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I walk like a newborn calf in high heels. I have not, and will never, master whatever magic powers these girls harness to walk(or sprint) like gazelles in them.

It’s like I have sea legs on land whenever I put anything with more than a 2″ heel on.

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I’m horrible at walking in heels, even small ones! I have to have ‘thick’ heels to have any chance of not walking like Bambi.

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@michonne:  I have found it very difficult to walk in heels without straps because my feet are so narrow they just come right out. Maybe try a shoe with straps on it? so your feet can’t go anywhere?

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@michonne:  It really is about practicing. I don’t know if I qualify as a gazelle lol, but I enjoy higher heels and I do wear them out. I know that for me, it really matters that the shoe fits perfectly. If it’s too small, your feet will kill and if they’re too loose, your foot will slip out and make it more difficult to try and walk. I also prefer a platform front on a higher heel as it seems to make for an easier more comfortable fit. Try practicing! Practice in places with hard, even flooring, places like malls and department stores. Even floors are good for practicing as uneven ground is definitely a pain in the ass to stumble over. 

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@michonne:  my tips are a) to invest in a decent pair; my Choos are way more comfortable than my high-street pairs; and b) practice walking in them. Finally, get a heel height you are comfortable with; nothing worse than seeing someone in beautiful heels stumbling about like a new born deer lol. 

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It’s all about keeping the hips and knees loose, and you should try and mainain good posture to help you balance. Also, make sure you step down like in a normal shoe: heel first, not flat. 

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I regularly walk in stilettos and high heels, absolutely love them! Ive never really sat down and thought about how I do it, just right now though throu a mental comparison between my friends who can and can’t I’ve come up with this:

  1. Posture: Heels will not fix your posture, they will improve it but will not fix it. Correct your posture and then walk in heels. If you slouch and swing your arms you mess with your center of balance and will look like a dog on stilts. I dont mean the ridiculous idea of balancing books on your head or sticking your chest out like some sort of bird. Stand in front of a mirror and notice if you can roll your shoulders back some and move your hips back a little. Many girls have thebad habit of sticking their hips out in front of them for some reason. Your back should look pretty straight from a side view with a curve at your butt. My best tip: exhale, tighten your core (not suck in, theyre two different things. In the excercise videos they tell you to feel your belly button touch your spine, I would like to add to also feel your muscles hug your ribcage and waist if not youre just sucking in) and roll your shoulders backwards, they should rest naturally right in the bottom of the imaginary circle (hope this makes sense). Your chest will stick out some, but not exageratedly, and your hips should accomodate naturally. By this point your legs shouldnt be tense and your core should be firm but not uncomfortable. Your neck and arms shouldnt strain to maintain the position. Your chin should be somewhat paralel to the floor. 
  2. Don’t, and I’m serious about this one. Dont Drag your feet. If you drag your feet when you walk in flats fix that, now. It’s one of my personal pet peeves, I think it makes a person look sloppy and always confused. Dragging your feet and heels are mutually exclusive automatically because you will fall flat on your face and knock into everything.
  3. If you’re new to heels wear comfy clothing, don’t slip into a tight dress or a low cut top, heels do make your body look good and will make your boobs perky and its uncomfortable at first. Youre already doing someing completely unnatural don’t make yourself self conscious as well, you will subconsciously mess with your posture. Side note: many women develop bad posture in their teens when their breasts develop in an attempt to “hide” them
  4. Wear a good bra: things will bounce and move. Its awkward.
  5. High heeled sandals hurt. period. Start out with pumps or something that give support to your toes, arches and heel.
  6. Bandaids are your best friends. Seriously, my personal trick to putting them on correctly: wear the shoes for five minutes, where they rub will turn red, put the bandaid on accordingly. 
  7. Make sure they fit properly, they should be snug and should NOT come off on their own as you walk, if they do, theyre too big. An insert, for me at least, usually only makes it worse. Buy them in the right size to start with, how do you do this? Wear them in the store for a bit, sit in them and walk around for ten-fifteen minutes. You’ll also figure out if the shoes are somewhat comfortaboe real quick. 
  8. Start off slowly, don’t start with six inch stilettos with a built in platform=disaster. Cute 3-4″ pumps 
  9. This is the most important one: practice! I learned to wear heels as a teen, my mother taught me. How? She bought me 3″ heels and had me wear them around the house. I felt like a moron. I learned though! Wear them once or twice a week in your house to get the hang of it. Washing the dishes, cooking, watching tv, vacuuming (GREAT workout btw, your calves will kill you at the end). After you feel confident, go run short errands and then attempt dinner dates and parties. As you go up in height, repeat.
  10. Lastly, you might be sore! Youre calves, abs and back might hurt. It happens. Oh yeah, and your feet will hurt. Ive noticed that my feet hurt most right after pedicures, where they rub the bottom of your feet until theyre baby smooth, yeah building that callus back up (ew I know) hurts some. I mean, don’t keep your feet gross, but just keep a little extra skin at the pad close to your toes, moisturize to keep it soft and not disgusting. The skin thickens because of the increase in pressure there. 

Wow, just realized that this is sorta complex and long, but its really all about posture and practice. Good luck!

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@michonne:  The only thing I can do really well in heels in fall down……I would like to know how to look graceful and not look like a fool.

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I feel your pain! I’m have very narrow and flat feet so I reckon this has something to do with it! I’ve also never put in much effort to learn how to walk in them because I’m 5’7″ and taller than Boyfriend or Best Friend when I do! I also have a really low pain threshold so I just complain when I do wear them. 


On special occasions when I do wear them, I’ve found that heels with a small platform are SO much more comfy and also often not as high as they seem (angle wise) so maybe that’s somewhere to start!


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I’d suggest strapping them to your feet one weekend and wearing them til you can’t endure them anymore. It’s all about finding your balance. Once your brain figures out the heels, you’ll correct yourself naturally.

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