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I have been reading these boards for some time and think I am ready to jump in! 🙂

Age/DH’s age: DH and I are both 25.

When will you TTC? Feb 2016! 

What are you doing to get ready to TTC?  Taking prenatals. Went off BC last month so I have time to learn my cycle. 

Do you chart? Not right now. I think I will in a month or so!

For fun: What’s for dinner tonight? What would you rather be eating? 

DH was out of town so I don’t cook when it’s just me! Haha. Salad was the menu. Rather be eating sushi!! I need to get a lot of that in while I can. 🙂

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burntorangebee13: Wow I’m so happy this board exists  and even happier that I found it! I think my DH is getting tired of me talking about my pregnancy prepping and researching! My DH and I are tossing around months, but for now please add us to May 2016 (there’s no one there now). Please and Thank you!

As for the roll call:

Age/DH’s age: I’m 27, he’s 27

When will you TTC?: We have been married for 1.5 years. We haven’t nailed down a month per se but I like May because that’s when we got married. We dId however create a pre-baby bucket list which includes 2 international trips, so we’ll try to get those trips in 1st. Although I’m fine with one of those trips being our babymoon .

What are you doing to get ready to TTC?:

  1. I’ve been off birth control for the last 5 months becuase I had no libido with that darn nuvaring.
  2. I “chart” to make sure w don’t concieve.
  3. Talked to my OBGYN about conceiving and I’m in the process of doing general health blood work.
  4. Starting folic acid soon.
  5. Trying to stay healthy, eating right, exercising, etc.

Do you chart? Link to the chart: No, we’re going to NTNP 1st to keep the stress and dissapointment down …I hope.

For Fun: What’s for dinner tonight? What would you rather be eating? My hubby is on a business trip and I’ve been battling a tummy virus so I had war wonton soup. Another carmel apple, I think I may just have to find some to order online!



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Hubby surprised me and said he wants to start Jan 2016 instead of may. That’s so close!!

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CeeceeBee:  how exciting that your timeline has come forward and that is really close! 

This is my first post in this area so here is my info:

Age/DH’s age: I’m 29, he is 32

When will you TTC? Currently unknown as it is dictated by a house extension which we haven’t yet got planning permission for. We have been declined on our first application and are submitting a revision this weekend. I’m hoping to start TTC around Spring 2016 and no later than August 2016 which is our first wedding anniversary.

What are you doing to get ready to TTC? Nothing right now, but I plan to stop taking BC early next year and after reading some other posts on here I may start taking folic acid.

Do you chart? Not yet but will be doing when I stop taking BC.

For fun: What’s for dinner tonight? What would you rather be eating? Green thai curry with turkey and wholemeal rice. I would rather be having Nandos but that could be said for every night of the week! (not sure if you have Nandos in the US..)

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This is so exciting!!

Age/DH’s age: I will be 25 in March, and my husband is 26.

When will you TTC? July 2016! Right before our one year wedding anniversary! 

What are you doing to get ready to TTC? Well I went off BC right after our honeymoon because I hated being on it, but also wanted to be able to naturally track my cycles! So far being off BC has been great! I use an app on my phone to track  my cycles and I have been surprisingly regular! 

Do you chart? Well I’m still not sure what “charting” exactly means. I am tracking my cycles, and ovulation days using an app, but havent kept track of anything else. 

For fun: What’s for dinner tonight? What would you rather be eating?

Probably basked chicken, asparagus and a salad! I try to plan meals in advance, but this week has been crazy! We’ll see what’s in the freezer when I get home lol. I would much prefer a juicy steak and a fancy salad!


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Also – I have a few questions for you bees! When should you start to take prenatal vitamins? And, I currently use an iphone app called M. Cycles to track my cycles and ovulation days, is there a better app you guys use? Are there any cool pregnancy apps? 


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I want to play! How exciting for everyone getting so close! I was on the waiting list to get engaged too lol, then engaged for almost 2 years, now this…seems like I’m usually “waiting” for something haha


Age/DH’s age: 26/26

When will you TTC? TBD – my birth control implant (Nexplanon) comes out June 2017, so we will evaluate where we’re at and decide to NTNP, TTC, or try another birth control. P.S. HATE the nexplanon lol

What are you doing to get ready to TTC? Paying off debt since we overspent on the wedding – bummer – and researching all of the TTC/pregnancy/birthing things! I’m a planner 😀

Do you chart? Nope, still on BC.

For fun: What’s for dinner tonight? What would you rather be eating? Probably a chicken salad, I’d love some sushi but we’re cutting back on eating out due to the debt issue *Sigh*

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