(Closed) Waiting to TTC Chat: Part IV

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Age: 21


When will you TTC?: Late June/July 2013


What are you doing to get ready to TTC?: Regular Exercise, smart eating, prenatal vitamins, b6 supplements, and cutting out artificial sweeteners.


Do you chart? Link to the chart: Starting next month :).


What are the big plans for the summer?: Graduate, husband graduates grad school, buy a house, and of course… hopefully a BFP 🙂




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Age: 32

When will you TTC?: Our wedding day!  I will finish my last BCP pack the day of our wedding (10-18-13), so we will be trying actively after that!  We may decide for me to go off the pill a few months earlier and just use other BC until the wedding, but we are not totally decided on that yet.

What are you doing to get ready to TTC?: I am eating clean, doing yoga and running to get into the best possible shape, taking prenatal vitamins, and reading TCOYF.

Do you chart? Link to the chart: Not yet, but I will as soon as I’m off the pill.

What are the big plans for the summer?: We’re building a house (groundbreaking in June!), doing lots of DIY wedding stuff, working out (adding Insanity to my yoga/running routine in June), and working at my second job to bank extra money for the wedding/house.  Busy but exciting!

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Aww I love the list!  I’m gettin closer….  

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Roll Call!

Age: 24 and 28

When will you TTC?: Supposed to be June… we’ll see when that gets here.. me thinks DH will push it back a little. But we’ll see!

What are you doing to get ready to TTC?: working out, eating healthier, saving money, paying off bills, and takin my vitamins!

Do you chart? Link to the chart: Yes and I love it!!!! Great as a TTA tool too!!! http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/Woodstock

What are the big plans for the summer?: get a job… even though DH’s job can definitely support us, and I’m planning on staying at home for the early years, I’m still looking for at least a part time job, which is hard in a college town. All the jobs are taken by college students :-/ I’m also planning on running several races and by the end of the summer I should be running even further! I ran 5 miles straight the other day for the first time!!! DH wants us to do a 20k (just shy of a half marathon) in October so I’ll be training for that. 

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@candy11:  Such a pretty, pretty list 🙂 

@runningcali:  @Woodstock:  You are both SO CLOSE!! Yay!

@licoricetea3:  I have more than a few friends who got pg first cycle after getting married. Good luck!

Age: 29 and 27

When will you TTC?: Late fall / early winter

What are you doing to get ready to TTC?: prenatals, finishing some major dentai work, working out, eating well. 

Do you chart? Link to the chart: Just started! Here’s my super embarrassing chart. Obviously have a lot of work to do.  

What are the big plans for the summer?: puppy! We get her next week. Other than that, relaxing, figuring out if I want to change jobs, welcoming my new nephew in August, and planning my little sister’s bach party and shower.



I ran out of my last BCP pack last week and had a GYN appt this week. She told me we could stay off BCP and just figure out my body, as long as we’ll either use alternate protection or be okay with an unplanned baby. We’ll probably just use the pull out method, but it is really scary/exciting to be actually OKAY with getting pregnant if it happened, for the first time in, well…ever?  


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Roll Call! 


Age: 26, DH is 27


When will you TTC?:  was June but now is August/September 2013


What are you doing to get ready to TTC?: charting, prenatals, B50 complex, rrl tea, paying off my student loans, starting evening primrose if I can find it in the store


Do you chart? Link to the chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/mrsotter


What are the big plans for the summer?: Two week vacation to Europe!


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Hi! I didn’t know there was a waiting to ttc thread! Mind if I join? We’re going to start NTNT In July, but actively start TTC Sometime in January 2013!


Age: 27

When will you TTC?: NTNT Starting July!

What are you doing to get ready to TTC?: tring to eat healthier, and exersize! Also, drinking more water!

Do you chart? Link to the chart:Nope!

What are the big plans for the summer?: BIG move across 3 states! EEP!

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@kate02121:  I just went off BC 2 weeks ago. I had to get my paraguard removed and the hormonal bc caused me to gain 10 pounds AND break out. bad. DH and I decided we’d try condoms and VCF and just forget hormonal bc altogether!

An oops baby wouldnt be the worst thing, but we do want to wait until we’re ready.

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@MissFireFlower:  Yikes! Last time I went off BC for a month I broke out like crazy. It’s so funny how changes like that can have such an effect. This time, I’ve been pretty stringent about consistently using facial products that work for me, so fingers crossed for minimal breakouts. 

And I agree exactly about an “oops” baby – wouldn’t be the worst, but also not ideal. 

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@candy11:  Yep! LOL

@kate02121:  I’ve had to be super strick about my skin routine to help my skin recover. My face still hurts thought.

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@MissFireFlower:  Total ick!  I break out too whenever I’m off the pill.  I was off it this month for non-TTC reasons, and as expected, broke out, even though I did my best to be strict about washing.  I used a clay mask once a week, that seemed to tame it a little bit better.  I break out more than normal though, I think; oily skin runs in my family.

Going back on the pill next week, sadly.  Our 2-3 year timeline was really a ‘ceiling’, of sorts, that if we’re not in an ideal position by then than we’re going for it anyway, but DH kept saying that he really just wanted to be settled in a house, debt free, and with a job that puts him on the career track he wants, and come next month, we’ll have all of that.  Well, we’re renting the house, but that’s just because we’ll likely be moving again in a year or 2, but we have a sizable downpayment already stashed away, we’re just waiting to be in an area we’re pretty sure we’ll stay in for 3+ years.  But anyway, yeah, so I thought we could maybe push TTC up some, but DH admitted he isn’t emotionally ready yet, and at the very least, won’t get there this calendar year, so I might as well hop back on BCP.  I’m trying really, really hard not to get mopey and sad about it, but its not working well…

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