Want an IUD, but scared: advice? stories?

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Oh, removal didn’t hurt at all, by the way.  Not even a little bit.  The doctor had me cough and pulled it out.  Took about 10 seconds.

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I just got my Para last month, so keep that in mind. Everything I read on the web said how horrible insertion was, so I had this terrible thought of pain built up. Turns out, I didn’t even know my doc was done. Now keep in mind, it was 2 months after I gave birth, so maybe pain is relative. I did bleed, but I was still having pp bleeding as well. It was a lot. I wore adult diapers, which I still had from my heavy pp bleeding. We will see how this baby works the next time I have my cycle. For now, it’s been great. The appeal for me was no hormones. It hasn’t affected me at all! 

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I had a mirena for 5 years. I didn’t feel the insertion and had no cramping or anything. I was honestly a bit annoyed as I’d scheduled the whole day free to sulk and then it was such a non event I felt I had to get back to writing papers (was in uni at the time). I spotted off and on for the ENTIRE time I had it though. My husband thinks the strings were maybe too long and actually just irritating me, but I’m not really sure if that’s what was going on. My dr said it can happen sometimes, gave me 3 months of the pill to try and fix it (it didn’t) and we just kind of left it at that as it didn’t bother me *that* much. It was annoying but not crazy.

I think my sex drive definitely went down, but I also got it almost a year after I started dating my husband and things change around that time in a relationship anyway, so it’s hard to know exactly. I haven’t particularly noticed a difference since getting it out (3-4 years ago) so probably coincidental timing.

My husband got a vasectomy which is why I got mine out (we have no kids and never will) but if I had to go on birth control for some reason I would go back on an IUD despite all the spotting.



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I have the mirena and love it! Insertion hurt for 30 seconds but not that bad, I went out to dinner after and felt like I had minor menstral cramps. I’ve had it for 2 years and have never had a period, so its great! 

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bushandapeck :  I read a bunch (read: too many!!) forums on IUDs before getting mine and I was really freaked out. 

It is painful? Yes. Is it worth it? Yes. 

Just get it in, and you’ll be thankful you did, you’ll have some cramping, but you’ll be fine, and it will hurt a lot less than birthing a child! 

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I got Mirena and the doctor had trouble inserting it due to the angle of something (my cervix?). 20 MINUTES of pure torture.

Have them give you something for the pain beforehand, have someone else drive you home, and take the day off just in case. More than likely, it’ll be 30 seconds of pain for 5 years of no stress, but I definitely went in thinking it wouldn’t be a big deal and it was.

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I had the mirena first. Easy insertion, uncomfortable not painful.  Spotted a few days.  But I had a vafinal delivery prior which I’m told helps.  Eventually wasn’t even having periods. Awesome.  Took it out, immediately got pregnant and had a early miscarriage.  Thin uterine lining needs time to rebuild after removal.  Important to wait a few months.  Though Mirena denied that’s the issue.  Though the miscarriage boards are full of cases like mine.

copper Paraguard. Same with insertion. Problem:

See above….gushing hemorrhagic period.  A year later I got a tubal. 

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I have the ParaGard and I. LOVE. IT.

Long story short: when I started BC, I tried the pill (but sucked at remembering to take it every day) and then settled on the NuvaRing (loved it but didn’t love the accompanying vaginal discharge and having to remember  to remove it every 3 weeks). When I was 24, I was admitted to the ER for a pulmonary embolism (SUPER scary) and was told to switch to non-hormonal BC—enter the ParaGard. (I didn’t have any other risk factors for a pulmonary embolism, so they chalked it up to the hormonal BC.)

Getting my IUD inserted was uncomfortable and I had bad cramps during and after, but after a few days, I felt back to normal. Had to refrain from things like sex and tampons and wear a pad/pantiliner, but only for a few days. One thing to note: when I got mine inserted, they used an iodine swab to sterilize my cervix, and afterwards, it leaked a bit and I thought it was the copper coming off the IUD: not the case, though!

Pros: zero hormones, 10 years without worrying about BC (saving lots of $ and no remembering involved!), can remove it and immediately try to conceive without waiting. (And for what it’s worth, my partner has never been able to feel it during sex.)

Cons: my periods are a little heavier and crampier (but not unbearably so), and they’re super irregular (how they were before I started taking hormonal BC). But I’ll deal with those minor inconveniences if it means I’m at a lower risk for future blood clots and have a long-term plan!

Everyone’s different and BC methods can have such varying effects on women, though; I would definitely encourage you to talk about it with your primary care physician or OB/GYN to see if you’re a good candidate! 🙂 Wishing you the best!

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The Paraguard can absolutely cause heavier periods, so if that’s a concern for you I wouldn’t go that route. It’s also one of the larger IUDs iirc.

I had the Skyla for about 2 years and really liked it. It has less hormones than the Mirena and is a bit smaller. I did have spotting for quite a few months after insertion but I would still do it again.

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I’ve had a Mirena IUD for over 3 years and it’s been great. My doctor made sure to do a vaginal untrasound to ensure that my uterus was a good size/in a normal position for the IUD. She suggested I come in while I was on my period because your cervix is slightly dialated (making insertion easier). 

Besides just feeling generally crampy because I had my period, insertion was not bad at all. I barely felt it and walked back to work afterwards. I had some some strong cramps that evening and then some infrequent spotting for a few weeks after. I haven’t had a period since (took a while to get used to that – I was so paranoid that I was pregnant for the first few months). I haven’t experienced any other side effects that I can connect to the IUD. It’s great not having to remember to take a pill every day. I recommended it to several friends who had been on the pill for years and they’re happy as well. 

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