(Closed) Walgreens will not sell me my own photos. SO ANNOYED.

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@ArizonaGirl:  I get where the employee is coming from. I always get a print release from a friend that does our photos. I’ve only ever printed out 4x6s or 5x7s so I’ve never run into the issue.  If you can’t get your friend to give you a release, get verbal permission, and make a print release on a word document with some sort of letterhead. Problem solved.

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This is so weird. I read this right before going to Walgreens to get enlargements of my wedding photos today. I thought how glad I was I had read this first and printed a copy of the copyright permission to take with me. My cousin even said she had problems in Memphis with the same thing, but she was able to talk her way around it because she had purchased the CD of pictures and had it with her. I printed a zillion pictures- off my flash drive and not even the original CD- Walgreens didn’t ask for a thing. I even went twice because I changed my mind on one of the prints I made and wanted to swap it out for another. I guess only certain locations are strict on it. At least I was prepared though!

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@Sporty-Bee:  No. No. Nononononono.

Each act of forgery carries a 10,000 dollar penalty.


Don’t do it and for the sake of heaven earth and all of creation between it, don’t advise people to commit a FELONY because getting the rights is too much of an inconvenience! And it doesn’t matter if you’re American or not, the OP whom you made the suggestion to is.


On that note, A+ to all the bees on the side with the employee who was just doing his damn job. If you’re going to be mad at someone, be mad at your professional photographer friend who didn’t give you a release and a heads up that you would need it. Don’t be a douche to the guy who is just following policy, and don’t throw a shit fit in the middle of a store because federal law isn’t built around convenience.  

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It could be a problem, but it isn’t one I’ve ever run into. Pro photographers these days rarely want to take the time to make money of prints. It is a hassel. Especially in the digital era. If the store is being sticklers, try another store. Or order online.

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If your photographer gave you a release why wouldn’t you use it? They gave it to you for a reason!! lol You think because is a drug store or Walmart you can slack and not have a release? Its a law!! Drug stores and Walmart seems to be very strict with this, Im glad they actually are.


You want to get mad you couldn’t get your photos knowing your photographer gave you a release… You didnt ask your photographer any questions about printing if they didnt already tell you? You didnt look up what the rules are printing knowing you had a release? Is walmart and Walgreens really supposed to have a big sign before you walk in telling you rules on your photo printing? Take some of your own responsibility and dont get mad at the Law.


I cannot believe how many are so mad over it and tell peole to break the law and forge documents!! What is wrong here? Go steal a logo off the net? Really?


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This is CRAZY! So you mean to tell me that if I take newborn photos of my LO with my REALLY nice DSLR camera that DH got me for Christmas that I will have to create a release for myself? And if I want to make copies of a pic he and I had some random guy walking by take on our anniversary, I need to hunt that guy down and get him to sign a release? This is absurd. I understand that these places do not want to be sued, but I don’t get where and why common sense flew out the window. Smh.

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Try WalMart. My mom helped a friend by taking school pictures of her friend’s children when she couldn’t afford to pay for them herself. She even used a green screen type of thing and did the whole tacky background to make them look real. She got them printed at WalMart, and they brought up the fact that they looked professional. She just had to sign a statement herself saying that she took the photos.

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I have to say that I think this is taking things way too far. I think that if you have hired someone to do your wedding photos, you shouldn’t print them without permission. But I don’t think it’s Walgreen’s job to enforce that. It’s also not their job to determine what is “professional” and what is not.

Unfortunately, OP, I think paying your friend $40 makes this a paid pro photo and I can understand needing a release to print. However, I think it’s over-the-top to say that permission is needed for any picture taken by someomone other than the person getting them printed. I have pictures that guests took at our wedding that I’m going to print – do I really need a signed permission for the snapshot they took with their iPhone? Only if it’s a good quality photo? What about the picture my friend took at the bar last weekend? 

I think that people should abide by contracts with their photographer but that printing shops don’t need to be policing this. After hearing these horror stories, I’ll just be keeping to online printing. Not worth the hassle. 

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I had the same thing happen when I tried to copy/print a VERY OLD black and white photo of my deceased grandmother-in-law when she was 15 for our “in memory” table at the wedding.

They made me sign some forms saying that I take full responsibility, since I pressed that it’s HIGHLY likely that the photographer is dead, and I had no way of tracking him down even if I wanted to. The photo was taken in the 30s or 40s.

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My sister ran into problems with Walgreens once when she was trying to print out pictures she took for a friend’s wedding. She had to show the employee the camera and SD card where the .RAW files were before they would believe her.

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@JenGirl:  Yes. Think of it this way: If a magazine saw the beautiful photos your friend took of your wedding, decided they fit in with their monthly theme, downloaded them without asking you, reprinted them without asking you, and then ran a page picking apart where you bought your dress and acessories, then another column of where look alike items could be found, and ran an article on how much you overspent, would you take issue? Do you think “Well it’s not like it was a professional photo” would be an acceptable excuse for them to do what they like off your friends work, including making money by printing it?

Just because it was taken with an iphone, or taken by a nonprofessional,it is still their copywritten work, and it requires by law permission and release for others to reproduce it. There is not a friendship exemption clause. Even though your friend is unlikely to seek press charges against you for copywrite violation, as far as the law goes, we’re all equal.

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That is crazy! I ordered a bunch of our wedding photo’s from walgreens. The first time i ordered them they called me and told me a needed a release. So I brought it with me and they gave me the Photo’s without even asking for the release! I actually told the lady I had the release and she told me she was too busy to deal with it and just gave me my photos

I ordered more pics a 2nd time and they didn’t mention the release.

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@ArizonaGirl:  Uh, you need to go above him. I have printed our wedding, engagement, and maternity photos at Walgreens. All have been professional, and if they don’t have a watermark then they should have NO issue. 

If it’s really that big of a deal, just show them an email or letter from her saying it’s totally fine for you to print them. I respect that they’re trying to protect the photographer, but some people are just power hungry.  

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The biggest issue I have with this is that if there is no watermark they don’t even know who to accept a release from! You could literally get anyone to write you a release and claim they are the photographer because really there is no proof who took it.

I’ve taken my own photos and edited them, when I went to go get them printed out on 8×10’s they told me they needed a release form. Even after explaining to them that I was the one who took the photos they kind of laughed in my face and said “then you would’ve printed them off on your own.” All I had to do was ask to speak to a supervisor and pointed out the lack of watermark – not a problem picking them up then. That supervisor agreed that if there is no watermark to indicate the photographer it isn’t their problem.

Since then I have always printed off any pictures (even watermarked ones) at the self print out machines because they don’t get to analyze the pictures. I think some staff just get a high off of the power they have over your pictures.

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