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teacherbee01:  we are tentatively going to start TTC in April 2016 🙂 I’m excited for all of the typical reasons – to create a person with my DH, watch them grow and develop and help mold them, adorable baby clothes, etc. I am terrified of the actual birth, gaining too much weight and being unable to shed it, nursing, and lack of sleep (I currently get sick after 3 consecutive nights getting less than 8 hours of sleep!)


I also have a fear of infertility or health issues, but I think most women come across those thoughts at some point.


best of luck trying to be patient the next 7 months!

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I’ll join.  I always expected to wait a year from marriage (no more now that I’m nearing too old).  By the time I finally did, I was rather chomping at the bit but I’m still waiting since it will help him adjust. My husband asked that I buy a pregnancy book and get some information, so I went ahead and did that and even read some, lol.  Before we really try I’ll probably take the vitamins and we will definitely have a genetic and physical checkup.

There are three things I’m nervous about and two won’t even be probable concerns until much later in a child’s life – whether as a product of being “too old” my child will have a disability of some kind (I work in pediatrics and have seen more than enough of that), whether my child might drown (ditch surrounds most of our property, river is a lot over) and whether they will be brought up sensibly enough to never, ever touch drugs (not a great area for that here).

Things I look forward to – watching them grow and change over the years, having some holidays at home instead of running around, taking them on adventerous trips and for a weird one, giving them motor or perceptual evaluations to keep up my training and indulge my curiousity!

Of course I’m not interested in the parts where we don’t get enough sleep or fight over who has to clean up the exploding butt, but we’ll live.

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teacherbee01:  We’re going to start TTC in June probably. I’m taking a trip the end of June, so thats whats stopping us right now.

As for what I’m nervous and excited over – everything. If you look at my past posts I’m really nervous about how a baby will change things. I know a lot will change, but I guess I’m anxious about now knowing exactly how. I’m excited to care and nutrure a baby that depends on me, I’m excited to see the love and interaction my DH will have wiht his/her, I’m excited for the extra love I’ll have in my heart for this new little life, excited to see how they develop and what their personality will become. Also super nervous about the giving birth part – eep. I try not to think about that part too hard.

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We are planning to begin TTC after we get married next October. Neither of us really want to wait, but with wedding planning and paying for it and everything, it would be much better if we waited. Plus, I already have my dress and I don’t wanna have to get a different gown (it’s a fitted mermaid) to fit a baby bump. Also, I want to have fun and drink a little at the wedding, as a little last hurrah before I get pregnant, so if I find myself pregnant before then I can’t do that. So we will probably begin the month of our wedding, depending on when I will ovulate in October. As of right now, I’m set to ovulate just days after the wedding. We will see how it all pans out in the end, though.

I’m nervous about a lot of things. Money, work, school, etc. But I know we can handle it. We just want to be the best parents we can be, but I know that once the time comes we will do whatever we can to make sure our children have good lives. I’m nervous, but really excited at the same time. I’m also scared to death for labor and delivery, but I will be getting an epidural if possible. Hopefully I won’t take after my mom, meaning that by the time she got to the hospital it was too late for an epidural. I was a ten pound baby, at two weeks late. My fiance was nine pounds at about two weeks late as well. So I’m scared that our babies will be big and it’ll end up being too late for pain medication. I want that epidural. I have a high pain tolerance for things like tattoos, piercings, or an accidental injury of some sort, but not if it’s like, internal, I guess. Just a regular headache will make me cry. I don’t think I could handle it without pain medication and I am 100% okay with admitting that.

I’m just really excited for all of it. I cannot wait to bring a life into this world with the man of my dreams. We both love children and want a family more than anything. The whole pregnancy and delivery will be so worth it to look into the eyes of our child. I’ve seen the way my fiance acts around children, and it makes me tear up with happiness because I know he will be an amazing father. I can’t wait to learn about our child, learn what they’re like, see how similar or not they are to either one of us. 

At about one month before the wedding invites go out, I’m going to start taking prenatals. That’s the only thing I really have planned out as of yet, since we won’t be starting TTC for about eleven months.

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I’m really glad I’m not the only one counting down! Thought i was just nuts. We are looking to start around September 2016, give or take a month. I cannot wait to be a mom. I’ve grown up around kids all my life, they are a second nature to me. Just to have that little person to show them the world, help them learn and laugh, and especially how to love.

I actually already got a baby gift to use to tell my husband when we are preggers. I found baby Star Wars high top shoes for cheap at Target one day. I’m going to use those, make some sort of cute sign saying “The Force is Strong with you.” My DH is a geek (which I love) so it’ll go over great.

I haven’t really started to actively plan, but I have been tracking my periods since June to learn my cycles. I had to get off BC then due to medical reasons. I’m going to look into prenatals after the new year and find one that will work with my body. I have a mild allergy to zinc, so finding one without may be tough.

My main worry is money. But I worry about that every day of the week. Childcare is NOT cheap in my area, but hoping once the little miss/mister comes we will have more debt paid off to make it easier.

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teacherbee01:  From what I read online, they say three months. I was just googling the same thing. Not sure how legit that is though.

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We are planning to start trying probably in February 2016… which is not that far away!!!!!

I’m so excited to see my husband be a father and for us to start a new chapter together. There is so much unpredictability when it comes to kids, you have no idea what kind of personality they’re going to have or the things they’ll say and do, so for me (as an avid reader) it’s like this wonderful story just waiting to be explore, and I can’t wait!! I’m also super curious to see how I’ll feel in that moment when you first find out you’re pregnant… it’s something I’ve been thinking about for ages (OP you’re not the only one who researches EVERYTHING!), so when it actually happens I think it’ll feel so surreal.

I’m definitely nervous about a few things as well – what if we have difficulty conceiving, what if I have a difficult pregnancy that requires bedrest… and weirdly I have this weird paranoia that I’m going to run out of eggs before we start to try, which I know is ridiculous (I’m 32) but still. LOL.

To prepare I started taking pre-natals in November.  My OBGYN recommended taking them for 3 months before pregnancy if possible… otherwise I’ve been trying to get into better shape, and to cut down on the amount of sugar I’ve been eating (I love sweets!!)… Sugar can definitely be addicting and I’d like to wean myself off of the stuff as much as possible before I am growing a tiny human!

Ultimately we’re just going to have fun trying, and take everything as it comes… one way or another things always work themselves out – SUPER EXCITED!

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My fiancé and I still have two years to go before we start TTC. 🙁 We want to wait until after our wedding, which is 18 months away. Nonetheless, we are still so excited! My Future Sister-In-Law just had her first child (our first nephew) who’s 3 months old now and that made the baby fever 100x worse. We’re both waiting until we finish school, mainly my fiancé, in hopes that I can stay at home with the baby. My fiancé will also have to recolate across the country for his job when he graduates so we want to make sure I’m not 8 months preggo when that happens. 🙂

I’ve worked in childcare for a while between daycares and nannying and even though there are hard days, I have found it extremely rewarding to watch and help this little person grow and develop into their own person. I can’t imagine having one of my own. I’m pretty sure I’ve wanted to be a mom since I was 2 years old, I’ve always had a maternal instict. That just grew immensely after finding the man that I want to marry!

As excited as I am, I’m also nervous for a lot of things. I’ve always been scared that I will have a hard time conceiving, maybe because I want to be a mom so bad, but also because my cycles and really long. I’m also nervous about raising a baby in a new state with no family nearby. Money is also always scary – babies are expensive!


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“We” will be TTC starting October 2016. I say “we” in quotes becuase Fiance think’s I am not ready. lol See he’s baby crazy. He is so stoked to be a dad and wants to start trying right after the wedding. Which we will be. But I told him I think I will do a depo shot after the wedding and that will give us a few months before it wears off so we have a little time first. But that’s just a cover for stopping using the nuva ring. I know it seems dishonest but he will be asking me EVERY DAY if I am pregnant. So I am hoping to give myself a head start so he doesn’t get discouraged right away and so I can suprise him if we get pregnant sooner. And he is not the type to be bothered by this kind of white lie. He will think it was funny and smart because he knows he’d be so impatient if he knew we were able to conceive. A friend of mine is going to do something similar with his good friend and her baby crazy husband of 3 years. She just didn’t want to be the first in the group to start off having kids. So she is going to start TTC around the same time. 

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We are planning to start trying next year sometime- depends on when our debt is paid down so hard to say exactly when… i’ve been taking prenatals for a few months already, but not too regularly (I’m horrible with vitamin/pill regiments) so I need to get more serious about that. I also need to start working out again, I’m a skinny minny but that doesn’t mean i’m in good shape- I get winded in about 20 secs!  DH and I kinda fell off our healthy food bandwagon when we got super busy with work a few months ago so I really wanna get back on that (whole fresh foods only- no processed/canned/frozen/boxed crap)…

I am most looking forward to all the little things really… I’m a super planner so I’m looking forward to that crazy unpredictability that comes with babies/kids. Seeing what kind of father DH will be, how my mom/dad/grandparents relationships will all change a little. how it’ll feel when your kid says their first word or the first little laugh/smile. I love teaching and reading so I’m looking forward to instilling those loves in my kiddos too.. It just seems so crazy to think about- like I almost can’t even wrap my head around the idea! 

What I am nervous about are the usuals I would say.. Money obviously- I’m working hard to get us out of debt and I’d hate to end up back in the same place again (and I have a $4K health insurance deductible now, if i add DH it goes up to $8K). I’m nervous about how my body will change- esp since all the women in my family got pregnant fairly young- my mom had 4 kids by the time she was my age. They all bounced back without even trying, but that’s easy when your 18-25! I think the thing I’m MOST worried about is that we waited too long- I’m only 28 but DH is 43 and the men in his family have major health issues pop up around the 50 year mark… I’m worried about how a kid will change our own relationship too- mostly worried about keeping US the priority when a lil baby depends on your for everything… 

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We are going to TTC right after we get married in late May 2016 because we’re in our 30s and both want children

What I’m doing to prepare

  • pre conception counseling with maternal fetal next week (FI is going). I was recently diagnosed with an auto immune and I have an antiobody that can pass through placenta to baby and cause neo natal lupus and/or heart block (i.e. heart issues, pacemaker, etc)
  • being diligent to take my multi-vitamin, will probably move to pre natals after new year because why not
  • I asked my ob/gyn if I need to do anything and she said no. My mom had five kids, my sister had two (and she has lupus) all no issues

Of course I’m worried about infertility or baby problems not just me but from my Fiance. BUT his brother & his wife are expecting their first so that make me feel good.

I’m just excited about being a mom and sharing the love with the guy I love most, raising him/her, etc. 

I have in no way research baby items/things and probably will be in same boat as when I’m engaged..undecided and overwhelmed by all of the choices but just want to focus on the baby, me and my hubby. I know we want a doula, and I want to do the Bradley Method

The one thign I know is I do not want to know the baby’s gender, there are too few surprises in life and I’ve seen how much some friends/coworkers have enjoyed this and I know it’s what I want as well as not telling people our name choices (I’ve seen people’s name choices ruined bc they tell someone and that person has a comment)

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