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I’m on the list for July 2015 but we’re thinking of doing a little NTNP from Jan – March! That’s like 2 months away! I’m so excited!! I’m just so, so ready now compared to a year ago when we first planned July/Aug ’15… all I can think about is being pregnant, labour, playing with my baby, baby goods, taking it to school… argh!!!<br /><br />I started taking folic acid in August, and I got an STD test, ovarian cancer test and a general gyno check a couple of weeks ago and looks like everything’s fine to go ahead ๐Ÿ˜€

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This may be the opposite of a lot of ladies on this thread, but I have an appointment set to get back on birth control Wednesday. I have been dragging my feet on this for no real reason. Darling Husband and I won’t TTC until next year this time most likely, so I needed to get back on BCP to prevent anything before then. It’s so weird to go from wanted a baby so badly to getting back on BCP. I am trying to switch my mind back from TTC to waiting.

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Hi Ladies!! I have been away for a while enjoying my newly married life and am now back.


Roll Call Info:

Age/DH’s age:   We are both 25.

When will you TTC?:    May 2015, I will stop BC in February 2015.

When do you daydream most about babies?:   Psh, it seems like all the time!! I guess i would have to say when I am around children. My baby rabies just gets crazy!

What are you doing to get ready to TTC?:   Taking prenatals, eating healthier and getting our finances in order.

Do you chart/Link to chart?:    I do not chart yet.


Sorry, I must have mixed up the questions while doing this. I am excited to be back and chat with all you ladies!!:)


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I was about to roll call and forgot I technically graduated this month, but with O being around Nov 31- Dec 1, it’s kind of like a Dec grad too! Thanks for all the talks bees during the last few months of waiting, your support was amazing. Even when I was quiet at times, it was great to know I wasn’t alone in my hatin’ waitin’ baby fever! I can’t believe we are about to start TTC. Seems kind of surreal. I feel like I’m still waiting until that first BD that means something lol Good luck to all and I hope your waiting months pass quickly!

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Good luck!! *baby dust*  


Getting my IUD out today… I’ve never been so excited for a gyn appointment. I know we probably won’t start trying right away (boo!) we have so much going on with the new house and with work, but darnit, I want to be knocked up already ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Yay a new thread!

Roll Call Info: 

Age/DH Age: Me: 34, Darling Husband: 27

When will you TTC? I take my last pill on January 30th, so February 2015 will be our first shot!

What are you doing to get ready to TTC? Prenatals, Darling Husband is taking a men’s wellness vitamin, and I just got back from my last pap before TTC today. Other than that just trying to relax. My doctor said to come back to her if we hadn’t gotten pregnant 9 months after we start.

Do you chart? Nope! I’m on the pill though so its pointless.

When do you daydream most about babies? WHENEVER I SEE THEM. UGH. Also Christmas is making me VERY baby minded.

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New thread! ๐Ÿ™‚

Age/DH’s age: We’re 30

When will you TTC?:  January. So soon! Eeeep!

What are you doing to get ready to TTC?: I’m taking my prenatal, as well as a fish-oil vitamin. Trying to cut back on alcohol and soda. (Soda being the hard part. lol.) I’ve got my BBT and started temping since I’m off BCP for the first time in 7 years. I need to make sure Darling Husband is taking his vitamin too…

Do you chart? Link to the chart: Yes! Today is my first official CD1! So not much of a chart to look at. ๐Ÿ™‚ But exciting. I’m on FF. (PS – do they ever stop sending you Charting Lesson emails?? omg)

When do you daydream most about babies: I really don’t. At all. I daydream about being a family, with like toddlers, but not babies. I’m sure my own baby will inspire me to like babies more. lol.


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CaroBee:  Christmas definitely has an effect!

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MrsNebraska:  Good luck with all your changes and getting back on BCP. If I had to wait another year I would probably do the same as I did not have any issues with O coming off BCP. Good luck to you in the waiting game.

koi424:  Yay so soon! Those emails will stop after the 20 Lessons, so after 20 days.

Roll call: This will be my last roll call on this thread, wow!

Age/DH’s age: 26 for two more months / He’s 27

When will you TTC?: December! But technically I’m currently in my Luteal Phase after O this cycle so no more protection is necessary, woah!

What are you doing to get ready to TTC?: Taking prenatal vitamins, just switched from the gummies to a more well-rounded Nature Made pill. Taking Pregnitude to support healthy egg quality, and charting temp, CM and CP.

Do you chart? Link to the chart: Yes, got off BCP and started charting in March of this year. http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/mrsfairybee

When do you daydream most about babies: When I see them in stores and make fun smiley faces at them, when I get to hold other people’s babies, and when people announce EDD on fb.

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Move me up to Dec please ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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Age/DH Age: both 28 we will both be 29 when we start TTCing

When will you TTC: May/June depending on which month my BC runs out on

What are you doing to get ready for TTC: Working on losing weight, eating better both of us, taking prenatals, paying of debt, doing a few more things to the house and getting me a new car in the spring. 

Do you chart: no 

When do you day dream most about babies: At all differnt times of the day, I have lots of friends with kids on facebook so almost always everytime Im on there. Also my sister inlaw just anounced she’s due in May. We have a cute turkey announcement on our fridge it makes me think about it everytime I’m in the kicthen. Even more so when Im trying to sleep at night. 


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