(Closed) Want to pretend my moissanite is a diamond for one night only… long with pics

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  • poll: Do you think this ring is very obviously NOT a diamond (to the untrained eye)?

    Yes - everyone will be able to tell

    No - I don't think anyone would notice

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    @Jabberwocky:  I honestly don’t think Pokemon meant moissy made her angry and the response from the other poster was down right RUDE! I believe and correct me Pokemon if I am wrong is that she meant people lying about their rings or worrying about what others think about their rings enough to lie (regardless of the stone/gemstone) is frustrating. Perhaps anger was a harsher term than necessary but you get the idea.

    Does that make sense?

     Now lets all go back to living life calmly. 🙂


    P.S. Pokemon your diamond ring is lovely.

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    I wouldn’t even let it be a factor.  I cant imagine anyone would ever ask.

     If for some reason they did ask I would say its a moissanite and here is why:  if they can tell, you will come off mucbetter being confident and secure in what you have instead of lying and therby having them think you are ashamed to tell the truth.

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    Just a little update. There is a girl at work who I assumed her ring was a Moissy, I finally got the guts up to ask her, and I was right. FYI to those who say you can’t tell. 

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    I know how bullies can be. My advice is to rock that ring, and if you have to- lie and say it’s a diamond and you don’t know the specs. 🙂 Sometimes a little white lie is ok when it’s keeping you from being bullied.

    I know I wouldn’t be able to tell that it’s not a diamond. It looks like a diamond to me!

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    Okay first of all…Beautiful ring! You are one lucky woman to have such a wonderful man to pick out such a beautiful ring for you to wear the rest of your life!! Secondly…You are an adult, high school reuinions are made to make people feel like they are still in high school…but guess what you’re not! Wink Go enjoy seeing the people you DO want to see from high school, enjoy spending time with them and learning out their new lives, wear YOUR ring proudly as it is a stunner and don’t give a second thought as to what other people may think. Despite what many of the posters on here have said that they would “know” its a moissanite…most people have no freaking clue what it is and automaticly assume its a diamond. Don’t pass it off as a diamond if you don’t want to, but if some one comments on how beautiful it is or how much it sparkles say thank you with a big honest smile and gush about your amazing man!  I noticed a lot of people telling you maybe you shouldn’t wear your ring if you are worried about what others think, and I personally think that may be a slap in the face to your Fiance. 


    Coming from personal experience having had a diamond engagement ring around the same size as my current moissy ring no one could tell a bloody difference. I do get comments on how “sexy” my ring is (a friend of mine is in love with my wedding set and tells me every chance she gets. that’s her favorite term) and have a stunning set I have all the time. Most the time I do just say thank you graciously and leave it at that. It’s never been refered to as a diamond just an engagement ring. A lot of people in my life do know its a moissanite because I wanted to share and its gotten to the point were a friend of mine has a beautiful diamond wedding set that fits her personality perfectly and she still always is showing off my ring and saying how amazing it is to others we know. What people dont know wont hurt them. Do what is right for you. 

    Put the cows from high school out of your mind, enjoy your night and don’t worry what  THEY may think. Who cares? They don’t define you, you do! Rock that ring!

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    @epalmisano829:  How could you tell the ring was a moissanite? I am very curious, having never seen a moissanite in person.  

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    It was a hunch based on the size of the stone, the colors of the sparkle, and the fact that it picked up the color of what she was wearing. Diamonds have fire but Miossies have fire WITH color.

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    @Pokemon:  Fair do 🙂 x

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    @LittleAudrey:  I think that sentiment is generally what fuels the diamond vs moissy debate.  There’s no reason to belittle their choice for either reason.  Personally I would not be happy with a moissanite, but it’s great decision for other people. 

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    @Treejewel19:  Fair enough.  The anger post combined with a post I saw in another thread just kinda threw me.  But tone is easy to misread over the internet.

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    @Pokemon:  I think people who try to pass off moissy as diamonds is the biggest reason i dont like moissanites, and am glad to have a diamond regardless of size

    +1000 Completely agree.


    To the OP, why do you have to say anything about what kind of center stone it is. They will notice it on your hand from afar, MAYBE look at it closely for 5 seconds MAX, and then move on. Let them think whatever they want. Honestly, I think telling them it’s a diamond, would be their first clue to think that it isn’t. In all of my friends who are engaged/married, they’ve never once said to me… “it’s a diamond” and I certainly have never asked them if it is. 

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    I don’t like when someone try to pass off Moissanite as a diamond but your case is different.  Your school reunion will be indoor so I doubt that blue or green/yellow tint will show (I don’t know much about Moissanite because never seen one in person before, or if I did, I didn’t know it).  So yes you could pass it off as a diamond.  I wonder anyone will ask though unless it’s bigger than 1.5 ct.

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    If it were me, I wouldn’t attempt to talk with them or show them my ring. They’re not worthy!

    I don’t think neglecting to reveal the true nature of your stone is actually “passing it off as a diamond.” It’d be different if you pushed your hand in their faces and said, “ZOMG LOOK AT MY BIG FAT DIAMOND, B*TCHES!”

    That said, I think it’s interesting that this whole idea about passing off one stone for another is so controversial. I guess I just don’t care enough…? But I suppose do have a lot of pet peeves about jewelry; this is just isn’t one of them.

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    I personally wouldn’t be able to tell bc I don’t know much about diamond and moissanite comparison and honestly i never even heard of moissanite until I discovered WB. And i myself am looking into them bc I love the idea of having something similar to a diamond without spending a fortune. But to me they look just like diamonds So no, I couldn’t tell. Some of my friends are engaged and I never inspect their rings or question it so I am hoping they wouldn’t do that to you. I would feel the same way about those girls too bc where I live I’d be looked down apon if I didn’t have a diamond either. But I’d just let them look and if they do ask questions you can always from something like “from what I knoW, yes” or why don’t u ask my fiancé?!  If they have enough class they wouldn’t ask u. But you know how girls can be…

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