(Closed) Wallet Friendly Ideas for Losing Weight for Wedding? Your Thoughts Please!

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Sugar bee
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90% of weight loss is what you eat – you can’t outrun a bad diet. MyFitnessPal was hugely useful for me – I was eating healthy food, but my portion control was way off so I was eating a lot more than I thought.  Weighing all my food was eye opening and it worked – I dropped 25 pounds over six months; didn’t sto eating the things I liked, just ate less of them and fitted them into my calorie allowance.

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Bumble bee

A few things I can give advice on, since over the past three years in my struggle to lose 60-70 lbs, I’ve hit a lot of the obstacles you might be hitting.

1. Make sure your macronutrients are OK (using the MyFitnessPal app, or any other app that will tell you how many carbs/protein/fats you are eating). If you aren’t eating in a balanced way, if you aren’t getting enough protein or healthy fats, it will hamper your weight loss efforts. 

2. Oil is really really sneaky, and it’s so easy to guestimate how much Olive oil or peanut butter you are using, and be way off by 100s of calories. If you still eat these things, make sure you are measuring accurately (whip out the tablespoon measure) and including those in that app.

3. the Nike Training App is phenomenal. It’s a free app, and has lots of workouts to follow. Your phone acts as an electronic trainer, telling you when to stop and go and do certain exercises. You don’t even need dumbbells if you don’t have them In My Humble Opinion, because the workouts can be difficult without them. 

4. Drink lots of water, or herbal tea/sparkling water if you don’t like the taste of plain water.

5. Watch your dairy intake (cheese, yogurt, milk, everything) – milk is meant to make baby cows fatter and to grow very fast. Dairy is full of sugar, and hormones that contribute to weight gain. A lot of people can drop additional weight fast by cutting out dairy.

Hopefully this will help! I don’t have access to a gym, and have gotten my grocery bill down to about $100-125/month, and have kept the weight off 🙂 I personally follow a calorie-controlled vegan diet which makes it really easy to lose weight, but the vegan part isn’t necessary. Just watch your calories and macros, and make healthy choices. 

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Bumble bee

windowlulu:  I have a degree in Biology, and have a somewhat sufficient knowledge of nutrition, so I don’t follow any particular diet plan, just make common sense choices and stick to my calorie budget. 

I used to count everything to a T, and that helped me get into certain habits. I don’t really eat any grains or starches unless it’s a whole grain that has fiber and protein in it. Sprouted grain bread (Ezekiel brand) is great, but no potatoes or white breads or rice. I eat that, a small amount of nuts, lean proteins (beans, tempeh, seitan, a vegan protein shake) and lots of green veggies. I also take a multivitamin with B12 in it, and omega 3s In the form of flaxseed oil. now I just make sure I’m getting enough protein, and staying within the calories. Raw Meal by Garden of Life is a great vegan meal replacement, which can help with getting some complete nutrition if it’s new to you 🙂

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Blushing bee

I’ve lost 80 lbs in the past 3 years… I cut out all fast food AND alcohol. portion control. Now I eat mostly what I want and have maintained the weight loss.

The biggest difference I noticed, and the fastest, was the gym. I started lifting weights and doing barre 4-5 days a week. Cardio alone did nothing for me, the weights is what made the last 40 lbs drop like crazy. 

Dending on where you’re living, the gym can be reasonably affordable. I belong to a normal gym, for $10 a month, which is pretty much just bare bonus gym equipment, good for the self motivated person. I also pay $50 a month for barre classes, for those days I feel like having someone tell me what to Do.

maybe look into affordable gyms in your area?

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There are so many great fitness videos on youtube, I use them all the time!

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When I have been successful at losing significant weight in the past, it has come down to a few things. First, I cut out all junk/soda/processed food. Second, I cut down my portion sizes a lot or I shift the balance so I will eat a much smaller serve of protein/carbs and fill the rest of my plate with salad or steamed vegetables (and yes, you will feel extremely hungry, but you have to push through it). Third, I start incorporating more walking into my everyday routine. 

I have tried all sorts of diets and fitness regimes, but those are the only things that consistently work. 

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Buzzing bee

Portion sizes and cutting out unnecessary sugar. Not having that sneaky little fries snack on the way home. 

I’m to start a YouTube HIIT workout. I’m kind of in the same boat – don’t really have the spare money for the gym, and I’m on a medication that makes me super sensitive to the sun so would prefer not to workout outside. Also I live in NZ where you burn and die after 10 minutes in the sun. 

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My recommendation would be a gym…workout tapes can bea little disappointing past a certain level.

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Worker bee

Just to give you an idea, here is what I do: 1) eat super healthy during the week, so no treats at all; I’m a little bit more relaxed at weekends, but still don’t go ott crazy 2) work out at home 5 days a week; the money I saved on monthly gym membership bought be a few good fitness DVDs and a few pieces of equipment (kettle-bell, core bag, basic weights, etc.), so I alternate between those 3) watch steps on my FitBit, but mostly on the 2 days I don’t work out, so it kind of encourages me to put in extra effort where I can.

I’m 100% convinced that you do NOT need a lot of money to get fit and healthy. Overall, eating healthy is more expensive (where I live anyway), but I would rather save on other things in the budget. You also don’t need lots and lots of equipment, there are plenty of workouts with just your body weight and they are challenging enough. Start with what you’ve got even if it’s a 20 minute workout in your living room based on the videos you found on YouTube and build it up. You will learn more as you go along and it will help to determine the direction. Good luck, you CAN do it!

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