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Hi @meganmarie33:  Mr TTR & I are semi-retired, we travel quite a bit… so I am going to give you the best tips ever when it comes to planning this vacation:

TIP # 1- Go out to a bookstore and buy the latest edition of one of the Travel Guides for the Disney Parks (Frommers, Fodors, Lonely Planet etc).  These books have the latest info on what Rides are open, new, under reno… info on food, souvenirs, accommodations.  And TONS of great insider info on how to get best deals, save money, and secrets on how to make the most of your time in the parks (ie which days / times the crowds are the least in a particular park).  All things that will have you using your resources more efficiently… be it time or money.  NO ONE wants to waste time standing in line when there is soooo much to see and do.

These books are always a good investment IMO.  And after you get home, you can easily sell the book second hand to someone else.


TIP # 2 – Start reading the book… ASAP.  As you’ll find tons of info you can use from it right away… even before you arrive in Orlando / Disney.  Including info on Flights, Hotels, Car Rentals etc.

TIP # 3 – If you have SPECIFIC Questions to your own trip… such as logistics (do A before or after B) I suggest that you post them on the Walt Disney World Forum over on TripAdvisor… where you can get first hand info from TA Destination Experts & Locals (some of who actually work at Disney !!)

TripAdvisor is the # 1 Internet Trip Planning Tool in the world… I don’t plan any sort of Getaway or Vacation now without checking in on it first.

On it you’ll find FABULOUS info… On-Line Travel Guides – Reviews (Accommodations – Restaurants – Attractions) and the Travel Forums where you can ask Questions, chat, and learn / share with others.

Because as much as your post here might generate a few replies over the next days or weeks… it will generate many many replies in the first day from people who KNOW THE PARKS upside down & backwards.

TripAdvisor – Walt Disney World Florida (Travel Guide) = http://www.tripadvisor.ca/Attraction_Review-g34515-d143394-Reviews-Walt_Disney_World-Orlando_Florida.html

Walt Disney World Florida (Travel Forum) = http://www.tripadvisor.ca/ShowForum-g1954828-i20534-Disney_World_Florida.html

Hope this helps,


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@meganmarie33:  What are some suggestions of must see/do?  What snacks MUST we try?  Where should we have dinner?  Any fun tips?  

I have lived in Orlando for the past 10 years and my favorite Disney tips site is allears.net.

Snacks: If you like pineapples make sure to have a Dole Whip in the Magic Kingdom (find it at Aloha Isle in Adventureland).  That and the infamous Mickey Mouse ice cream are the classic snacks.

Biggest and best tip:  When you get to Magic Kingdom in the morning make sure to go left and start in Adventureland then continue clockwise aorund the park.  Most guests naturally turn right into Tomorrowland and then continue moving counterclockwise for the day.  When we did this recently we were able to ride 3 or 4 rides including The Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean with little to no wait time.  If you stay late, make sure to catch the fireworks and the Electrical Parade if it’s on the schedule the night that you’re there.  The Electrical Parade is a classic old-school Disney parade that has been around for forever.  Look for the snail (my friend drives it some nights!)

In regards to seeing and doing, it depends on your group and their preferences.  I will assume you are definitely going to the Magic Kingdom which is the iconic park with Cinderella’s Castle.  If you want to eat dinner at the castle, then you need to make reservations now because they fill up fast.  Be Our Guest in Magic Kingdom is the newest restaurant and it is almost impossible to get dinner reservations there right now BUT if you’re willing to wait in line for 20+ minutes, you can eat there for lunch which I’ve heard is a better experience.

Personally my favorite park is Epcot.  Kids usually say it’s boring because there aren’t many rides but I love being able to eat and drink around the world.  Epcot is also where the Disney Princess lunch is; this is a great deal on a character meal imo.  It’s in Epcot’s Norway and it’s traditional Norwegian food served buffet style.  While eating, 5 or more Disney princesses go table to table greeting kids, signing autographs, and answering questions in full character.  This is the easiest way to cross a lot of Princesses off your list.

Disney Studios and Animal Kingdom are fun but not really full day parks imo.  I suggest going to Animal Kingdom in the AM for the character meet and greet at Camp Minnie-Mickey (shortest line for safari dressed MICKEY!) then enjoy Kilamanjaro Safaris before it gets too hot (best chance to see lots of animals, the earlier the better.)  before leaving for the Studios, make sure to squeeze in a performance of The Lion King because it’s one of my favorite shows at Destination Wedding.  Once at the Studios, ride The Great Movie Ride ASAP.  Then grab a fast pass for either Tower of Terror or Rock N Rollercoaster and the ride the ride you don’t hold the pass for first to pass the time before you use your fast pass.  Stay late enough to catch Fantasmic! (my second favorite fireworks show; the main one at Magic Kingdom is the best of course.)

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@beachbride1216:  <— 100% THIS

This is a FABULOUS Post… so many great tips (many I would have shared myself, lol… but hey you’ll have a Guide that will tell you more)

* LOVE me some Dole Whip

* Turn LEFT for sure… and we usually head towards the very back of the Park, so we can get in line / fast passes for stuff like Pirates of the Caribbean (in Adventureland) – Splash Mountain – and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (both in Frontierland)

* Work your way CLOCKWISE.  Save Tomorrowland for late in the Day (Dinnertime / close to dark in March) that is when we found it to be the least busy… people with little kids have left the Park, people with bigger kids & many adults have gone to eat too.

* The rides & entertainment in Magic Kingdom appeal to pretty much all ages… we even enjoy what appears on the surface to be sort of lame / goofy.  All in the name of good fun !!

* The Electric Parade & Fireworks rock… great way to end the day.

* What Magic Kingdom is for kids (and young at heart)… Epcot is for Adults… fascinating displays and AMAZING Food & Drink.  If anyone is a Beer Lover, be sure and check out the British Pub and the German Biergarten.  Turkey Legs make an “interesting snack”… but there is tons of great eats to be found in Epcot… including some FANTASTIC sit down Restaurants (Reservations recommended)

* Side shows / Acts in Epcot are fun… last time I was there we got a take out beer at the UK Pub, and sat in the garden across the way (behind the shops) and caught a concert with “The Beatles” it was such a blast !!

* Best ride at Epcot… Soarin’

* Animal Kingdom… The Safari here rocks.  A great combo of real & fantasy… and Disney has done a great job at making the barriers to the animals virtually invisible.

— — —

Orlando has Restaurants & Hotels galore.  And at all kinds of price points… if there is a group of you, you may do quite well to look for a condo (a timeshare property managed by a recognizeable Hotel Chain… a good lot of them are along Vineland & International Drives, not far from The Parks, north of 417).  A 2 Bedroom will typically sleep 6 people… it is a good way to save some bucks as you have a full kitchen… so if you pick up some supplies that can cover Breaksfasts, Tea & Coffee, Snacks, and maybe a Nightcap or two.

Hope this helps,


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@This Time Round:  I totally forgot about Soarin’!  Make sure to grab a Fast Pass for this first thing in the morning because they usually run out for the day around 10 or 11AM and once they are out of them, you will have to wait in a 2 hour line for the ride.  While the ride is awesome, no ride is worth 2 hours of standing in line.

After grabbing your Fast Pass, make sure to do the Living with the Land ride.  The line is usually pretty short and it’s a cool look behind the scenes of the Disney greenhouses.  If you don’t mind shelling out some extra cash, The Behind the Seeds Tour really goes behind the scenes.  When I did it years and years ago I was able to see how they were experimenting with breeding tilapia and now tilapia is everywhere!

@meganmarie33:  Forgot to copy you above.

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@meganmarie33:  These days you can find so much information online!  There was a really great post here by one of the bloggers about her Destination Wedding honeymoon- it was super informative and really helpful!  http://www.weddingbee.com/2013/05/10/disney-honeymoon-tips/#axzz2on3tWg2Q

I agree 100% with @beachbride1216:  about the Dole Whip!  It is THE BEST!  The Turkey legs are also pretty tasty if you’re feeling carniverous.  

We just got back from Destination Wedding as part of our honeymoon, and we learned a few things along the way.  It isn’t super easy to get between parks, which make the Park Hopper tickets a little harder to use.  But it can be done, and parks like Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and even Epcot aren’t super big or full of stuff.  HS and Epcot are actually connected by a (longish) path or you can get from one to the other by boat.  Definitely familiarize yourself with what transportation options are available from each part/resort!  

Do you know if you’ll be doing the Magic Band/Fast Pass+ thing?  If so, download the app on your phone- I was on it all the time in the parks.  With the new Magic Band system you can pre-choose your fast passes and/or change them while in the parks.  You only get three fast passes a day though, however, we found out that you can still use the old fast pass system with your “key to the world” card (which you’ll still get because not everywhere has switched to the Magic Band system yet).  We learned this a little too late to be able to use it ourselves, unfortunately.  But it’s a good way to cheat the system!  

Definitely try and catch Fantasmic or Illuminations (in Epcot).  Both are super neat shows!  You can even fast pass these if you want guaranteed good seats. 

Try and make dinner reservations now!  And even if some of the restaurants don’t have reservations available now, keep checking.  Cancellations always happen.  Our favorites were Citricos (in Grand Floridian) and Artists Point (in Wilderness Lodge).  The princess character breakfast in the castle was really fun too!  Do you know if you’re doing the Dining Plan?  It was pretty worth it for us since we wanted to do the nicer dinners. The link above has some helpful hints about the Dining Plan and links to a really great website that helps you decide if it’s right for you. 

Epcot is probably the park that is least “kid friendly,” although they do have a couple neat rides.  The World Showcase is really amazing though, and definitely worth a walk around.  And if you can, try the Grey Good lemonade slushy while in “France”!  It is so good.  😉  As for Soarin’, I think I’m in the minority because I don’t love it.  It was cool the first time, so if you’ve never done I definitely recommend doing it.  But the line will get so long, and it’s not as fun after you’ve waited an hour for it.  So fast pass it once or twice, or hop on if the wait time is low.  But don’t wait too long for it!  

The safari in AK is pretty cool- they have a lot of sneaky ways to get the animals to be near the ride path so there are some really amazing animal sightings!  The Everst ride is also pretty fun.  AK also has a Dino Land, which has some fun rides for kids.  

HS has the Tower of Terror, Rockin’ Roller Coaster, and Star Tours.  Definitely fast pass them if you can!  The lines can get really long for Tower and Rockin.  They also have a really fun Indiana Jones stunt show that is worth seeing, especially with kids!

Magic Kingdom is the busiest park, and has all the classics.  If you like the Peter Pan ride, I’d recommend fast passing it because for some reason the lines will usually be an hour wait or more.  I love the ride for the nostalgia factor, but it certainly isn’t worth more than a 5 minute wait.  

Umm…that’s all I can think of for now.  Sorry about the small novel!  Have an amazing trip!

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This is an awesome site that is connected to the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disneyworld book you can get at Amazon (or actually any bookstore I believe). 

Part of the site is free, but you can pay an annual fee to access the whole site.  It is so worth it to try to minimize the amount of time you spend standing in line.   

I go to Disney two to three times a year, and always use this source.  Allears mentioned above is also a good source, as is disboards.com.

I agree with several of the above posters.  The Dole Whip is to die for.  And you can’t go wrong with virtually any cupcake in any of the parks.  The salted caramel in the chocolate place in Germany in Epcot is also yummy.  I guess you can tell I am a sweets addict.

This is one of my favorite vacation spots, and you will have a ball!

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One thing I forgot to mention.  Rent a car rather than depending on Disney transportation.  You will be there at a pretty busy time, and nothing sucks more than waiting for a bus at 10 p.m. when your feet hurt and all you want to do is go to bed. 

Check with Expedia or Hot Wire.  I have rented cars for as little as $10 a day.  Well worth it.


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Go to the dis boards. You can get lots of great info there. 

We go every year to Disney. We don’t bother park hopping because it’s a waste of time. We like to use the EMH and take advantage of being able to stay in the parks later. So we go to whichever park has the EMH that night and stay there all day. 

We take food in. They allow coolers so we bring a cooler in and eat that instead if we don’t get the meal plans. And if you are getting the meal plans, it’s still nice to have some healthy food. 

To be honest, I think most of the food sucks. We’ve eaten pretty much everywhere and nothing is very good. It’s all fast food junk. Even the buffets are very hit or miss. My favorite place to eat for healthy food is in Epcot downstairs by Soarin and The Land. 

I don’t know why somebody said Epcot wasn’t for kids. I have an 8&10 year old and they love Epcot. We always run out of time there. They especially love the globe ride and innovations. We spend probably 2-3 hours in Innovations. 

And definitely do a water park. They are awesome and a nice break from just doing rides. They are both good but Blizzard Beach is our favorite. 

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Here’s my favorite Disney forum http://www.wdwinfo.com/chat.htm  . I’ve been several times and this is my go to forum for all things Disney.  

I agree with the poster that said to make restaurant reservations now if you plan to eat at any restaurants on Disney property vs fast food or off WDW Prop. (or as soon as possible).  They book supper fast and you must book early especially with a large group. 


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My Fiance took me to Disney World last year for his birthday. We met up with a friend of mine who worked in the park, and she gave us some great tips.

#1 Use the Flash Pass. It comes with your ticket automatically, and you can wait in line for two rides at once.

#1.5 Flash Pass something near Dumbo, but actually wait in the Dumbo area for real, because it’s awesome. (I think they’ve expanded the number of cool waiting areas, but that one so awesome.)

#2 Don’t forget to do some of the sit down stuff & shows to take a break (Our favorite was Mike’s Laugh In).

#3 The People Mover is awesome and it seems like no one ever rides it.

#4 Try to eat off-peak.

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I love Disney world!! And you already have some great advice. Allears.net and disboars.com are    the top two sites to use! I highly recommend the unofficial guide to Disney world. Since you are so close to your dates some of the most popular restaurants will be completely full but they have plenty of different choices! 

Pm if you have any questions I’ve been twice in the past two years…..things are always changing 

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