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Presumably you get infected by other zombies so the bites and torn flesh etc can be explained that way. Also, consider they don’t have the brain function to do things like shower, change clothes, and protect themselves from the elements so there is a level of grossness and decomp there. On top of that, at the very least, you can assume it is kind of like leprosy where there is loss of nerve feeling and regenerative powers, so any little scrapes and sores etc do not heal or get better so as they are fumbling around they aren’t protecting themselves from things like tree branches or sharp objects that tear away at their skin and never heal. 

I suppose that’s how I always figured the level of decomposition happened. If it is addressed more clearly in the show, I can’t remember.

ETA: reanimated just means basic function, not necessarily back to the way they were before in my hypothesis. One would assume there is a large loss of mental function through being dead for several minutes and a virus that has eaten away at the brain as well

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I love this show, can’t wait for it to start up again, the weekend before my wedding, ugh! Anyway, from the walking dead wiki:  




Despite still moving, zombies still decompose as regular corpses. The zombified Hannah, encountered by Rick Grimes outside of the hospital appeared to be immobilized after some kind of decay. Zombies are shown to become frozen, but one had thawed out enough to almost bite Glenn. In Issue 55 a zombie attempted to grab Rosita, yet it lacked the strength to keep his hold, pull her or stand up. This may be a sign that zombies will eventually decay to the point where they are no longer a threat to humans which would mean that the outbreak will eventually end on its own accord, assuming that new zombies are not being consistently created.

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@lorie:  love it! I have wondered this myself. I think they get all gross looking because their skin is kinda decomposing/fragile and they get into lots of scuffles chasing dafter food and stuff.  I dunno…that’s my theory! Lol. 

Cant wait for the new season to start! 

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I suggest you read Max Brooks’ Zombie Surival Guide or World War Z. He’s not a creator of the Walking Dead but he does a really good explanation of how and at what rate zombies decompose.

I can tell you that they don’t need water or food. All systems are completely shut down except for the primitive brain stem that allows them to walk. They don’t even need air and can wander around at the bottom of lakes and oceans for YEARS.

But decomp basically depends on how long the body has been re-animated. And i’m not going to be a spoiler but you’re going to find out soon what the scientist at the CDC whispered to Rick at the end of the first season.

Have fun:)

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First off, I have to say I LOVE the walking dead.  Not only do I watch the tv show but I have also read all the comics currently available.  The comics are way better than the show.  Second, to answer your question, though the brain functions, the body continues to break down because of infection from the virus.

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im so happy you posted this! i didnt know either thanks!!

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I have nothing to add except this might be the BEST show on TV (well, atleast tied for 1st with Downton!). So happy that season 2 FINALLY hit netflix this weekend. Pretty much watched all if it already. I dont have cable, so the wait for season 3 seems intolerable!!!

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I love Walking Dead and I’d never thought of this! Great question and thanks to everyone who answered 🙂 Can’t wait until next week!

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Did you mean to say that you are at the point where Shane comes back to the farm with medical supplies for Carl after shooting the other farm guy (Otis) at the school?  If not, I’m confused and need to be set straight.

Squeeee!  *running around in circles*  I can’t believe it’s almost here! 

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@lorie don’t get too caught up in the specifics of how zombies funtion and how they come to be…they’re zombies! but I gave you quick answers to your questions

  • Zombies don’t die from dehydration or starvation because they are already dead. They do eventually decompose/disintegrate.

  • they are all falling apart/decomposing because they are dead, also the points above about how they would get banged up in different ways is good but really they are all gross and decomposing because they are dead and rotting.

  • they only attack things that are alive, so they will eat animals as well but won’t attack other zombies because they are dead.

I completely second the recommendations to read the Walking Dead comic series (so, so good and even better than the TV series) and read World War Z by Max Brooks. That book is awesome.

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