Want to get a front fringe/bangs 5 months before wedding?

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    zl27 :  Another vote for Olaplex.  I thought my hair was super damaged after wearing extensions for a while and two Olaplex treatments had my hair looking and feeling great again. 

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    As someone who’s gotten boredom bangs many times, I really recommend waiting until after your wedding! I’m so sorry you’ve had such a rough time with your hair lately, I’d be furious at that hairdresser, but I think the best plan is to get in to a good hairstylist and see what they recommend as far as treatment, or possibly even a slightly different cut or layers. Get professional advice! I myself am still growing out a crappy cut after some bad damage a couple of years ago (I also had healthy, waist-length hair, and while it’s getting better all the time I still am sad that I won’t have the hair I used to for my wedding day), and some days I’m sooo tempted to chop it to shoulder-length and go blonde. But I’ve promised myself I’ll wait until AFTER the wedding, and I think you’ll thank yourself if you do the same.

    Honestly I love those bangs and I think they’d look so pretty will curly hair, but bangs are really hard to style and don’t always cooperate, especially if you’re not used to them. They might not be doing what you want them to on your wedding day. The wind might blow them in weird ways when you take your photos (even with a lot of hairspray it happens sometimes- and then they stick that way). They might get matted down and greasy when you dance up a sweat. Also, if you get them now, they’ll need trimmed very close to your wedding day to not be in your eyes or an awkward length, and you may end up with another bad cut if the stylist goes a bit too short or uneven. That won’t be easily hidden like your current cut could be with an updo, because obviously they’re literally right on your face. You DON’T want new bangs on wedding day.

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    Not only is there the risk you won’t like them, but it sometimes takes a while to figure bangs out. 

    I’ve had bangs for 15 yrs, but when you first get bangs your hair isn’t *used* to being in bangs so they split and go wonky. It can also take a while to figure out the right style of bangs for your face and then how to style them – they have to be heatstyled every day. 

    I would pile on all of the hair masks and look into hair extensions before going down the bangs route so close to your big date. Bangs cannot be undone! 

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    Some people actually look good with bangs, so I don’t know why everyone is flipping out as if you’re talking about getting a face tattoo. If you decide you don’t like the bangs after all, 5 months is plenty of time to grow them out to the length of face-framing layers. Even if they don’t grow that fast, any hair stylist can easily blend them into your wedding day hairdo.

    I had bangs in high school. (I don’t regret it, I was very self-conscious about my big forehead at the time. It was also the late 90s, when Monica and Pheobe from Friends had bangs.) However, bangs did make me look younger, so for my senior prom, I decided I wanted to hide them. The hair stylist swept them to one side and held them in place with hairspray. It blended in perfectly with the rest of my updo, and my hair didn’t move all night. You couldn’t even tell I had bangs.

    So if you want to cut bangs, go for it. Although I’m a bit confused as to how your hair stylist managed to damage your hair so much just by straightening it once. I’d been straightening my hair daily for 10 years before I started to see any damage. Did she actually burn your hair??

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    Bangs always get a lot of hate, but there are plenty of people who look better with bangs. It grows back, and 5 months is more than enough time for them to grow long enough to pin back. Really, you can pin bangs back at almost any length. 

    I have bangs. I have a large forehead, so I look better with them. There have always been people who encourage me to grow them out (like I said, for some reason a lot of people hate the idea of bangs), so I’ve tried that a few times, and it always looks awful. Bangs suit my face structure. 

    So, get them if you want them. 

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    I say go for it but play it safe: make sure you figure out at least one back up hairstyle first. 5 months is plenty of time for it to grow back and you might end up loving the look. Maybe get slightly longer bangs/short layers to begin with and see how that feels before cutting to the desired length. 

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    mrssunshine88 :  It’s hard to answer without seeing your face but generally I would go by the “guidelines” regarding face structure. Bangs are kind of love-hate and you don’t want to fall on the wrong side before your wedding. Have you ever had bangs before?

    I have a heart-shaped face with strong cheekbones and a wide jaw, so bangs soften my face a lot. For me, bangs make me look more approachable but also younger. I’m a fan of bangs but again, it depends. If you do go with bangs, I would get them straight across at eyebrow level, getting longer at the sides. You can middle or side part straight bangs but it’s hard to straighten side sweeps.

    Try taking the back and pinning those strands on top so the ends form give the illusion of bangs, or try on a wig? I don’t think the virtual makeover tools are helpful but you should definitely try to see how bangs would look before going for it.

    Go for “soft bangs” at eyebrow level, make sure your stylist cuts each strand separately rather than using a comb and a buzzer, this will make them look piecy and feminine rather than like a second grade school photo.

    This is what my hair is like, but wavy and mid-neck length. I love them but again, not for everyone.

    At five months out (if you get bangs then grow them out), they’re going to look like piecy face-framing layers, like so:

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    I literally *just* talked myself off this very same ledge. My wedding is in 5 weeks. 🤣🤣🤣

    While I was frighteningly close to doing the same thing, my vote is DON’T DO IT. I have gotten bangs before, and I have regretted it every. single. time.

    Is it possible to braid or twist the front of your hair and pin it back? I do that frequently with my hair when the front isn’t behaving like I want it to, and it looks like a cute style, but it’s really just hiding my stupid front strands. 😀

    Actual photo of me/my hair with what I’m talking about…


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    Also adding this for inspiration (this is totally not me BTW)

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    downonmulberry :  I LOVE that haircut/style! Do you mind me asking where you found the pic?

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    visorgirl :  I found the first two just by Googling “soft bangs”. The photo from my second comment is in the top 10 search results for “soft bangs short hair”. It’s exactly like my style, but my hair is multiple shades lighter, and wavy.

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    mrssunshine88 :  I did exactly this after watching too much Gilmore Girls before my wedding two years ago, omg I regret it so much. It didnt look bad on me, it also didnt look amazing and I just wish I’d never done it when I look bad at the photos! Xx 

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    People on these forums need to chill the heck out. Its a fringe, not murder. If you don’t like it to the front you can just part it. I think it adds more interest to the face and it’s great if you want to bring attention to your eyes. I say do it if you want to. It’s hair, it’ll grow out quite a bit in 5 months if you don’t like it. 

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