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Honey Beekeeper
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I consider my slow run a jog. I’m not exactly a gazelle, even being 6 feet tall. It’s. So. Much. Work!

Interval training is good, quick, and powerful! Fat burner!

Apparently after 3 or 4 miles is when you tend to hit a second wind. Or is it 6? I can’t remember. I don’t run that long. I’d rather take a cardio class with some pumped up music

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Busy bee
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I’ve been in two half marathons (I’m too scared to do a full!), and the first one I did jogging it. I was always sore and ridiculously tired after jogging, plus I didn’t lose a single pound. I just completed my second half marathon a few weeks ago by speed walking the whole thing. Not only did I lose weight (!!), but I LOVED it. I enjoyed the entire thing AND I took 15 minutes off my time from when I jogged it the first time. I’m such an avid believer in walking now.

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Helper bee
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The main thing is whether you walk, run or jog is to get your heart rate up. If you’re walking – push it fast, do hills, etc. Get the heart rate up! Also – try to hold in your core as you’re walking – believe me, it helps.

As for jogging vs. running – I suggest intervals, you burn LOTS more calories that way!

Also, remember, running is bad for your knees. So, if you enjoy walking – just make sure to get your heart rate up.

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Worker bee
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Ya, I would say that the main difference is that your heart rate increases when you are running versus jogging, which basically translates to – your body is working harder! One thing you could try to maybe cross the line from jogger to runner is sign up for a 5k and plan out a training routine. This will get you in the habit of consistently going out for runs/jogs and come 5k time you will be in better shape and will be able to push yourself to the running level. You could also keep track of your times while you’re out for runs and maybe find a short loop where you can time yourself. Each time you do that loop try to run it faster. A good indicator that you’re running is if you are comfortable enough that you can keep up the pace for a while, but uncomfortable enough that you can’t hold a conversation with the person next to you 🙂


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Blushing bee
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I would love to be a runner but for some reason I have incredible breathing issues and have to do intervals for now. I run for 3 minutes do a fast walk/jog for 1-2 then repeat for total of 30 minutes. Someday I will attempt a 5k! My thing is if you getting up and doing some type of cardio for 30 minutes a day you are on the right track. Everybodys body plateaus from time to time, its giving you a signal to mix things up! Do something different.

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Worker bee
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If you’re looking to lose weight or even to become a runner intervals are the way to go. You’ll burn alot more in a shorter amount of time. I tend to go all out running for 30 seconds(as much effort I can put in) then go at a normal pace for 1 min 30 sec. and keep repeating that routine for about 20 min w/a 5 min warm-up. You only should do this about 2 times a week, other cardio days you can walk/jog. This method is called HITT – I think I have it right, but look it up.

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Busy Beekeeper
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I believe in intervals!  Walking to slow jog to back to walking and towards the end actually running will get things burning and pounds off!  When I want to shed it, that’s what I do and will do again tonight!

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Helper bee
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I am one of those crazy runners, ice, snow, rain, wind, sun I will be on the road running somewhere.  I thought for a long time that I couldn’t become a runner but it is all about mind over matter, just like anything else in life.  Jogging is at a slower pace and running is at a fast pace, you can gauge this by how long it takes you to run a mile.  Jogging is usually anywhere from 9-10 minute miles.  When I started "jogging" I was running a 9:15 pace and then just kept pushing myself and 7 years later I am at a 7:50 pace so I am officially a "runner".  Intervals are great, tempo runs, long runs too for endurance.  Also running can raise the heart rate quickly to an anaerobic state, its benefits are mostly endurance and strength related which help me hike the 14’ers here in Colorado every summer.  But most of all what is most important to me is that running is my outlet and you can do it anywhere!

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Buzzing bee
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I have always been a pilates person. I love a good class that really makes me sweat and my muscles sore! All my life, even in h.s. gym class, I would do absolutely anything to get out of running. I’ve always disliked it.

Than I met my fiance. He loves a great jog. I started jogging with him, and we did really well, but got a little bit lazy this year. All last year and the summer before, we jogged. It really works for him.

I would jog more, but I did something weird to my back in an unfortunate yoga class. I did a yoga class, and I am sure that during the class I pulled something. One day last summer (after the yoga class) we were running and all of a sudden I felt like I couldn’t walk and when I moved my legs forward it killed my back so much that I could cry! I thought at first fiance would have to carry me home. So after that, I gave up everything and try to take it easy- everything hurt it. It would get better for a little while, I would go jogging, and it would KILL again. 

Finally, about a month ago I started seeing this dr. and I’m sure he’s fixed it completely. I have yet to seriously jog. However, fiance sometimes gets me to do intervals!! I loove our loong walks. We walk really fast, and yes, he does say "slow down!" lol.


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Blushing bee
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I am an avid runner. running between 3-4 miles 5 times a week. I began as a jogger/walker like most people do. The difference between jogging and running is the speed in which you are moving. Jogging is a form of running, but at a slow or leisurely pace.

A way that I test myself sometimes is by checking my pulse or seeing how well I can speak. If you can make conversation very easily with a few extra breathes and pauses that you are not exerting that much energy and are jogging. If you speed up, and your pulse raises, and it becomes difficult to hold onto a conversation, and you have to take more breathes, and pauses than you are running. 

I run outside so it’s harder to know the difference, but if you are on a treadmill if you are going more than 6 mph than you are running.  

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I would say a jogging is a 12 minute mile pace or more, and anything under, like 10 min. would be running.  I’m certainly a jogger.  I would prefer walking, but don’t have the patience – you burn calories according to mileage completed, so I’d rather jog for 30 min. than walk for an hour.   


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Helper bee
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I hate running. Hate it with a fiery burning passion. But, unfortunately, it’s one of the few things that actually forces my body to lose weight! I re-discovered the joys of the gym today and did a circuit workout- 10 minutes on the stair climber, 20 on the bike, and 30 n the treadmill. I didn’t run though, sadly- I alternated the incline and amped up the speed so I was walking very quickly up the incline…which hurts. I take pain as a good sign, haha!

I agree with those who recommend the HIIT method. You burn calories SO much faster! Maybe tomorrow I’ll take my own advice and get my butt in gear!

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