Waiting to Try (WTT) thread?

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Busy bee

Age? 28, hubby is 30

Number of kids? Just a cat and dog :):)

Where are you at right now and do you have plans to start trying?

We actually just had a discussion today about when we would want to start trying! We decided probably September or October of 2019, depending on my cycles ๐Ÿ™‚ Goal is to have baby summer of 2020 or after! 

What is keeping you waiting? 

We just got married in August, so we are trying to enjoy married life for a little before we bring little nuggets into the mix ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s nice to be in a mildly less stressful stage right now where the wedding planning is finished. We are also working on our first home together which has required significantly more renovations than we thought it would. Lastly, we both want to travel more! Our honeymoon is scheduled for February 2019. 

What is on your to do list before a baby?

I feel like I answered that! But one more additional thing I specifically want to do before starting to try for a baby is to start nurse practitioner school. Hoping to get a year in before I give birth ๐Ÿ™‚ We are also just trying to get our finances back together after wedding planning. 

How are you keeping the baby fever at bay?

Nieces and a nephew! My sister in law just announced she’s pregnant today and I’m so excited for another nugget. I love my snuggly nieces and nephew (nephew is only 6 months and the snhggliest chunk). I love cuddling them for now and it’s nice to be able to give them back when they start to cry ๐Ÿ˜‚ I’ve also been stalking the POAS threads. I might start researching temping/learning my cycle to increase my odds when we start trying. Would love a baby during summer break of school.

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Busy bee

Age? 32, husband is 33

Number of kids? 0, 1 dog

Where are you at right now and do you have plans to start trying? We were married about 6 weeks ago, so we are in no rush. Planning to start in early 2020.

What is keeping you waiting? Neither of us feel particularly ready or excited by the thought of a baby at the moment. We are enjoying being newlyweds and have lots of plans through the holidays and in 2019. We also want to go on two more big trips before we start trying. Though we are ‘older,’ only two of our couple friends have kids now, so we really don’t feel rushed at all.

What is on your to do list before a baby? Two long, international trips with my husband, bachelorettes and wedding weekends for all of our friends that have 2019 weddings planned, a trip or two with my mom, career change for me, and some home updates.

How are you keeping the baby fever at bay? N/A, don’t have any baby fever, but hoping it will hit around this time next year so we are in a place where we are excited to start.

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: June 2019

Age? 28, husband is 30

Number of kids? No kids; 2 dogs (one is a puppy)

Where are you at right now and do you have plans to start trying? We got married June 2019 but have been together for 5 years. Husband is currently co-owner of an engineering company he’s been at for the last 6 years. Our plans to start trying is this Dec 2020!

What is keeping you waiting? Mentally, both of us are ready. Financially– we both have student loan debt that totals over $100k (both of our debt combined). We are waiting for the end of the year when he can take a draw from the company which will knock out at least more than half of our total student loan debt. That is our only reason for waiting. We know we’d still have the rest of that debt after pregnancy and birth (hopefully if we get pregnant right away) but we’d be much more comfortable with that number of debt than before we take the draw. 

What is on your to do list before a baby? We’d both love to take one more vacation before baby, but with Covid and lack of extra $, not sure if we’ll be able to do one more getaway before we start trying.

How are you keeping the baby fever at bay? I’m not haha but just trying to keep our financial goals in mind and reminding myself we only have to wait 2 more months.

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