His will.

@sexxysheddy: People put up a front on FB hun, and whenever I see a post like that I always think they are fronting for something.

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Fiance and I have been together almost 7 years. Engaged for 2.5. We’ve graduated college, have careers, no kids out of wedlock, no addictions, we’re homeowners, we’re independent and don’t burden family. We’ve always tried to do things “the right way”. But financial issues keep pushing our wedding further and further back. We just want to get hitched and start our family. We’ve since learned we have fertility issues which has devastated us both. We feel like we’re on hold forever! Meanwhile every high school drop out, 20 year old, unmarried, jobless, living-at-home random bum on FB is having babies left and right! We even know a couple who are divorcing and on ONE night of drunken make up sex conceived their second child in 2 years! And they’re still planning on divorcing! WTH?! As pissed as I get about these kinds of things sometimes, I know everything happens in its own time and in its own way. When my times comes it will be that much more delicious.

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Busy bee
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I wanted to comment and tell you guys it does get better. I’m 33 and I. FINALLY feel like my life has come together. I struggled financially all thorough my 20s. I could barely pay my rent most months and sometimes had to choose between buying groceries or paying my electric bill. And I had no luck in the relationship department either. When I was 28 I went to grad school, which ended up changing my life. I moved to a new city for a great job thanks to my master’s, and ended up meeting my Fiance. I now make very good money, own a house, have an adorable dog, and am marrying the most amazing man. 

Success in life is not always quick and easy, but I feel like I really appreciate the life I have now because it didn’t come easy.

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Sugar bee
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Me!! I don’t find out about graduate school until February or March… then it’s waiting til graduation to end the 5 hour LDR.  (I’m getting an MA right now out of state, boooo.)

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Honey bee
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@Angelz_love: Totally agree. I seriously think people fluff their life up on facebook. That’s why I stopped getting on it as much/defriended people I’m not close to in real life. It really could bring me down somedays.

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Busy bee

I know how you feel. Fiance and I are living with his parents. I have my degree… My Fiance is working on grad school. I was laid off from my job. I make more money than Fiance while i’m on unemployment… I just can’t wait to start my career. I can’t wait to live on our own. I can’t help but worry about our situation everyday. 

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Busy bee
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I am literally in your same boat. Fiance is waiting to get called up.. literally went thru every part of the process, just waiting for the call to tell him where to be and where. It is so nerveracking! And if (God forbid) he gets pushed off, he would be devestated. And that would change some things. Hang in there girl. And think positive!

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Busy bee
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@Mrs. Puffin: glad I am not the only one that thinks I am the 4-gotten child…lol

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Helper bee
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I am so there, I feel like everyone else’s lives are together and mine is just at a stand still, yes I did just get engaged but I just want a job in my felid like everyone else I graduated with, but do to some life changes it has been a bit of a challenge hopefully to be resolved soon…. you can so message me for venting and support… ugh!


ps I LOLed at you wanting to cut a bitch haha best line ever

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Blushing bee
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Word. I’m at the point in my life where I feel like I will never get my degree, or an engagement ring, since we’re waiting until I’m at least close to graduation to get engaged. All I really want is to just get a puppy and live with my boyf alone, instead of with a bunch of nerdy guys. 

Also, I want a real life, big girl job. I’m so sick of counting my hours, and picking up a ton of shifts just so I can make a measly rent payment. I want a HOUSE payment!!



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