(Closed) Want to cut my hair short-husband says don't do it!!

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@lavenderstone:  I did this. After the wedding, I cut my long layered hair into a pixie. I love it! I’ve had it for six months and I get compliments everywhere I go. However, my husband does prefer long hair and even though he still finds me beautiful and attractive, he is looking forward to when I grow it out again. 


I will say this, there are pro’s and con’s:

Pro’s: I feel more confident than ever, I don’t look like every other girl out there with cookie cutter long hair, and my hair needed a break from tons of heat styling and straightening. It takes five minutes to blow dry it and mess it up with some pomeade. 

Cons: it HAS to be styled every day. It can’t just be thrown up to go. It sticks out everywhere crazy in the morning and has to be washed and tamed. It also doesn’t leave any room for change. You pretty much are stuck styling it the same way every day depending on just how short you take it. 


Overall, I love it short and am so glad I had the guts to chop it. It’s just hair and it will grow back. I say go for it and try something totally different and new. 

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@Newly_MrsA:  +1

I have short hair, and have had it for over four years now. I love the way it looks and how well it compliments my features.

BUT…..it can become boring because there are limits to how you can style short hair. Also, it is a pain day in and day out….you have to style it or wear a hat, because a ponytail is not an option. And, every time I think I’m going to grow it out I get sick of that “in between” stage and end up cutting it back off.

Sometimes I seriously miss long hair because it can be styled so many ways, and there is something sexy about longer hair. Don’t get me wrong….there is something sexy about short hair, too, but it’s different.


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I had a pixie cut and it’s one of my favorite haircuts I’ve ever had!  The reason I had to let mine grow out is my hair grows REALLY fast and I’d need to get it cut every 4 weeks to keep the mullet away.  I cut it short my senior year of college and after graduating and moving to LA (probably the most expensive hair cutting place ever!) I couldn’t afford the upkeep.  However, I was the most confident with that haircut and got compliments constantly!  Whenever I see women with short hair I get tempted to cut it all off again 🙂

Beware: the grow-out phase is awkward as hell.

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@lavenderstone:  when have I ever accepted beauty advice from an SO? never! real beauty happens when you feel confident about youreslf. 

your haircut inspirations are really cute, I love them!

one thing I do agree with PPs: short hair can be harder to take care of than long b/c you have to style it. on a bad hair day or if you’re in a hurry, you can’t throw it back in a ponytail. 

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@lavenderstone:  I also did it after the wedding, and I while I loved it for the first couple of months, it was a pain afterwards! (so, bear that in mind, unless you plan on keeping it short).  However I felt great with myself for having the guts to cut more than 15 inches of hair.  

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I LOVE the second cut!! Omg!!! I do the same thing! I always get to about my shoulders and say screw it and chop it all off. Im trying to keep it long for the wedding, but with super short cuts being so popular right now it is killing me!!! My husband doesnt care much about my hair cut, but he prefers it blonde. Lol 

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I loved having short hair, so I say do it. But it’s such a pain to grow out!

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I have an almost-pixie, and love it for a reason that contradicts so many people here… for me it IS ridiculously easy to manage. I run a brush through my hair four times, throw some product in if I’m in the mood and I’m done. I guess it a depends on your hair? my hair is generally very unmanageable even at less than shoulder length so this is like a breath of fresh air.

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Like pp have said, it is more work with short hair when it comes to styling, with longer hair you can just put it in a pony tail when it is beeing difficult. Growing out is a total pain in the ….

I used to experiment like crazy with my hair when I was younger, all colors, all lengths. When I look now at pictures from my short hair period, I can only think what the …was I thinking! I wanted to have that cute pixie girl look, but it wasn’t working for me, I don’t have the features for it.  I also think you can not have to thick hair, the you will easilly end up with helmet hair, I always had to use a lot of products, and I hated it because my hair alwys felt dirty.

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I think having very short can be REALLY fun, but you should really be certain about it before you go and cut it all off. It does take a very long time to grow out from there, and the in-between stage(s) is nooooo fun.

I went from having hair midway down my back to having NO hair (I literally shaved it off because I was sick of dyeing and dealing with it) three and a half years ago. It was exciting, liberating, and I got to try out a bunch of different hairstyles, which was fun. But I had to ALWAYS style it, which eventually became a bit of a drag. And it got in my face a lot because I couldn’t pull it back and I looked like a second grader with clips/headbands. Though I did get a lot of compliments, and I did get slightly higher confidence because I wasn’t able to hide behind my hair anymore, so my personality really got to shine.

Now that it’s grown out almost as long as it was before, I’ve kind of forgotten how to handle long hair. I never use enough shampoo the first time around, I struggle putting it up in a ponytail sometimes (sad but true – it’s just so long!), and brushing my hair is like a second job. I literally have to do it all day or else it gets ratty. I have literally had to re-learn how to do EVERYTHING with it. It almost makes me want to chop it all off again, but I really do love having it long and feminine, and I feel like I have many more options on how to style it now that there’s more length to work with. Also, my BF likes it more longer, though he didn’t hate it when I had no hair.

I’ve noticed that I got more compliments from women when it was short, and now I get more from men that it’s long. Just something I find kind of funny.

Anyway, that’s my two cents. 

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I had a pixie cut when I was a senior in highschool. It was really popular back then and it looked more shaggy then buzz cut but I loved it! Ppl said I looked awsome and a few friends actually cut there hair short to. One girl cried but that’s the risk your taking lol. Plus it helped that my bf at the time loved girls with short hair. Now my FH loves long hair so needless to say my hair is hella long. Like down to my butt. I get complimented on it being long to. A lot of times I just want to cut it off but after all this time growing it, it’s hard to just chop it off. I’m waiting till after the wedding this fall and then I’m cutting it off. At that point I think I’ll just want a change. 

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I went from past shoulder length to a pixie cut – ON MY WEDDING DAY. I have never felt better about myself.

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Go for it; it’s just hair. You will only regret it if it looks bad. I think there is a short cut for everyone though…so make sure you go to a really good salon. 

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