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@April_Mae: +1!!  I definitely agree with all of the things you mentioned.  Especially the analogy with “sealing the deal”.  Most people don’t look at it that way, but it’s very true!!  I also agree with armychica06. I also get super annoyed when people say “why leave if you love him”.  PLEASE… not loving someone is not the only reason for leaving a relationship.  I’ve left boyfriends before whom I still loved… love is great, but it isn’t EVERYTHING.  A strong, successful relationship needs far more than just love… it needs stability and both people getting what they want out of the situation.  I love my SO to pieces, but I will not be waiting years for him.. and he knows that.

I also will not be proposing.  I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with a female proposing, but I don’t want to do it.  My SO wouldn’t be comfortable with it either… this is his thing, so I let him have it. 

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Um, we just got a check from his grandpa with both of our names on it (ie, me with his last name)–so yeah, I am tired of ppl assuming we are already married! And the people who keep asking us when it is going to happen! Basically, I agree with what all of you have already said! I’m just sick of it all! I want to call him something more than my boyfriend and I want to have that commitment that we all deserve.

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@armychica06:  SO WELL STATED ARMYCHICA06!!!!!!!!!!!  I couldn’t agree with you more!  Also totally agree with April Mae on the “going all the way”.  So love this post.  I’ve gotten the “your husband” thing from retailers over the Christmas season, and even from his sister-in-law!  OMG!  She is always making comments about the wedding we will have and even she slipped. 

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My BF’s coworker always introduces me as his wife and then backs it up until it ends up at “Whatever She Is”.  Example:  “Sally, this is HeFlutter and his wife…fiance…girlfriend…whatever she is…”

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I love the why-buy-the-cow-when-the-milk-is-free boyfriend. I may try introducing my BF that way at the NYE wedding we are attending.  Haha, maybe that will drive home the point.

I totally agree with the “your husband” comments.  I have had so many of those over the holidays from everyone from my family to retail store workers to my old high school friends.  Enough already!!

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THIS—->I have a friend who was JUST LIKE ME when she was waiting to get engaged…now she is all “be patient, don’t take this from him and ruin it!” Girl, you know she forgot all she went through.LMAO


> Every since Single Ladies came out…I am tired of people telling me, “Tell him to put a ring on it!”

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I agree with everything y’all said! And I hate having to call my SO a boyfriend. Seems so inadequate. And I REALLY hate it when non-waiting friends tell me to chill out. B*tch please.

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i hate when i’m griping about “waiting” and i get the “don’t ever get married” or “marriage changes everything” speeches. i mean… really? as if the fact that i don’t have a ring on my finger because he’s not ready to give our cohabitation legal rights and a title isn’t enough of a “it’s all in your head” feeling.

grrr!!! Yell

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@armychica06:  I agree with everything you said.  I get tired of my SO aunt asking the same question when she sees me.  When are you having kids?  I’ve told her before that I don’t want to have kids before I married.  Obviously I’m not married yet so please stop asking me that question. Whenever I catch up with old friends they ask me have you gotten engaged/married yet?  Hello your my friend on fb and my status hasn’t changed so no.  My neighbor was the worst on christmas she ask so where’s the husband.  You as well as I know that I’m not married so please don’t ask that.  I told her I dont have a husband but my boyfriend isn’t here with me I just borrowed his car.

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I hate having to hold back those perfect “zingers” with him.  For example, he was talking about him being oblivious to his boss’s hints at work today and said “We all know I don’t take hints well!”  Yup, he walked right into that one.  I smiled sweetly at him and walked into the next room.  What I was thinking was “Damn right you don’t!”  Or another golden opportunity; he saw me playing guitar hero which he got me for an xmas present and kept asking me how I liked it.  He saw me having a blast and said “Nothing makes me happier than seeing you love a gift I give you.”  Instead of the obvious zinger, I said “It’s fun babe.  Thanks!”  What I wanted to say was “Well if you really want to make us both happy, you should just propose then!”

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I hate it when people assume I don’t value marriage or am a slut because I have a child out of wedlock.  It’s not like I planned it or didn’t want to get married to her father – he didn’t want to marry me!

So my pet peeve is men who don’t like dating you because you’re a single mom, and who have parents who think you’re a slut and not good enough.  And people who make flippant comments like “well, you didn’t need to be married last time, so just move in together!”.

I can see their point, I just don’t like it.

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I hate it when people ask “when are you getting married ” and the classic “why hasn’t he asked you yet?” IT’s like, why don’t you ask him that question? Just yesterday, I had a couple coworkers checking out my fingers to see if i had a ring yet. It’s nice that they care but it just reminds me that i’m not engaged yet.

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@phoenix718:  I had the perfect opportunity yesterday and decided to take the high road.  We were at dinner with one of my BF’s co-workers, and CW asked, “Did you get everything you wanted for Christmas?”  And my knee-jerk reaction was, “Do you see a ring on my finger?”  I opted for a much more polite, “Yes, yes I did…it was wonderful.”  I could almost see the look of relief on my BF’s face for not embarassing him in front of CW…

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The thought that if he was hurt and in hospital, I’d have to LIE to get to see him.  

The thought that if I was hurt and taken to hospital, he might not lie.

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