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Though I am currently TTC, I think this is a great idea. Before I officially started TTC, I didn’t want to post in these boards, because I didn’t feel like I ‘fit in’. But with a board for people waiting, I would have posted months ago.

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@AstoriaK:  I am pretty new too and pre-TTC for the next few months.  There’s this thread http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/february-poas-part-2 that is ongoing.

I do wish there was a “waiting” TTC thread, for those like me who are taking out their BC (I have an implant,) and starting pre-natals, charting, etc.

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I think this is a great idea! I am also waiting to TTC. I am getting married in July and we want to start trying right after the wedding. I am excited, but also nervous.

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@AstoriaK:  I’ll play!

I am due for an annual so I decided to switch providers and found an ob/gyn instead of just general medicine. I see her on the 25th and will just check and see if there’s anything I should know before TTC, I intend to see her throughout a future pregnancy etc… However we won’t be trying until at least this summer sometime. Maybe even not until September. My mom is taking me to Paris and I feel like it would be a lot better to go not pregnant so I can enjoy the wine, and not be tired sight seeing. I’m conflicted ๐Ÿ™‚

And that’s where we are right now!

Editing to fill out your survey!

Age: I am 31, Darling Husband is 33 on the 21st

When are you starting to TTC?: SEe above

What are you doing now to get ready to TTC?: Nothing yet, we will see on the day of my appt if the dr says to start prenatals. I already am active and in pretty good shape. Mostly I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for such a crazy life change!

What are you looking forward to most about TTC?: Just the next stage in life and having that sweet little baby belong to my Dh and I, and to see him as a father.

For fun, what’s your favorite dessert?:  Too much, I love anything chocolate and peanut butter! Moose tracks ice cream anyone? YUM!

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 Whoops, I made a roll call and by the time I posted it you ladies had one going! I’ve been lurking the TTC boards a lot so I’m excited to have a “place” here!


Age: 25, my hubby is 28

When are you starting to TTC?: I will be done with my last pack of BC around the end of March! I think we will NTNT for a cycle or two before charting etc. 

What are you doing now to get ready to TTC?: I’m taking vitamins (starting prenatals next week), trying to cut down on caffeine, eating better/excersizing more, and doing tons of research! A big thing for me was finding a better insurance plan and I’m glad that’s out of the way now.

What are you looking forward to most about TTC?: the excitement of the entire process! I’ve also seen how much heartbreak comes along with it and that worries me sometimes even though we are both healthy. I’m really looking forward to being PG and the milestones that come along with it!

For fun, what’s your favorite dessert?: Since I love sweets there are so many options but my great grandmas homemade caramels are to die for! I also love a good strawberry shortcake!

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@AstoriaK:  A friend of mine went through the same clinic and saw this provider so she recommended her. She had a midwife the second baby and she said if she had a third she’d go back to the provider I’m going to check out. It IS weird to be so close, especially since even just a few months ago i was still pretty scared of the entire thing.

It seems like such a shame to go to Paris pregnant cause you can’t wait another month or two ya know!? Really what we want is to wait and have a late spring/summer baby 2014 so that would still work.

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Great Idea! I post a bit on the Charters group because I chart to avoid… Oh and one of the worst parts of this waiting things is that I’m going to be in my fertile window… on our delayed honeymoon.. and we don’t even get to try! ๐Ÿ™ But I know it’s for the best to wait it out. I still have a June family trip to Mexico…

Age: 24, Darling Husband is 28

When are you starting to TTC?: I want sooner rather than later.. but hopefully by the end of the summer at the latest

What are you doing now to get ready to TTC?: *sing ala lmfao* I work out! I’m also eating healthier and remembering to take my vitamins more often.. We’re also saving up money, paying off debt, and hopefully Darling Husband will be getting a promotion soon (with a possible move) On top of all of that I’m charting to avoid so hopefully I’ll know my cycle pretty well before we get to the actual trying.

What are you looking forward to most about TTC?: not having to worry about when we can and can’t have sex ๐Ÿ™‚ Then we can just wing it for the first month… and have sex whenever we want! (well without protection)

For fun, what’s your favorite dessert?: I love sooo many things.. but lately my two weaknesses have been super chocolate ice cream (ex Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy or Chocolate Fudge Therapy, or Publix’s Chocolate Trinity) and twizzlers

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Yay!  I feel like such an in-betweenie! 

Age: 27, Darling Husband will be 30 in April

When are you starting to TTC?: Darling Husband and I are both in a wedding in September.  We’re going to start slowly, (just not preventing) and see what happens.  We’ll have further discussions about how long we’ll wait before charting, etc.

What are you doing now to get ready to TTC?: We are finishing paying off some debt and crossing off a few more things off our “pre-baby bucket list” like buying a new couch, festivals, concerts,  day drinking, spontaneous date nights, sleeping in, etc.  I’m also on a major weight loss and life-style change kick.  I’m already down 15 pounds!

What are you looking forward to most about TTC?: I really just can’t wait to see him be excited about it.  I asked him the other day “What kind of father do you think you’ll be?” and he just immediately said “A great one.”  He really will be!  I’m also so curious to see if we can make babies easily!

For fun, what’s your favorite dessert?: Anything Red Velvet!!!

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@AstoriaK:  Agreed. I read your initial post half-ass and responded thinking your were actively TTC

Age: 30, Darling Husband is 26

When are you starting to TTC?: We are eloping this summer, but no date is set just yet, depends when he accumulated enough vacation days- end of May-ish.  We talked yesterday about end of July since our lease in our apt is over and we want to move into a house before I get KU.  If it was up to me it would have happened yesterday!

What are you doing now to get ready to TTC?: I’m have been losing some weight, since I am already overweight by 25#s, eating well, no booze, my last sushi hurrah will be this Saturday (my b-day dinner,) I quit caffiene, besides tea and an occasional hot cocoa at work, I have been charting at FF for a week, have pre-natals in the mail arriving on Monday from Amazon.  My BC implant will be removed on 2/14, also paying down old CC debt, managing student loans through IBR, taking the dog to obedience school, moving into a house in July/Aug and probably buying a car once I get knocked up.

What are you looking forward to most about TTC?: I am so freakin’ excited to get pregnant, when I find out someone is going to have to tranquilize me!  I am also nervous about the body changes; morning sickness and such.  We are big “planners” so I am sure the nursery will be complete and ready to go months early!

For fun, what’s your favorite dessert?: I just had some b-day Chocolate chip Blondie brownies from TJs.  I love Turkey Hill mint chip ice cream, brownies and in general all sweets!



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