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I don’t know your Fiance, but I know some people are just really really bad at planning. Or will drag their feet on really obvious things. Not sure if it’s fear of decision making, or just trying to make the proposal the best ever (without regret).

I am already engaged (got engaged in 2006 actually!) and would like to be married, but haven’t planned the wedding yet. Do I know how I want to get married? Yes. Do I have the organizational skills and confidence to pull it off? No.

I guess I don’t have any advice for you really ๐Ÿ™

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From what I have read here on the boards, it seems a lot of guys waited until their SOs seemed completely uninterested before they proposed. Like, they waited until it seemed like an engagement was the last thing on their girlfriend’s minds. Maybe that’s what your SO is doing? Sucks that he’s waiting so long, but look at it this way: he would not have bought the ring unless he was going to propose. So at least you know that it’s a 100% certainty that a proposal is coming ๐Ÿ™‚

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I totally understand your frustration, but be careful about thinking “If he really felt ____________, he’d do ______________.”  People just approach this stuff differently. Even if he does feel a little fear about proposing — that’s not a horrible thing!  It is a huge, serious, life altering decision and basically all the weight of taking that final step forward falls on him with the proposal.  It doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to do it or he’s not going to do it.  It could just require him pep talking himself a bit.  Or he could be waiting for a holiday or a special occasion.  I know a few couples where the guy had the ring for months before proposing.  I know it feels like a pointless wait, but I think as long as you don’t truly have the sense that something is wrong or he keeps you waiting for 8 months or something, the best thing to do is just ride it out.

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I think I would be feeling the EXACT same way as you are.  I don’t think my SO has the ring yet…but he better not hold onto it for very long….suprises be damned!  Good luck to you…hope it happens SOON!!!

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I know exactly how you feel.  My SO has had the ring 5 weeks with nothing yet.  He’s just getting adjusted to a new job so I try and take that into account, but I agree I just want to be engaged and move on, I don’t care surprise or not, a parking lot would be fine for all I care.  Hugs to you!

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Since my SO has put a deposit on my ring I have gradually become less and less excited about it. I guess it is because I don’t want to keep thinking he will propose when it just isn’t going to happen when I think it will.

I just hope for all our waits, it will happen sooner rather than later. I am not sure how much longer I can stay positive for while being “in limbo”.

Good luck, just know your not alone! x

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Sugar bee

Sorry you’re having a tough time. When you put it on paper, him not taking action seems pretty silly. Why would he buy a ring if he didn’t mean to propose soon? You know. That kind of stuff. I don’t know what your SO’s feelings are on the matter, but my guy has expessed a couple times that it is stressful for them, even if they really really want to marry you. There’s a lot of social pressure for a guy to plan the perfect proposal. Just like there is social pressure for women to marry and have babies by the time they are 30 (well, nature doesn’t help either). Once you propose everyone wants to know how he did it, and you better have a great story. And they want to know what ring he got you, and it better be the perfect one. I know that in the end, what people think doesn’t matter. But while people are turning their attention to you, asking your story, he wants to hear, “Wow, he’s so romantic, he did such a wonderful job” etc.

It scares my guy a little. that and even if he’s 99.9% sure you’d say yes, there is still that .1% chance he’d screw it all up or you’d say no.

Either way, you’re allowed to feel frustrated every once in a while. But here’s to hoping you won’t have to wait much longer. Good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Just a thought, he could be planning some sort of elaborate proposal…

Or…he’s waiting until you don’t care so he can surprise you. Either way, at least he has the ring, I wish I was in your situation! ๐Ÿ™‚

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@PrettySedity: I feel the exact SAME way! We’ve been planning on getting engaged since March/April this year. He has my sapphire, he has all the money, I think he has the ring… He told me it would be by the end of the summer. It hasn’t happened yet. I even have engagement photos scheduled for October 22 – he and I both wanted fall engagement pictures.. we’ve even picked out outfits and everything. I can’t imagine waiting as long as you have! You are a much better women than me!

I feel like such a brat… but I’m getting really annoyed with this waiting crap. I HATE waiting, I hate anticipation… it makes me sick – and actually I’m waking up in the middle of the night sick to my stomach from the stress. I’m trying my hardest to just forget about it and to just be happy and patiently wait, but this is extremely hard. 

I live for weekends and to spend time with him. I psych myself every weekend hoping it might be it… and every weekend slips by and most of the time we just sit at my parents house watching tv… 

If he’s waiting for that perfect romantic moment it’s never going to happen.. he needs to make something happen! 


Private message me if you ever need some cheering up or some commiserating. It sounds like we’re in a similar boat!

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@PrettySedity:It is really nice to have someone to talk to who is going through a similar situation! 

What good progress though!

I think that may be exactly where we are too. I think I may have scared him away with my expectations on the proposal. He said something recently that caught me off gaurd when we were discussing the proposal… he said that he’s trying to be spontaneous. I don’t want spontaneous. Neither of us are spontaneous! There is no perfect moment that will happen from spontaneity. I told him originally that I don’t want it to be a “Oh let’s go look at the stars… will you marry me proposal.” That’s not me. That’s not us. He’s always done creative things for me in the past and he’s a really creative guy. I wanted something a little more unique – and I don’t want it to be in front of a million people we know. I don’t mind if it’s in public… just not like at a party or something. I’m an introvert… I don’t like parties to begin with. lol

So basically something semi-creative, and not in front of a million people. Those are my requests. 

I think I may need to tell him that he doesn’t need to over think it, I’m not THAT picky… however I made a “silent” date. I wasn’t going to mention anything proposal related for a few weeks. 


Should I tell him not to sweat it as much? Or should I just keep quiet?

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