(Closed) Want to cut my hair short-husband says don't do it!!

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Chop chop chop chop chop choppity chop!

I cut all mine off, Id only been seriously considering it for a month and Fiance definitely did not want me to do it.

I lurrrrrve it!

I must say, I found the first cut a bit difficult and disappointing, but the second time round I went even shorter and more “choppy/edgy” and I fell in love all over again, double time. Im dying to get my monthly cut, it’s getting annoying being an inch or two too long!


My warnings/notes:

You will need a few cuts to figure out just how you like it, but go in with a good idea of what you like and do NOT back down. I let my hairdresser keep it slightly longer than my pic, and it was too hard to handle and no good.

Figure out how you want your sideburns and fringe, as well as the little bits behind your ears that will join your nape/ear area – I find mine grow too long too quickly and annoy the hell out of me haha.

Don’t listen to the naysayers! I asked Fiance and Fiance only – everyone else bar a few of our older friends with short hair would have convinced me otherwise! Listen to yourself only. Look at your face, pull back your hair and be honest with yourself. Only you know how you will feel with the cut!

It has to be washed every morning – or at least wetted. I have a shower every morning and my hair changed my routine from night to morning, but I actually love them in the morning now haha!

Hats. Look. Awesome. – Also, they are a bajillion times easier to wear! If I was planning to wear my Akubra before I would have to make sure my fringe was out or it would get matted underneath, no pins, low ponytail and definitely no bun. Headbands are the same! If I have a bit of an iffy day, smack a headband or clip onthat biatch ๐Ÿ˜›

You can’t just get up, throw it in a ponytail and go – but I actually find I like it because my daily boring ponytail is GONE, and I look and feel great and done up every day, despite the fact I only blowdried it (and straighten an inch-long piece of my flicky fringe hehe)

It only takes a tiny bit too much product and your hair can look dirty and feral, it’s something I am still getting under control now. Also, there are many different types of products, and buying them could get expensive. I asked the hairdresser for a run through of necessities for my particular style/cut.

Style it forward. Please, style it forward! I started with a part, and I was getting very despondant. I got the second cut, even shorter, and she taught me how to style it forward with a non-direct part and it’s changed the entire hairstyle for the better.

It’s a lot harder to do those cute bouffants, faux-hawks, faux-updos and styling it backwards at all than I thought. I thought JLaw’s pushed back, slick hair would be easy. Uh-uh, my hair says NO.

If you have thick hair (I do, lots of it!) you can absolutely have short hair (pfft, everyone thinks they know best) but it does have to be thinned. My hair is about half the volume it started with because it is too thick to carry the style. But that’s okay, it really doesn’t matter. BUT, very thin hair will not work – sorry! There isn’t enough volume for it.

Everyone thinks their hair grows suuuper fast (sorry, it doesn’t) but this cut needs to be cut every 3-5 weeks on everyone. With the slightly longer version 3 weeks was too much for me, but with the shorter cut it’s been just over 4 and Im just about to book in m next, so it will hit about 5.


Sorry for the novel, I want to be the help I tried so hard to search for when I was pre-cut! Here’s the version I love too, with my inspo pic for help ๐Ÿ™‚


Inspiration picture:

My cut!

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I did it too after the wedding. Went from hair past my shoulders to a pixie cut. 

My husband didnt want me to get it cut either but he loves it now. 

I get compliments all the time, pretty much weekly. I even took my wedding pictures into my new work on sunday and everyone comented on how they much prefer me with short hair. 

I just find it so much easier to do each day.

I do have to eash it almost every day or at least wet it down with water as in a wiggler at night and i end up looking like a cockatiel in the morning, and i do have to get it cut every 6 weeks but i will never go back to long hair. 


My cut

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@lavenderstone  Do you want short, or do you just want change?  If you’re really wanting short hair, do it.  I’m sure it’ll look adorable.  But if you’re just wanting to change things up, you could try a compromise before you chop it off.

I grew my hair out for the wedding, and I was 9,000% done with it as soon as the wedding was over.  I’ve had a pixie cut before, and I was totally ready to do it again.  My husband was really liking the longer hair though, so I let him and my mom talk me into trying a perm instead, with the understanding that if I didn’t like it, I was hacking it all off.  It turned out awesome, surprisingly easy to style, and completely satisfied my need for something different.

That was the compromise that worked for me.  If you and your husband can come up with something that might make you both happy, it’s worth a shot, and you can always go for the pixie if it doesn’t work out.

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Maybe you could cut it in phases. It’s past your shoulders, so you could try cutting several inches off or even a bob. It’s really hard to go back from a pixie if you change your mind! I’ve had short hair before and I not only look awful but so much older. My partner prefers it long and he’s lucky that’s all that looks good on me! I’d recommend using photoshop or some other software to see how it looks on you before making your decision. 

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I had really long hair and my SO loved it. He loves touching it and running his fingers through my hair.

After we had DD, I chopped it all off. He was absolutely against it but our daughter was pulling on it, I didn’t get to shower everyday cuz I was so busy with our newborn etc etc. I got a super short A-line bob. SO was so sad. but hey, 2 years have passed and my hair is pretty long again and SO is happy. I was happy during the time I got to have short hair.


do what you want. your husband will get over it. Hair grows back. not to worry!

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The short hair thing did not work on me. My hair, especially at that length, is wavy. The maintenence was unreal. The opposite of what I thought it’d be (as in, it took more effort than long hair). Add to that, it just never looked right. Yes, those women look amazing with that hair cut, but they’re two people who are gorgeous enough to make a living based off of it. My face shape nor body could pull it off. It was a long, self-conscious time for it to grow out. I was in my mid 20s and just felt like I had sad mom-hair.

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@lavenderstone  Go to instyle.com and use the makeover app! You can try on the hairstyles you like to see if they would look good or not.

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Hey we’re in the same boat … been wanting short hair for a while but too chicken and too lazy to style everyday. I think I’m slowly building the guts up though, I just keep reminding myself: it’s just hair, it’ll grow back eventually if I hate it! ๐Ÿ™‚

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I always wished I could get a super short cut… but with my hair anything I’d do would just wind up with me looking like a hobbit. It’s naturally curly and just gets curlier the shorter it is and there’s no way I’d want to deal with a straightener every morning to un-hobbit myself.

I say go for it if only so I can live vicariously.

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I cut my hair into a pretty short bob — but not that short. I LOVED it. It was stacked in the back and super cute. I agree with PP that it takes more effort to style actually because you have to style it everyday and can’t just throw it up. I would cut it like that again.

The down side is yes, it takes SO long to grow back out. But it will eventually. Also, when I was afraid to pull the trigger, I told myself I could get extensions if I really hated it. I didn’t have to do that though ๐Ÿ™‚

Maybe you should try doing a long bob first and see how that goes. I love a cute pixie gut though!! 

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I went for a pixie cut a week and a half ago, and I’m completely in love with it. I was terrified, and H was a little nervous for me, but he ended up loving it. He’s complimented me every day about how much it fits my face and he thinks it looks fantastic. My inspiration:

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@lavenderstone  I think a short haircut is like blonde hair-there’s a shade that works for everyone, but you really have to find the one that’s going to suit you because you WILL regret it if it’s the wrong one.  I had a pixie cut when I first met SO {he HATED it!  But I know I looked smoking!}  Sometimes I miss it.  I think as long as you find one that really flatters your features/face shape, he’ll be fine.

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Go for it. Your hair is already short. It won’t be that much of a length difference. Everyone that I know with pixie cuts loves them.

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