(Closed) Want to gain weight, tired of being "skinny-fat" :(

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I am going to agree with working out. Particularly doing some weight training so that you can put on some muscle weight and tone a bit. Weight training also makes you more hungry. You shouldn’t feel bad burning calories by working out. Exercise is about so much more than torching calories, it’s about having a healthy body, a healthy mind etc…

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You could look into weight training, women won’t get all bulky muscly but lifting the right weights can give you a lovely shape and definition. Maybe you could avoid cardio and just concentrate on weight bearing exercise?

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Definitely weight training and lots of healthy fats like avocado and nuts, TONS of lean protein, and whole grains.  

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Agree with PPs on adding in weight training, to tone/strengthen your muscles. It’s also been shown to help your bone strength. Try not to focus too much on the number on the scale, but moreso on the positives of the way you feel after exercising . . . more energy, stronger, etc. 

You should still do some cardio on a regular basis for the cardiovascular benefits. As long as you aren’t doing excessive amounts (avoid really high intensity or too much time) it shouldn’t have a detrimental effect as far as burning too many calories. 

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I second (third?) the weight training. It will give you more definition without slimming you down. 

One thing I want to mention – all calories are not created equal. Just because you want to eat more calories, doesn’t mean you should eat unhealthily. I’m gonna suggest a High Fat Low Carb diet. With this diet, you are going to up your fat intake, and lower your carbs. Here is a very nice website explaining HFLC – http://www.dietdoctor.com/lchf

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O_o I am 23, about 5’8″, around 133lbs….. and 125 is my goal weight.  Not much to add here, just wanted to comment how funny that was and to wish you good luck on your health journey!  My favorite hi-cal healthy food is guacamole… nomnomnom.

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Focus less on what you look like and more on what is healthy for your body. Drink plenty of water, eat fruits, veggies, lean meats, whole grains, and work out. Cardio, strenght, and flexibility are all important. Also make sure you are getting enough sleep. Eating burgers and fries and not working out may make you gain weight but it won’t do anything good for your body. Continuing on that way can lead to other health issues like cardiovascular disease.  Try implementing one change at a time to incrase your chances of committing to the healthy lifestyle. You might start by drinking more water, once you have that down change your eating habits, once you have that down slowly add excercise. Trying to do all of it at once can be overwhelming. Good luck!

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Commenting to follow, I am the exact same way! I’ve posted about this before and people just told me it was bloat, it wasn’t so will be trying what is being recommended to you as well

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Lift weights. Maybe swap out fast food for healthier food that is still high in calories and fat. That’s seriously all you have to do if you’re really already eating that much.

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take pilates, barre, or a power/flow yoga classes- they give you tone and shape and muscle and theyre much more fun then solo weight lifting.

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Herbalife can be very helpful with issues like this. That’s what I suggest — Herbalife. 

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You sound like the female version of my FI! He is also struggling with being “skinny fat”.

I think in your case, you should get a gym membership and possibly get a personal trainer who can give you advice on your problem. A personal trainer is great for someone new to the gym because they can tell you the best way to reach your goal(weight related or just getting healthy!) and they can show you how to use the machines so you won’t hurt yourself. I found it to be an easier approach to a gym full of regulars.

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I’m in the same boat as you in the trying to gain weight department. I found increasing healthy fats really helps. I have been trying to “wean” myself off of being a vegan, since if I eat too much meat or dairy I get inredibly sick. When eating small amounts of meat or dairy, it doesn’t really bother me, but now that I’m trying to incorporate it into my daily life, I’m really struggling. But, I’m determined, since proteins/animal fats really do pile on the weight. So far, avocado and beans have been aiding me, but I’m really trying to get into animal protein/fats. If you aren’t vegetarian or vegan, you’re probably going to have pretty good luck gaining weight. I agree, try some exercise. It will help with how you feel about your body image, along with helping you to gain weight more evenly. Focus on stomach and neck exercises. Tofu, hummus, soy milk, avocado, and beans all really have helped me. Also, I’ve heard that going raw vegan can help you gain healthy weight and rid you of your belly. However, if you can’t eat a lot, that won’t work. Hope you gain weight in the right places! (:

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