Waiting to Miscarry: It wont end…

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Busy bee
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I am so sorry you are still going through this. What emotional torture you must feel. I hope you get the answers that you desperately need, and closure, soon. <3

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Helper bee

I’m so sorry that you’re going through this, bee. 

Honestly, though, I would likely seek a second opinion at this point. Not because I think that your experience is reminiscent of a healthy pregnancy, but because the way your numbers are rising and falling (and rising again). That doesn’t scream “normal” to me. I’d be concerned of something else going on (though it probably is just your body doing it’s work), and would insist upon an ultrasound for peace of mind.

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Busy bee

mrsnitti17 :  sorry you’re going through this but I agree that you need a second opinion and maybe a change of an OBGYN before you get pregnant next. I feel since you’ve been dealing with this for two weeks now and have had multiple blood draws a sonogram should have been performed a long time ago to rule out something like an ectopic or molar pregnancy.

My concern is that your numbers aren’t steadily declining but that they’re all over the place. Maybe your uterus has retained a part of the embryo tissue which is causing these hcg fluctuations and you need a d&c in order to move forward. Good luck!

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Yes.  This happened to me.  I had a string of chemical pregnancies, some went on longer than others.  At one point I knew I was pregnant and then fairly shortly I knew that the pregnancy had failed.  I knew it had failed because I get very severe symptoms when I’m pregnant–hyperemesis gravidarum.  (My docs said I was the worst case they’d ever treated, so that bad…)  When my symptoms dropped off I knew the pregnancy had failed and just waited to bleed it out and move on.  But the bleeding didn’t show up.  I waited and waited.  I didn’t bother going to the doctor because I didn’t think it was necessary.  It wasn’t my first rodeo, you know?  But eventually I began to feel feverish and nauseous.  The fever concerned me the most as I was getting chills one night I told my husband I thought I was getting infected.  So I called my doctor and went in.  The first thing they did was a straight forward urine pregnancy test.  It was positive.  They said I was still pregnant and was wrong about having miscarried.  I insisted I was right.  My doc did an ultrasound to see what was up.  I got very lucky.  The ultrasound was clear and my doc was very good at reading it.  I was indeed pregnant–but not with the original pregnancy.  My doc asked for dates of my last period and counted how long had passed.  She agreed.  The original pregnancy had failed but I had conceived again without ever bleeding out the lining and what have you.  I was only five weeks pregnant, which usually cannot be seen on an ultrasound.  I carried that baby to term and delivered his gestational sac and placenta, but retained an extra empty gestational sac and placenta that the docs had to pull out a week after my son was born and by that time I was badly infected.  It worked out ok, but that was proof that another pregancy had been there and for some reason the placenta still grew?  The doctors were surprised by it all.  The moral of the story is, take it one day at a time.  You might be pregnant again.  Whatever you do, don’t take misoprostol to hurry along the misscarriage since there might be a viable pregnancy in there and it might be too early to see it on an ultrasound.  Be patient, even though, believe me–I know.  It’s really hard to be patient.  In fact, when the original pregnancy failed, before I knew I was pregnant again, I was ready to give up entirely trying for another baby because I couldn’t take anymore of the constant misscarrying.  I had this dream that very day that someone came to me and laid a baby beside me in a blue onesie and said it was for me.  I woke up angry knowing I was misscarrying.  It turned out I was starting  new pregnancy too.  Crazy, crazy times!

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Busy bee
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Not exactly the same, but in my pregnancy the baby died around 7 weeks and I didn’t actually miscarry it until 13.5. I had no idea it could take so long. Hugs. 

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As per your first post I miscarried on Christmas Day and I did not stop bleeding until March 7th. My advice is just to request a D & C to get it over and done with I know it sounds rough but it’s a lot harder having a constant reminder for almost 3 months every time you pull down your pants. I know exactly how you feel! 

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mrsnitti17 :  

Oh, you poor darling.  I have not been through what you are experiencing right now, but, I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I am really sorry.  I can only imagine how rough this must be emotionally and physically.

Please take good care of yourself, Bee.

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Bumble bee

mrsnitti17 :  The fact that the hcg levels are going up and down concerns me. I think your doctor may not be doing an ultrasound right now because the hcg usually needs to be closer to the thousands before anything is even visible on an ultrasound.

That being said, I would ask your doctor about the possibility of an ectopic. Hcg levels rising and dropping could be a sign that it might be ectopic. I don’t want to scare you, but it’s better to be safe than sorry and see what your doctor thinks about that possibility. It’s better to catch it early!

So sorry you’re going through this ♥

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mrsnitti17 :  Sending love and hugs your way.  My miscarriage was one of the hardest things I’ve had to go through, and I can’t imagine how much more trying it is to have to sit and wait for it to inevitably happen. I hope everything resolves itself soon, but if not, please do seek a second opinion. 

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Bumble bee

mrsnitti17 :  WTF? Why are they having you do ANOTHER blood draw? That is ridiculous. I’d be furious and would be finding another doctor. If it is ectopic or your body is not ridding yourself of the tissue it can become toxic to you and your fertility. That is unacceptable.

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mrsnitti17 :  honestly, I wouldnt be giving any more chances. You have been strung along far too long at this point and need the ultrasound done. No more blood draws period. Go see an OBGYN 

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So sorry you are going through this. That sounds really awful. I hope you get solid answers on what is going on on Wednesday. I am also waiting to miscarry (I am around 10-11 weeks since LMP but the baby last measured 6 weeks around a week and a half ago with a really weak HB) so I can relate a bit thought your situation sounds much more confusing and frustrating. I really hope you get coherent answers soon!

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